Burst Into Treats

Burst Into Treats

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Burst Into Treats is a bait-and-switch copypasta commonly used on 4chan imageboards to conclude a seemingly believable greentext story about a personal experience involving embarrassing or emotionally moving moments. Similar to Spaghetti Stories and Fucking Gamestop, the readers only become aware of the anticlimactic joke toward the end of each story.


On June 22nd, 2010, a greentext story thread titled "Greentext When You Felt Like a Dick"[1] was posted on 4chan's /r9k/ board, a miscellaneous board based on a bot made for the webcomic xkcd's IRC channel. One user replied to the thread with a story about a fight with his or her mother on the graduation day.

β–  Anonymous 06/22/10(Tue)13:46:5 No.9649756 Graduation day at high school. >Mum and I are fighting at the time >I take my keys >She asks me why >I reply with "Because knowing you, you'll lock me out >She bursts into treats. Feltikeacuntman jpg

It is likely that the original poster meant to type β€œburst into tears,” but seemed to never reappear in the thread. Within five minutes of that post, other users in the thread called attention to the typo and incorporated the line into their own stories.

Anonymous 06/23/10(Wed)05:15:2 No.9665160 >Dad makes a mistake >Bring up his former coke problem >Dad sighs and walks away Mom bursts into treats every fucking.argument.


Three days later, an AskReddit[2] thread appeared asking for stories about causing someone to burst into treats. It has also been used in Yahoo! Answers[8] questions, paired with references to other greentext tropes, like spaghetti stories and penis inspection day.

Home > All Categories> Family & Relationships> Family> Resolved Question Resolved Question Show me another 》 l made my mom burst into treats earlier. How can Chris make it up to her? Alright so my mom is a 2nd generation Italian, so she strictly believes in Sunday being a family day (Church, meals, Nintendo Wii, etc.) and once a month she cooks her grandmother's recipe of pasta. A few years ago, this was the meal I looked forward to above no other, but recently she developed a gluten allergy. Unfortunately, she now buys some pretty awful gluten-free pasta that even my dad doesn't like Earlier today at dinner, my mom was serving pasta and she got up from the table to briefly use the restroom. While she was in there, I stuffed the spaghetti on my plate into my pockets. When she returned, I told her l enjoyed the pasta very much and continued eating the Italian bread, meatballs, and green beans. When I finished, I asked to be dismissed from the table and she let me go. However, when l stood up, I slipped on some ice that had melted and the spaghetti fell out of my pockets She quickly got up to help me, but noticed that the spaghetti had fallen out of my pockets. She started yelling something in Italian and left the room while bursting into treats. I figured my dad would get upset at me, so l took me car keys and drove to Gamestop while things cooled down. I walked into the store to casually browse the Wii games to pick something up for my younger siblings. I picked up the new Legend of Zelda game and brought it to the register, but the employee suddenly turned into a bear and chased me out to my car. Now my car won't start and I'm stuck here posting this from my phone. What should I do to make things right with my mom? 3 days ago Report Abuse Additional Details Thank you for the suggestions so far. I plan on talking to her upon my return home The problem right now is getting there at a. The bear won't leave and it looks pretty hungry. Since my mom burst into treats, I don't exactly want to call her to pick me up 3 days ago Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Well first CALL HER TO PICK YO UP. And just tell her how you feel. Tell her that next year you can try something different Alisa Smith 3 days ago Report Abuse 1 person rated this as good Asker's Rating: I took your advice and, when she arrived, the bear was still there. I quickly opened the door, got on the floor, and walked the dinosaur. I dont know where I'd be without you thank vou so much!

The phrase has since spread to other 4chan boards, including /v/ (video games)[4], /b/ (random)[5] and /tv/ (television)[6], where the joke is typically played out in the form of green text stories[7], as well as on Tumblr[9], where there are cartoons and illustrations based on the original story.


Notable Examples

Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:08:1 No.10187641 >Halloween >Got no candy because so many pedos >My mom bursts into treats >just for me thanks mom >Best candy ever

Name History] Posted 25 November 2011 - 10:23 PM #153377 >At bar with a couple bros >We've had a few drinks beforehand, alcohol's expensive, poorfag etc. >We're talking at one of the tables, bar's fairly empty, it's a Monday night. >My bros get up to check out the dance floor downstairs >I decide to stay at the table, I'm feeling slightly buzzed and am not feeling it. >Out of nowhere this cute girl sits next to me >I'm totally surprised, girls don't usually talk to me >We get to talking, she's a Chemistry major, likes vidya, has the same awkward sense of humor as me >I'm [bleepling sold, maybe I'll get to seal the deal >She gets up to get a drink, asks if I want anything >I shake my head no, saying I sneaked in enough drinks for my buddies and I >She smiles and sits back down, says she's okay with that. >Oh [bleep] yeah >I reach into my fanny pack and pull out two capri suns >She asks if I'm serious, obviously she's [bleepling impressed >Being the gentleman I am, I take the straw off of her pouch and gingerly stick it into the slot before I set up my command center >I pull out my totino's pizza rolls and a bunch of napkins >Dream girls gets my attention, something's wrong with her capri sun >I remember the capri suns are all full of spaghetti >I take off my fedora and pull out another capri sun >I offer it to her, she's admiring my bald spot. >I tell her this one's full of ice cream >I mash it up so she can drink it. >She reaches across the table and claws me in the face >I freak out (this grl just [bleep]ing mauled me in the face) >She grabs my fanny pack and leaves >I burst into treats >My dream girl was a bear the whole time

Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)11:08:08 No.647131 fourth grade wake up early before school so I can beat the elite four to start my day make it to the pokemon champion when suddenly my stomach shifts >oh no srun to the bathroom, ass is pressure hosing diarrhea finally over, look down and there is shit all over my dick >mom yells "anon don't be late for school" >l wipe it up a bit but there is still shit >give up and run for the bus and get to school on time >My hot female teacher walks in ayasbeore we begin boys line up in the hall for penis inspection day >Oh no, I have shit dick >I try to run but teacher puts me into a full nelson >I feel her breasts on my back and my dick starts to harden suddenly the nurse pulls my pants down, shit dick is displayed for all to see burst into treats fucking penis inspection day

Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)11:24:11 No. 647210 penis inspection day fourth grade >nurse won't stop fondling me tells me that she's "always wanted to do it with a bear" >i look down >im a bear nurse is fondling my bear penis >suddenly nurse is also a bear >we have bear sex >noises cause everyon e in the hall to burst into treat principal comes in, breaks us apart with the force of the spaghetti coming out of his pockets >i grab my cape and fedora and gtfo, careful to not slip in the principal's marinara sauce Fucking Gamestop.

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Yeah too bad this was already posted on Reddit, so it was killed months ago according to your standards.

Look, I really do hate Reddit as much as the next rational person, but KYM is a site for documenting memes. It's what we do, regardless of the source. It's pretty much a universal fact that 4chan produces the funniest OC online and there's no reason it's a bad thing for people to understand 4chan's inside jokes. Oh no, will new fags start coming to /b/?!?! Gasp. Oh wait, there have always been new fags and you were a new fag once too. You, like EVERY other /b/tard, had to have heard of 4chan from somewhere before going there, so don't cry when new fags are doing the same thing you once did.


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