EDP445 Pedophilia Allegations depicting edp445 and one of his text conversations.

EDP445 Pedophilia Allegations

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EDP445 Pedophilia Allegations refers to several instances of pedophilia allegations against YouTuber and streamer EDP445, also known as EatDatPussy445, with the most recent allegations put forward by the Predator Poachers group who posed as a 13-year-old girl to expose him. In April 2021, Predator Poachers published screenshots of texts and a confrontation video in which EDP445 admits to knowingly sending explicit messages to whom he thought was a 13-year-old.


July 2020 Allegations

Prior to July 8th, 2020, Instagram account top_comment_god (page no longer exists) posted a screenshot and audio message compilation of conversations between YouTuber EDP445 best known for for his rant videos, several of which became memes, user maxxspriv01 and his girlfriend. In the audio messages, EDP445 requested a picture of maxxspriv01's 16-year-old girlfriend Lucy's breasts. In the conversation with the teenager, EDP445 messaged, "You deserve someone that's gonna adore and cherish you […] Hopefully me in a few more years lol."

On July 8th, 2020, Twitter[1] user @bogusweb reposted the video, with the clip gaining over 607,000 views, 1,400 retweets and 9,500 likes in almost one year (shown below).

[Message #1] Lucy, you better show me some fucking titties, I don't give a fuck, like [unintelligible] want me to wish that nigga happy birthday, motherfucker, you better show me some fucking titties or something.
[Message #2] "Oh my god, EDP, like, she's 14, like, she's 15!" Motherfucker, I don't give a fuck if the bitch is one! Motherfucker, like, ain't shit free in this motherfucker.

On July 9th, 2020, EDP445 responded to allegations during a livestream[2] (shown below, left) and a separate YouTube[3] video (shown below, right). In the livestream response, EDP445 insisted that his request for a picture of his girlfriend's nudes as a payment for a shoutout was a joke.

"If your girlfriend wants a motherfucking shoutout, bro, she better pull her shirt off and show me some motherfucking titties. Show me titties, show me something, I don't give a fuck if she is fucking 14." That's what I said. Now, anybody knows damn well that I'm playing, I'm joking, it's a fucking joke, right?

October 2020 Allegations

In late October 2020, screenshots of EDP445's being catfished by a person pretending to a 17-year-old teenager were circulated[4] online (screenshots shown below), with no response from EDP445 following. In the conversation, EDP445 texts "help me cum next time I'm jerking off lol" to whom he thinks is a 17-year-old girl.

ll T-Mobile LTE 7:29 AM 88% 4 bigplayboy445 Can we text now FRI 4:15 PM Good afternoon and u still never text bck YESTERDAY 4:45 AM It's my 17 birthday can I get a text bck 6:44 AM Happy birthday Thank u soo much You're welcome Photo Lol nice Message.. ull T-Mobile LTE O 7:29 AM 88% bigplayboy445 How the f--- can I expose you? You have no pics of yourself up. If anything, it should be the other way around. I have dumb f---- on this edp p--- s---, people know where I live and stuff... Omg l'm not one of them I actually like u l'm keeping it 0 100 just because I'm 17 age is nothing but a number and I live in Phily Give me a chance Sure l'll give you a chance sorry Don't listen to what they got to say 00 Me and u don't tell nobody or your YouTube anything for u Alright O Message... ll T-Mobile LTE O7:29 AM 88% 4 bigplayboy445 Sorry that's Tunny " a bad bitch tha': like you" Do u really like me we can keep it between us I'm just tried of getting my heart broken You're cute and stuff, just worried this might be a fake profile Noo I keep it 100 100 that's for kids plz can we just be with each other If you f--- me over, and if I find this convo someplace on the internet like Twitter, or even in a YouTube video, I swear on my moms soul l'll find your ass. Don't think for one second just because you're hiding behind a damn phone you can't be found O Message... ll T-Mobile LTE 6:09 PM 15% 04 bigplayboy445 Active 1h ago View PrOTme 5:48 PM I didn't mean the laugh mi sorry Baby Вае It's ok How can I make it up to u Well if you want, help me c-- next time l'm jerking off lol Sorry if that's weird Double tap to Oh no it's Perfectly fine Message...

