Did 'Beanbag Adventure' Discover An Organ Harvesting Lab?

Did 'Beanbag Adventure' Discover An Organ Harvesting Lab In China? The Disturbing TikTok Videos Explained

A Chinese urban explorer known as Beanbag Adventure is going viral on TikTok right now for documenting a shocking discovery back in 2022. The videos, showing what appears to be an organ harvesting factory, have viewers split on whether the disturbing imagery shown is real or not. Here's what you need to know.

What Are The 'Beanbag Adventure' Videos?

Back in February 2022, a Chinese TikTok (Douyin) user called "Beanbag Adventure," known for his urban exploration videos, posted a video where he explores an abandoned building surrounded by trees.

He claims there's a stench in the building and follows it downstairs, where he finds a pool-like structure filled with what appears to be the decaying bodies of children. Before showing the bodies, Beanbag claims they're discarded film props, but some viewers think this is just a way to avoid censorship, as the bodies look very realistic.

Beanbag went back to the location twice that year, discovering discarded tubes and jars, including one with what appears to be a fetus inside, and noticing that the pool structure was now covered with a tarp. The bodies underneath had seemingly further decayed. He also found adult skeletons on the upper levels of the building.

Sometime after the uploads, the Beanbag Adventure account went down and when it returned, the videos were gone. The videos are now going viral outside of China thanks to YouTuber Nick Crowley, who posted a video documenting Beanbag Adventure's discovery that gained over 300,000 views in a day.

Are The 'Beanbag Adventure' Videos Real?

The Beanbag Adventure videos went viral in China when they were first posted and inspired a lot of theories about the disturbing imagery shown. Some believe that the videos are fake and that the bodies are props like Beanbag claims. Others, however, believe everything looks too real to be fake.

One popular theory is that the building is used as a body dumping ground for a serial killer. The most popular theory, however, is that it's the site of a child organ harvesting ring. The main piece of evidence for this is the open chest cavities on some of the bodies shown.

Some people have taken it a step further and suggested that the Chinese government is responsible for the bodies. China is a popular destination for organ transplants, with wealthy foreigners often traveling there to get procedures done. Some viewers have hypothesized that the children's bodies in the lab were harvested for organs for child organ transplants, with some pointing to the fact that China reportedly forcibly harvests organs from dead prisoners as supporting evidence.

Of course, this is all speculation. Beanbag Adventure has never claimed that the videos are real and hasn't spoken about the videos since his account was reinstated on Douyin.

For the full details on Beanbag Adventure, be sure to check out our entry here for even more information.

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