It Was My Privilege

It Was My Privilege

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“It Was My Privilege” (“It Was A Privilege”) is a sarcastic expression used as the punchline in greentext stories wherein gentlemanly courtesy is misunderstood as male patronage, thus mocking the feminist concept of the male-dominated social system known as the “patriarchy."


The earliest known "it was my privilege" thread was posted to the imageboard 4chan on January 9th, 2013, according to several screenshots archived on the image-hosting site Imgur (shown below).[1] In the thread, several green text stories were submitted depicting hyperbolic descriptions of typical social interactions between men and women ending with the phrase "It was my privilege."

□ Anonymous (ID: K17aNzKL) 01/09/13(Wed)06:13:53 UTC-5 No.449713470 353 ipg-(6 KB, 198x255, sean.jpg) GI File: 13577300333 >In an elevator at a shopping complex >Crowded and uncomfortable >A young lady is standing next to me, looking noticeably rushed >As the door opens to the floor where we are all getting off, I gesture for her to leave first >A hush descends upon the lift >She appears simultaneously furious and ashamed >My smile widens, my erection becomes visible and my body language grows bolder as I say to her > Ladies first" h. >The men in the lift, even the young boy, all smile and lick their lips in anticipation of my conquest >She shudders, disgusted by what is taking place, there is no way for her now to recover that dignity that she once cherished >She begins to step out of the door, the other women looking on solemnly, knowing the defeat and shame that she feels >She turns to me momentarily, all pride and gumption washed from her features, tears welling up in her eyes she mutters "thank you..." >l smile wider, my erection almost bursting through my trousers and her unable to take her eyes off my widening girth, I say >"It was my privilege"

Precursor: "Check Your Privilege"

"Check Your Privilege" is an online expression used mainly by social justice bloggers to remind others that the body and life they are born into comes with specific privileges that do not apply to all arguments or situations. The phrase also suggests that when considering another person’s plight, one must acknowledge one’s own inherent privileges and put them aside in order to gain a better understanding of his or her situation.


On January 9th, 2013, the "Abovt [sic] Male Privilege" Tumblr[5] blog posted an "it was my privilege" green text story. On the following day, Body Building Forums[8] member Stramgod started a thread featuring privilege copypastas. On January 26th, FunnyJunk[7] user sapphiresparta uploaded a screenshot of a green text story from 4chan (shown below).

Anonymous (ID: luz3dUOj) 01/26/13(Sat102:55:02 No.453801987 Replies: 22453802546 453803881 54 >Walking down a busy street when it begins to rain hard >I take out and pop open my umbrella above my head turn to my right and see a woman in a dress made of a thin fabric >The rain is drenching her and she looks uncomfortable as she begins to scurry for cover approach her with my umbrella and hand it to her >"Take this. I don't need it." say >Terror washes over her face as she is forced to take my umbrella >She begins to squeal in fear of my oppression >The r--- l'm committing against her causes her to stumble backward and she bumps into another man >She turns around violently to see >The man excuses himself and says that he's sorry >The oppression is hitting her from all sides >Other men on the street begin to clap >Women begin running and sounding r--- whistles >The rain falls on the girl's face, mixing with her tears as she raises my umbrella above her head >Shivers shoot through my body as I revel in the oppression I am subjecting this woman to >I feel rain drops bounce onto my now erect penis >l stare at her, chauvinistically expecting nothing in return, and aggravate the r--- as I begin to turn away >"T-thank you," she yelps, in total desperation behind a thousand rainy tears >I turn back for a moment and smile >And I tell her, "It was my privilege."

On February 17th, A Voice For Men Forums[6] member mattycakes submitted a thread calling for users to submit sarcastic stories in which they've "used the might of the patriarchy to oppress women." On March 13th, the "Meinprivilege" Facebook[4] group was launched, which cited an incident known as "Elevator Gate", in which feminist blogger Rebecca Watson complained about being asked for coffee by a man in an elevator at an atheist conference, as the inspiration for the creation of the page. On the same day, Redditor TheGreatSantini submitted a screenshot of a green text story to the /r/4chan[9] subreddit, which described a man becoming sexually aroused while rescuing women at the gym (shown below). In the first three months, the post gained more than 1,100 up votes and 15 comments.

ロ「Anonymous 03/13/13 Wed 01:42:06 UTC 5 No. 18395 178 Replies: 2218395572 2218395797 2218395858 2218396432 File: 1363156926581 jpg-(36 KB, 600x384, fuck_you_pay_me_jpg) GT >working out doing my usual routine >2 grills come in >obviously new and go for the 2 lb dumbbells >they are intimidated by swole as i am deadlifting 3 plate and not breaking a sweat (warm up) >they feel their inferiority and try to challenge me >one of them tries bench pressing loads up 0.5 plate on each side >lowers it down and can not bring it up >they both start to panic >my body can sense the danger smy penis becomes rock hard, almost tearing through my shorts and breaking the descending barbell in half smy body releases alpha pheromones >the dumb c---- friend can sense it >she slowly turns her head towards me, whispering to herself "oh no..." slowly finish my rep and start approaching the damsel in distress >my penis is throbbing from excitement >the trapped grill can sense my presence, she can not do anything since she is trapped >as i grab her barbell and slowly begin to ascend it, i can feel the gaze of the patrons of the gym sthe trapped girl gets up, in tears, looking at me sobbing and crying tells me "th-thank you... >slowly, i lean my head to her eat >my penis is about to explode >and i whisper " was my privilege" >the girls quickly run to the locker room >the patrons grab their crotches and yell in unison "aroo, aroo, aroo" >a week later found out the girl benching commited suicide >broke a new DL PT that day

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