April 2021 Exposure by Predator Poachers

On April 18th, 2021, the social media group Predator Poachers, which posted screenshots of EDP445's explicit messages to whom he thought was a 13-year-old-girl and a video of EDP445 being confronted, supposedly filmed when he tried to meet with her.[5][6][7][8][9] Predator Poachers posed as the person conversing with EDP445.

In the screenshots (shown below), EDP445 sends whom he thinks is a 13-year-old messages about him masturbating and describes the process of using a fleshlight. At one point of the conversation, EDP445 double texts.[10]

AAA Kiss your daddy goodnight lol sleep tight princess Wrong emoji in the front Today 11:13 AM me, make me yours. You just have complete and total power over me Oh man l'm going to enjoy this very much A You make me feel some type of way Same here you drive me crazy beyond control. I want you to have mind control over me! Totally abuse me and treat me like the naughty boy I've been Oooo naughty boy Kiss me please! Well I graduated 11th and 12th with straight As. Everything as far as the work stated making more sense to me Guess what I'm doing Whatcha doing cutie pie I'm kinda jerking off What's kinda ? Okl am jerking off That's hot I couldn't help mtself Myself** Whatcha doing I have this sex toy is called a fleshlight and I'm f------ it I have this sex toy is called a fleshlight and l'm f------ it I couldn't help myselr Oh how does it look (1/2)So pretty much, I stick my c---/d--- inside of here and it's suppose to feel like a vagina. I doubt it but it feels amazing. You lube it up and you stroke

In the confrontation video, EDP445 confirms that he was fully aware that he was conversing with a 13-year-old and says that he thinks that he deserves to go to jail (reuploads shown below).

- …she never said you she was lonely right here, yes or no?
- Correct.
- And you did double text here, yes or no?
- Correct.
- Knowing – and it said in her profile – she was 13, yes?
- Correct.
- So you initiated conversation with a 13-year-old, you knew she was 13, yes or no?
- Correct.
- It's your fifth or sixth time.
- Do I deserve to go to jail, if I'm being honest with you…
- You don't think so?
- I think so.


On April 19th, 2021, Predator Poachers made an Instagram[11] post announcing that the exposure video would be uploaded to YouTube channel Chet Goldstein later on that day. On that day, a full log of EDP445's texts was shown during a two-hour-long YouTube[12] stream (video shown below, left). On April 20th, a video of Predator Poachers confronting EDP445 was uploaded[19] (shown below, right), gaining over 433,000 views in ten hours.

On April 19th, 2021, multiple news outlets reported on the screenshots and videos revealed by Predator Poachers, including articles by Dexerto[13] and Republic World.[14]

On April 28th, YouTube[22] channels associated with both EDP445 and Chet Goldstein were removed.

Online Reactions

On April 18th, Twitter[20] user @VaIverdeSZN posted a screenshot of Predator Poachers' post, writing "LMAOOO THEY CAUGHT EDP BEING A PREDATOR." The post received over 4,700 retweets and 43,200 likes in three days.

On April 18th and 19th, iFunny[15][16][17] users TwistedJerry and ZacTheFirst reuploaded Predator Poachers' posts. Starting on April 18th, several memes about EDP445's exposure were posted on the app (shown below); for example, iFunny[18] user Gumping posted a Chef Skinner Reads a Letter GIF caption that received over 2,200 smiles in one day (shown below, center).

EDP445 when there's a Camera Crew instead of a 13 year old girl at the meetup spot EDP445 4+4+5=13 EDP445, will you please face the wall.

On April 21st, 2021, YouTuber[21] Cr1tiKaL posted a video about the allegations which gained over 2 million views in one day.

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No, because he showed clear intent to commit a lewd or lascivious with a minor under the age of 14, he can be prosecuted with an attempt of said crime. It's why they were able to make so many arrests on "To catch a Predator", despite none of the men actually interacting with underage men and women at any time. I don't know the exact jurisdiction of violent crimes, but if he clearly showed the intent to kill people despite it being a fake gun, he could be prosecuted with attempted murder, because he would have killed people had he had a real gun


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