Some On Social Media Wounded By Supposed Revelation That Trucks Have 'Gone Woke'

May 23rd, 2023 - 12:48 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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poe the trucks have gone woke meme

As we approach Pride Month, companies are rolling out their usual LGBTQ-focused advertising, but in light of the Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney controversy, it seems brands are facing increased scrutiny from some consumers who are on high alert for any sign of wokeness β€” which, in certain corners of the internet, appears to mean any perceived show of support for marginalized groups or liberal causes.

The latest company to be accused of going "woke" is Ford, best known for its trucks and often aggressively masculine advertising, which recently released an ad showing a truck with a rainbow symbolizing the LGBTQ+ flag on it.

In the ad, two very dirty trucks are racing in a desert-like environment, but when they run through some water, the dirt is washed away. One is revealed to be a regular, red pickup truck and the other has the Pride flag on it. The drivers are never shown, with the tagline "redefining tough" displayed at the end.

The rainbow truck, literally named the "Very Gay Raptor," actually debuted in 2021, and was "born in response to a negative comment on social media, with Ford rendering its most bada-- nameplate in sparkling gold adorned with rainbow graphics," according to Ford.

The ad began spreading on Twitter after the above tweet by user @ImMeme0 was posted last Wednesday, where some users appeared to share their concern about Ford "going woke" and others declaring they would sell their Fords because of the ad.

woke truck commentary rainbow groomer truck

Ironically, many left-leaning social media users cheered on conservative animosity towards pickup trucks, hoping that a conservative boycott of trucks may push them towards more environmentally friendly public transit options.

boycott please annie_wu_22 hetero bikes terminally woke trucks

Ford is hardly the only company to draw ire for their supposedly newfound "wokeness," as companies including Target, Xbox, M&Ms, Home Depot, Keurig and, of course, Bud Light have all been at the center of outrage cycles for supposedly catering to the "Wokes." As of May 2023, however, all are still in business despite continued reposting of the "get woke go broke" catchphrase.

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