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Spaghetti Stories

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Spaghetti Stories are a type of bait-and-switch copypasta posted on 4chan to troll others under the pretext of recounting a socially awkward or humiliating situation in greentext. While the plot may vary from one to another, each story ends when spaghetti suddenly falls out of one’s pocket or fanny pack, similar to the twist in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air copypasta stories.


Although it remains unverified, the original copypasta has been attributed to 4chan, dating back to early 2009. The earliest known story ending with spaghetti falling out of one’s pocket was posted on the Body Building Forums[5]by uboodiff on September 13th, 2010. Titled “Most embarassing day,” the original poster recounted a story about humiliating himself at the check-out line in a Halloween store. The thread received 33 responses the same day, with many users commenting on the absurdity of carrying around cooked spaghetti.


On the same day of the Body Building post, a similar thread titled “feels bad man”[10] was posted to the League of Legends message board, which combined the elements of spaghetti stories with another well-known copypasta about Gamestop.

The earliest archived spaghetti greentext story on 4chan was posted to /r9k/ (ROBOT 9000) in a thread[12] discussing the weirdest ways people have injured themselves on September 29th, 2010. The non-sequitur nature of the spaghetti led to its inclusion in similar stories on /b/ (random)[1] and /v/ (video games).[11] As of April 2012, there are thousands of results[18] for spaghetti stories on Chanarchive.

A compilation of spaghetti stories were posted to the viral content site BuzzFeed[2] on November 2nd, 2011. That month, several Reddit threads[6][7][8] also appeared using the trope. Spaghetti stories have also been used on Yahoo! Answers[13] and Answers Den[14], as a method of trolling.


The main character of the manga It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular, Kuroki Tomoko, was given the nickname “Spaghetti-tan” in October 2011. Since Tomoko is known for being socially awkward[17], users on /v/ (video games)[4] gave her the name out of appreciation for her social ineptitude. However, users of 4chan’s /a/ (anime and manga) board do not like the use of this nickname[15], and users from /v/ will come to /a/[16] calling Tomoko Spaghetti-tan to upset posters.

Notable Examples

>Long-term gf just broke up with me
>At coffee shop trying to think of how to get my shit together
>notice cute girl is has been looking at me for some time
>smile at her and wave a little
>go back to staring at my coffee
>lock up to see her sitting next to me
>asks me what’s wrong
>little reluctant, think it’s a trick
>It isn’t
>she was dumped recently too
>accidentally stare at her cleavage as she’s talking
>start to get hard
>feel a hand run up my leg
>see her breathing a bit hard
>asks if I like what I see
>guide her hand to my zipper
>she unzips my fanny pack by mistake
>spaghetti falls out
>try to clean it up with my sock
>start to cry
>get embarrassed and fart watery diarrhea all over my man skirt
>smear shit all over the window and ask her to marry me
>mfw she said no


>Cute girl in line in behind me
>"Hey, how are you doing?“
>oh fuck conversation
>”Oh, I’m good, and you?“
>”That’s good, are you busy this Saturday?“
>”I, don’t think so"
>She points to ear
>Wearing a bluetooth headset
>It all makes sense
>Drop my items and put my hands in pockets
>There’s a hole in my pocket
>Spaghetti trickles down my leg from my shorts
>Shorts are no longer comfy and easy to wear


>>Girl waves at me
>>Wave back
>>Turns out she was waving to someone behind me
>>Facepalm evryone saw
>>Spaghetti falls out of pocket and goes evrywhere



>Making dinner
>Start up the garlic bread
>Roll a few meatballs
>Can’t find the pasta
>Rip apart the closet and cupboards
>Collapse on the floor crying
>All the spaghetti falls out of my pocket


Search Interest

“Spaghetti falls out” was the first related phrase to start seeing search volume in April 2011.

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Mr. Mediocre


So are you guys telling me that a meme, which is a subject or topic that is largely recognized and traded throughout the community stops being a meme when it becomes officially acknowledged?

Because that doesn’t make that much sense to me…


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