24yo Femanon

24yo Femanon

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24yo Femanon refers to a genre of greentext stories written from a standpoint of a 24-year old female 4chan user attempting to find a boyfriend, referred to as "possiblebf.jpg". The stories usually conclude in a humorously embarrassing way for the protagonist.


On September 17th, 2016, an anonymous 4chan[1] user made a greentext story post on /b/ board describing themselves as a 24-year-old female (femanon) posting after a failed date with a boyfriend and asking for help. On September 8th, 2017, an anonymous 4chan[2] user made another /b/ post from a standpoint of a 24-year-old female describing an unsatisfactory date.

Anonymous Sat 17 Sep 2016 22:41:06 No.704309709 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>704309985 >>704310159 >>704310359 >>704310399 >>704310615 >>704310822 >>704310855 > >>704313971 3>704314057 >>704314455704315175 >>704318187 3704318270 Guys, I need help. >be me >femanon >24уо >not a very attractive girl >yes, girl. Not a trap. i have a vagina >get first bf and start dating really cute guy already out of my league >date for 2 months now >never really hang out, and he's clearly not interested in me at all >we have literally nothing in common so we dont do much together >text alot, but never see each other face to face except once a week max. twice if im lucky >we go to bowling ally because he loves bowling 13KİB, 236x231 2ebbde29cd3ac41227bd4f1f0dbf3132.jpg View Same Google ImgOps i qdb SauceNAO >I hate bowling, i just want to be around him for once >Really cute and sexy girl starts talking to him >she says her car is messed up, asks bf to fix it >i tell bf to lets leave, im hungry. >bf tells me he's not hungry. >l get in my car, going to go home. >he leaves his truck at bowling alley anf gets in hot girt's car, they ride off I came back home and have been crying all day. He won't answer my texts. What is he doing??? Anonymous Fri 08 Sep 2017 23:08:15 No.744585777 View Reply Original Report Quoted By>744585850 >>744585959 744586006 >>744586045 >744586174 >>744586261 >744586293 >744587066 > 744587076 >>744587086 744587195 >744587232 744587235>744587662 >74458774 744589043 >>744589086 744589230>744589647 >>744590277 744590993>>744591104 >>74459140 >>744593847 3>744594167 >>744594291744594378 >>744594407 744594472744594570 74459554 >be me >24yo femanon >invite guy over from Tinder >he's super cute >possiblebf.jpeg >have sex >i don't really like sex but i pretend as much as i can and he comes grab a bottle of wine from my bedside locker as he gets dressed >"would you like some wine?" >"oh wow, thanks anon" >he leaves with the bottle of wine >sitting here with his j--- inside me googling pharmacy opening hours looks like there's a nearby one open until 10pm so i have 50 mins to get the morning after pill c. 334KİB, 422x509. LIT8yNN.png View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO Why do all my Tinder dates end like this? I just want to be held. I just want companionship.

>be me
>24yo femanon
>invite guy over from Tinder
>he's super cute


Starting September 2017, multiple posts exploiting the copypasta appeared on /b/ board,[3][4][5] with multiple examples later being reposted to /r/4chan[6] and /r/greentext[7] subreddits. In the large portion of the posts utilizing the format, the protagonist of the story would find herself in an embarassing, degrading or humorous situation after an encounter with a male they deem a potential partner. The two earliest threads copying the format, posted by anonymous /b/ user(s) on September 22nd[8] and 23rd[9], 2017, are shown below.

Anonymous Fri 22 Sep 2017 23:12:42 No.745935318 View Quoted By: 745935468 >>745935788 745936148 >745936456745936500 >745937788 > 745938176 >745938532 745938565>>745938774 745938 >>745940217 >745940335 >>745940546745941145 745941208 7459419 745944754 745944883 >745946960 >745948500>>745951140 7459520 >745963467 >>745964863 >745966443 >745966689 >745967352 >be me >24yo femanon >go on tinder date to a restaurant >guy is really cute >potentialbt.jpg >we make small talk and drink wine while we wait for our starters >this date is going really well <he's actually interested in my cat and asked to see pictures >we order starters, main and dessert and have a bottle of wine each >while we're eating dessert, he goes to the bathroom >ten minutes later, he still hasn't returned >ask a male waiter to check if he's ok 334KiB, 422x509, LtT8yNN.png View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO 凼 there's no guy in the bathroom the bill is for f£73.40 si only have £48 on my card >i'm now barred from my favourite restaurant [3/2] Anonymous Sat 23 Sep 2017 23:54:41 No.746036001 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: 746036165 746036460 >be me >24yo femanon >sick of getting screwed by Tinder scum >time to take my chance meeting a guy IRL >there's a singles meet up in my city today >very casual 3pm lunch thing >couldbefun.jpeg the meetup.com group says there'll be a sign saying "Meetup.com" on a table where they'll be sitting in the café >enter the café and look around just catch sight a cute guy grabbing the sign and putting it under the table 334KiB, 422x509, LtT8yNN.png View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAC

Various Examples

>be me 24 yo femanon >go on tinder date he's super cute >possiblebf.jpeg >we hit it off he actually gets my sense of humour and likes pepes and anime and vidya i mention 4chan >he posts /r9k/ and /v/ all the time toogoodtobetrue.peg? >he's super sweet and comments how pretty and feminine i look go back to his place he grabs my crotch "oh... thought you'd have a.." he says disappointed he thought i was a trap >mfw 341.5 kB PNG >be me >24yo fembot >meet guy on tinder he's super cute >possiblebf jpeg we drink some cans of cider in a park we get pretty trashed >we're kissing pretty hard he lifts up my skirt and goes down on me orn the bench vomits in my vagina >mfw >be me 24yo femanon meet guy on tinder c.J/>he's super cute possiblebf.jpeg he comes over to my place he brings heroin 341.5 kB PNG >i snort it to be polite it's really good >i buy more after he leaves i'm now addicted to it mfw
>be me 24yo femanorn >babysitting my nieces and nephew >look through brother's medicine cabinet >his wife is on xanax and my nephew is on ritalin >pocket some xanax for later >mash up the ritalin with my credit card >snort a few lines of ritalin off the lid of the toilet seat >mfw 67.4 kB JPG Anonymous 01/01/18(Mon) 15:31:09 No.755550974 be me >24yo femanon delete tinder ready to focus on the most important relationship the relationship i have with myself 326 KB PNG ready to find out who i am only hate 1550kcal today ran 750m did an intro to yoga tutorial from youtube at peace with the world >#newyearnewme >mfw Anonymous | 46015092 21 perccel ezelőtt >be me >24yo femanon need money for new laptop hatch plan call qt boy i had sex with six weeks ago tell him i'm pregnant and need abortion money с.У 366,9 kB PNG he gives me three hundred pounds wowthatwaseasy.mp3 start calling every man i had sex between two weeks and two months ago make 1500 pounds in fake abortion money sixth guy i call figures out my ruse >"anon, abortions are covered on the NHS panic and hang up >mfw

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