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"Would" Reaction Images refers to a series of reaction images of various animals and people, usually depicted speaking into a microphone, captioned "would," with "would" usually standing for "would have sex with." A form of hornyposting, the reaction image memes gained widespread popularity as a way of commenting on photographs of attractive people, as well as food, in late 2022.


While the exact poster of the earliest known "Would" reaction image, a picture of a cat scratching its nose on a microphone captioned, "would," is unknown, it has been used online at least since September 2022. On September 28th, 2022, gimmick Twitter[1] account @reactjpg achieved the image, with the post gaining over 30 retweets and 320 likes in three months (shown below).



The image achieved popularity as a reaction reply for photographs and videos of attractive people in October 2022, most notably being used as a comments for mug shots of female criminals posted by the @mugshawtys gimmick account (examples shown below). For instance, on October 15th, 2022, Twitter[2] user @south_away used the image to comment on a mug shot posted by the account, with the reply gaining over 2,100 likes in two months (shown below, right).

mugshawtys @mugshawtys Oct 10 possession of cannabis, narcotics, and resin 156 J. Ho @yajho747 Replying to @mugshawtys 10:29 AM - Oct 10, 2022 239 3 4,285 WOULD ↑ E mugshawtys @mugshawtys Oct 11 child endangerment 152 Ndudi Ebi @TrashShuckle69 Replying to @mugshawtys 10:00 AM - Oct 11, 2022 MCSO Number: 301123 t 153 ❤ 2,813 WOULD ↑ # mugshawtys @mugshawtys- Oct 15 public intoxication, providing false information to a police officer, and possession of a fake ID 1,076 south away @south_away Replying to @mugshawtys 11:04 AM - Oct 15, 2022 t 4,061 ♡ 66.5K WOULD ↑ ...

Through October and November 2022, the reaction format saw spread on Twitter as it gained popularity as a comment across several gimmick accounts, including @mugshawtys, Fucked Up Looking Food (@fuckedupfoods) and Fucked Up Looking Cars (@fuckedupcars). One version of the image, a photograph of the 2018 brawl in the Japanese Parliament, achieved particular popularity (shown below).


The format maintained its virality on Twitter in December 2022.

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[1] Twitter – @reactjpg

[2] Twitter – @south_away

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