You Hate to See It

You Hate to See It

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You Hate to See It is a catchphrase, which began seeing widespread use on Twitter in the latter half of the 2010s as a way to imply disappointment, though it is often sarcastically used to imply schadenfreude at other's misfortune.


While the phrase "you hate to see it" has been used online in a traditional way of commenting on misfortune, one of the earliest known joke uses of the phrase was posted by @Males_Thoughts[1] on December 1st, 2012 about a man groping an older woman (shown below).

Men's Thoughts @Males Thoughts You hate to see it... BEER GOGGLES In his mind, he's feeling up a super model. 10:26 PM Dec 1, 2012 Photos on iOs


The term may have originated from sports subcultures. The phrase has been used by players and commentators discussing injuries[2] and blunders. In Scrubs, Dr. Cox says the line about using a urinal while wearing sandals, calling it a "rookie mistake."

its arookie mistake.gosh you.gou hate to see it. #scrubs whisper


The phrase continued seeing use in sports subcultures throughout the early and mid-2010s. For example, a May 24th, 2016 post by @DonevanOreilly[3] comparing Steph Curry to Bow Wow in Like Mike used the phrase, gaining over 30 retweets (shown below, left). A December 3rd, 2016 tweet by @Pistolsguys[4] used the joke about a dropped football pass (shown below, right).

Donevin O'Reilly @DonevinOReilly You hate to see it 10:18 PM May 24, 2016 Twitter for iPhone Pistols Firing @pistolsguys PISTOLS FIRING You hate to see it. FOX CFE GIF 1:33 PM Dec 3, 2016 Twitter Web Client

On February 11th, 2018, Urban Dictionary user D0nPianta added a definition to the site,[5] defining it as "An all encompassing phrase consisting of anything you dislike to observe" (shown below).

TOP DEFINITION You Hate To See It An all encompassing phrase consisting of anything you dislike to observe "Hey Nikita, did you clean the bathroom?" "Nah B" "Damn, you hate to see it" by DOnPianta February 11, 2018

It was around this time that the phrase began seeing use with a broader range of topics. On February 5th, 2018, Twitter user @Nitrocitys[6] tweeted it about a man failing to flirt with a woman on Twitter, gaining over 350 retweets and 1,000 likes (shown below, left). On May 28th, 2019, Twitter user @Julian_Epp[7] used it to poke fun of gamers turning on Donald Trump for threatening to raise tariffs on gaming consoles, gaining over 2,200 retweets and 13,000 likes (shown below, right). On June 7th, Daily Dot[8] covered the spread of the meme.

Raejon @Nitrocitys You hate to see it 11 t121 672 frostt er @notreallyfrostt 36 Replying to @lesizzl u trynna have a 4th?? 2/5/18, 10:25 AM Les @lesizzl why? you havea cute friend for me something? @notraallufroetH frostt. 11:16 PM Feb 5, 2018 Twitter for iPhone Jules @Julian Epp You hate to see it BIG no no. GameSpot G ta @GameSpot johnny g @johnnyxwar 4d Replying to @GameSpot Trump Tariffs could raise game console: He's working on our behalf idiots. Short term it will cost more but long term America wins prices in the US Isaiah G.T @Thornes Empire-4d Replying to@GameSpot Okay This has gone 2 far @realDonaldTrump Schezo Wegey @Shadow Edge-3d Replying to @GameSpot He is officially no longer my president 6:25 PM May 28, 2019 Twitter for iPhone .

Various Examples

@6 Legend He lives rent free in her head. You hate to see it Complex @Complex Jun 3 Ciara opens up about how she realized it was time to leave Future. "So I'm like, 'how do I get out of this? Because I like being happy." 3:50 PM Jun 3, 2019 Twitter for iPhone rachel syme @rachsyme i saw yet ANOTHER woman walking around brooklyn with this tote this morning and truly... .you hate to see it DRESS LIKE COCO LIVE LIKE JACKIE ACT LIKE AUDREY LAUGH LIKE LUCY 11:57 AM Jun 6, 2019 Twitter Web Client ESs @essencexo They got sis looking like she fresh off the Mayflower. You hate to see it. Kerry Levine @kerrylevine_12 Jun 3 Went to get my hair done for prom and this happened Show this thread The Right Hairstyles 60 Updos for Thin Hair That Score Maximum Style Point Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More 8:38 PM Jun 4, 2019 Twitter for iPhone electra @notlipglosse sansa made it to the end of game of thrones ALIVE and as the queen after y'all have been praying for her downfall since s1. you hate to see it 10:21 PM May 19, 2019 Twitter for Android Tony-x @soloucity friend zoned in real life to... you hate to see it. @getFANDOM Apr 29 Fandom Emilia Clarke pays tribute to #Daenerys' long-suffering right hand man, #JorahMormont emilia_clarke . emilia clarke "YO BEST, BETTER THAN BETTER THAN ANYC EVER MET. #thronesthrowsapun @gameofthrones #h #bestthingiveversee 16 MINUTES AGO Add a comment... 11:52 AM Apr 29, 2019 Twitter Web Client A West @ayyy west This kid in net for Honduras looks like somebody trying goalkeeper movement out on fifa for the first time wow you hate to see it FIFATV imes reetRALim WANDA OAIAR AIRWAYS HYunDRIf VISA xia LIVING FOOTBALLLA 0:22 From 4:46 PM May 31, 2019 Twitter for iPhone

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