AI-generated 'Wes Anderson Star Wars' Sparks More Criticism In Hollywood-AI Discourse

May 2nd, 2023 - 12:09 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Over the weekend, the idea of Hollywood being done for because artificial intelligence can make a rather smushy facsimile of Baz Luhrmann generated a significant amount of criticism across social media.

In a sort of riff on the Twin Films phenomenon, as AI-Baz Luhrmann was drawing eyeballs on Twitter, AI-Wes Anderson was attracting attention on YouTube — specifically, an AI-generated answer to "What if Wes Anderson made Star Wars?"

Created by Curious Refuge, "The Galactic Menagerie" is less of a political statement (a la "Hollywood is done for") and more of an experiment with AI. The general look of the video borrows Wes Anderson's color palette and penchant for putting characters in the middle of the frame, but most of the "action" is simply AI versions of Star Wars characters standing still or making very slight movements.

While the video doesn't quite have the same ambition as the "Hollywood is done for" clip, it nevertheless got roped into the same discourse and faced heavy criticism from AI's detractors as it went viral in recent days.

wes anderson ai take wes anderson take doodoo wes anderson

Still, there are plenty who saw the clip and found it exciting, with some forecasting that a full AI-generated movie could be two years away. If that's the case, that movie will surely be one of the most divisive films of 2025.

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