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You Dumb Bitch

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"You Dumb Bitch" refers to a memorable quote said by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character Dennis Reynolds in response to a radio broadcast. Online, a still image of the character paired with the quote has been circulated, often used in reference to situations in which someone is being tricked or is failing to act intelligently.


On December 20th, 2012, episode ten "Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense" of season eight of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV series premiered.[1] In one scene of the episode, character Dennis Reynolds listens to a radio broadcast while eating cereal at a stoplight, at one point commenting "oh Sanrda, you dumb bitch".

Oh Sandra, you dumb bitch.


Before February 1st, 2014, Tumblr user jennlferlawrence posted five stills from the scene to the site, receiving over 96,500 likes and reblogs in five years (original post no longer available).[2][3]

[laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX FX

Until April 2016, the macro saw limited use as a reaction on 4chan, Reddit and other websites.[4][5][6] Before April 25th, 2016, an unknown user made the first known meme based on the macro (shown below), with the meme being reposted on Imgur[7][8] and eBaum's World[9] in the following days.

When someone changes lanes to pass you and then gets stuck behind a slower car [laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX

In the following years, the macro saw a moderate spread on Reddit and other platforms, often used in memes about someone failing to act intelligently.

Various Examples

Sam: What if we invented democracy? Everyone else: [laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX When your professor who has years of experience and has written actual books in the subject makes a one letter speling mistake in a slide [laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX Italian politician and leading anti vax figure is hospitalised with chickenpox By Dianne Apen-sadler For Mailonline 10:39 19 Mar 2019, updated 16:00 19 Mar 2019 [laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX
This Instagram artist posts pictures of herself painting but the pallette never changes 10-7-2018 2-17-2019 2-24-2019 [laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX glennhowerton Glenn with two n's @GlennHowerton This isn't about being anti vax, it's about the freedom to choose. Sign the Petition Today to #OPPOSESB277 at! #SB277 12:01 PM Jun 16, 2015 Twitter Web Client 2 Liked by and 26,948 others glennhowerton This flu is trying to kill me. [laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX : WHENYOUGETA63 ONA TEST,BUT YOUR FRIEND GETSA625 [laughter] You dumb bitch


[laughter] -You dumb bitch. FX REXIT [laughter] -You dumb bitch.

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