Yes, We Exist

Yes, We Exist

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Yes, We Exist refers to a snowclone jokes which grew popular on Twitter in late February of 2018. In the snowclone, a person states a facet of their identity, then says they do something which completely contradicts that identity, and ends the tweet with "We exist."


On February 25th, 2018, Twitter user @KelseyFionaBich[1] posted a satirical tweet which read "yes i'm vegan. yes i eat meat. we exist." The tweet gained over 8,600 retweets and 26,000 likes.

Kelsey Fiona @KelseyFionaBich Follow yes i'm vegan. yes i eat meat. we exist. 5:19 PM-25 Feb 2018 8,665 Retweets 26,671 Likes b . Daé


Many social media users took the tweet seriously and reacted with confusion and mockery. The tweet was reposted to /r/facepalm[2] where it gained over 34,000 upvotes. In the thread, many users created variations of their own and mocked of the tweet, but user jospebody[3] said they was sure it was a joke and had spawned a "mainstream" meme format, gaining 429 upvotes. Some Twitter users responded to the original tweet with variations, though it's unclear if they were doing it in mockery of the original tweet. One popular example, tweeted by @UnframeOfMind,[4] copied the format with atheists, gaining over 65 retweets and 1,000 likes (shown below, left). Others were more clearly sarcastic in their parodies of the original. Twitter user @preyful[5] tweeted that he was a straight guy who liked sucking dick, gaining over 410 retweets and 1,900 likes (shown below, right).

Daniel Wagner @UnframeOfMind ( Follow ) Replying to @KelseyFionaBich yes i'm atheist. yes i pray nightly. we exist 9:35 PM-26 Feb 2018 dreipressed @preyful Follow yes i'm a straight guy. yes I Suck d---. we exist. 4:09 AM - 27 Feb 2018 from Manila City, National Capital Region 410 Retweets 1,956 Likes 0 S

Various Examples

Cody @codynfulleffect ( Follow ) ﹀ yes l'm straight edge. yes l smoke and drink. we exist. 9:51 AM -27 Feb 2018 from San Antonio, TX lincoln @chainlinc1 Follow ) ﹀ yes i'm a virgin. yes i have sex. we exist 1:58 AM-28 Feb 2018 PACE @pace_picante666 Follow yes i don't have balls. yes i still nut. we exist. 12:45 PM- 27 Feb 2018 from McAllen, TX Mary Elizabeth @dykephobia Follow Yes I'm aNazi. Yes I am also engaged to a Jew. We exist. 10:27 AM - 27 Feb 2018 erase/l/evolve @eraseevolvewi Follow yes we're broken up. yes we still play shows. we exist. 2:10 PM - 27 Feb 2018 red foreman @CatladyKylie Follow Yes l'm a lesbian. Yes i only have sex with men. We exist. 1:46 PM-28 Feb 2018

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