Internet Recoils As Leaks Allegedly From Justin Roiland Showcase Attempted Grooming

January 17th, 2023 - 5:04 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Justin Roiland grooming tweet and meme.

Coming off his charges last week for a domestic battery incident that occurred in 2020, Justin Roiland is once again receiving backlash with several conversations being posted online, purportedly of him DMing various women and some allegedly being underage.

According to the accusations stemming from the leaked messages in recent days, many are alleging that these DMs show the Rick and Morty co-creator attempting to engage in grooming or steering conversations toward sexual intercourse.

Some of the earliest snippets of the conversations being leaked purportedly between Roiland and underage girls can be found as far back as November 2022, with his recent arrest perhaps helping to also give more attention to what was already stated previously but didn't gain viral attention.

As before with his domestic abuse arrest, people have similarly begun to make memes of Roiland portraying him as a "groomer" in a similar sense to individuals like EDP.

Because of the wide array of shows that Roiland has worked on as a creator with a high amount of creative control, people also began to look at various things that have been made by him through the new perspective of the grooming accusations, coming up with some eyebrow-raising conclusions.

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