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What's With All These Pictures Of People And Animals Saying 'Would' Into Microphones? The 'Would' Memes And Reaction Images Explained

A reaction image is a primary method of saying more with less. From Future Photoshopped into reading a book named Why Women Deserve Less to a guy with a giant thumb nipping an annoying opinion in the bud, a single image can represent a poignant idea. This unique ability for reaction images to be set up and punchline all at once has led to the format's versatility, particularly when it comes to hornyposting.

People love to be horny on main, and a good way to dull the impending cringe from doing so is to post a horny meme instead. Thus, the simple ginger cat saying 'Would' meme was born.


Where Does The 'Would' Meme Come From?

While the origins of the ginger cat in question are unknown, an image of him scratching his nose on a mic with the text "Would" imposed on it has been in circulation on Twitter since at least September 2022. In fact, some of the earliest widespread uses of the cat meme online stem from the reply sections of Mugshawtys.

mugshawtys @mugshawtys Oct 10 possession of cannabis, narcotics, and resin 156 J. Ho @yajho747 Replying to @mugshawtys 10:29 AM - Oct 10, 2022 239 3 4,285 WOULD ↑ E mugshawtys @mugshawtys Oct 11 child endangerment 152 Ndudi Ebi @TrashShuckle69 Replying to @mugshawtys 10:00 AM - Oct 11, 2022 MCSO Number: 301123 t 153 ❤ 2,813 WOULD ↑ # mugshawtys @mugshawtys- Oct 15 public intoxication, providing false information to a police officer, and possession of a fake ID 1,076 south away @south_away Replying to @mugshawtys 11:04 AM - Oct 15, 2022 t 4,061 ♡ 66.5K WOULD ↑ ...

What Are Some Other 'Would' Reaction Images?

Another popular "Would" reaction image is one of several Japanese politicians vying for a microphone in the Japanese Parliament. This version of the meme is one often used to express a controversial "Would."

WOULD fucked up looking cars 113 Rook @AF16001 Replying to @fuckedupcars 6:02 PM - Dec 14, 2022 482 @fuckedupcars · Dec 14, 2022 7,415 WOULD

Where Can I Use A 'Would' Reaction Image?

Despite the meme's origins as a way to horny-post, people use "Would" reaction images to simply express their enthusiasm or support for someone or something too.


For the full history of 'Would', be sure to check out our entry on the Reaction Image here for even more information.

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