The Top 50 Memes of the Decade: 30-21

The Top 50 Memes of the Decade: 30-21

This month, we asked you to help us narrow down the top memes of the 2010s in our Memes of the Decade community poll. Over the last 10 days, nearly 55,000 votes were cast as users passionately campaigned for their favorite viral phenomena, hoping they might secure their spot among the best memes circulated during this iconic era in internet history.

From now until Friday, join us as we run down the list showcasing which memes had what it takes to be ranked among the top 50 of the decade.

30. Is This a Jojo Reference?

About the Meme: A copypasta meant to parody fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure who get overly excited upon seeing a nod to the show in an unexpected place.
Peak Year: 2016
Highlights: The ubiquity of the phrase led to the creation of a Facebook group called "Is This a Jojo Reference?" on November 30th, 2016. The phrase also led to a series of image macros that emphasized the text in a humorous way to parody excitable fans of the series.


29. Bruh


About the Meme: A slang term for "bro" often used to express frustration or disappointment.
Peak Year: 2014
Highlights: The phrase began seeing use in memes in 2013 as a reaction image, but grew more popular following a Vine of a man collapsing after receiving a prison sentence. The severity of the moment led to the coining of the term "Bruh Moment," which trended throughout the rest of the decade.

28. Mocking SpongeBob

About the Meme: An image of SpongeBob Squarepants pretending to be a chicken, often accompanied with text that alternates between capital and non-capital letters, giving the impression that SpongeBob is saying something in a highly sarcastic tone.
Peak Year: 2017
Highlights: The meme peaked in 2017 as people used it to mock common excuses.

Danyelíta @DaniLevyyy Americans: I need healthcare because I have cancer and I'm dying Republicans: I NeEd hEaLtHcArE bEcAuSe l hAVE caNcEr aNd iM dYinG ruth @ruhtwhut me filling out FAFSA: tuition and books are expensive FAFSA: tUiTiOn AnD bOoKs ArE eXpEnSiVe michelle; s/h exams @gyusvts what is this new spongebob meme and wHy ArE PeOPLE tALklng LiKe tHiS

27. Big Chungus

About the Meme: A still image of Bugs Bunny with a more rotund design than normal, nicknamed "Big Chungus" and used in shitposts.
Peak Year: 2018
Highlights: After the image began spreading on Reddit, a story about a woman trying to buy a video game called Big Chungus for her child inspired the creation of several video game box art edits featuring the character.

merry chromsmas @fluffypkmn i love gamestop facebook groups for this reason showed me the picture of the game and asked me if I had it in stock. As I reframed From laughing out loud I said um ma'am I think this is a joke. BIG CHUNGUS Thursday December 6,2018 Hey Travis, what would K like for Christmas. Give least four options lov Devil May Series BIG CHUNGUS Devl May C 9:58 AM - 8 Dec 2018 XBOXONE BIG CHUNGUS &KNUCKLES FREE SMALL SUB QuIno EVERYONE EPIC WITH PURCHASE OF ANY SUBOF QUAL OR GAEATER VALUE AND A REGULAR FOUNTAN DRINK TURKEY UT GAMES CONTENT RATED BY ESR B PlayStation.2 EXPLORE ARMENIA3 man aadaar creserAomenian Chinkto &.hoe frap ionmey acrs the bordcr in Curfo THE PRE-SEQUEL SEDUEL ru Thneeddville BARTER WITH MOB BOSSES HELP START THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE MATURE 17 MATURE Blood and Gore Intense Violence ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK MUSIG BY QUEEN 00 ·0000

26. Ugandan Knuckles

About the Meme: An illustration of Knuckles drawn by Gregzilla who became a popular meme on Reddit and YouTube thanks in large part to a horde of VR Chat players raiding the game as the character and saying the phrase "Do U Kno De Way?
Peak Year: 2018
Highlights: The meme began trending in late 2017 thanks to the VR Chat raids. It trended through January 2018 before it mostly disappeared from the public eye until January of 2019 when people predicted it would return to public consciousness.

Ugandan Knuckles meme 6 M, January 2019

25. You Know I Had to Do It To 'Em

About the Meme: A picture of a boy, identified as Lucky Luciano, standing on a suburban road, which he captioned "You know I had to do it to 'em."
Peak Year: 2017
Highlights: The picture inspired many edits of other characters making the pose, as well as edits of the image itself. In 2018, a series of images on Tumblr hid Luciano in a "Where's Waldo?"-style series of memes.

There's on ㎡-in everyone. Findyours at zonecassette You know I had to do it to em OSTED LAKESCINNAMON FROSTED FLAKES FROSTED FLAKES KEEN TEEN RECORD MPANY'

24. Supa Hot Fire

GIF of Supa Hot Fire after he dropped a red hot roast - friends over reacting

About the Meme: A parody of rap battle videos in which the main character "Supa Hot Fire" says silly lyrics while his crew reacts as if he's said something devastating.
Peak Year: 2011
Highlights: The video inspired GIFs in which the characters in the video were changed to other characters and were often used to parody current events or media. A reaction image template, I'm About To End This Man's Whole Career grew popular in the late 2010s.


23. Grumpy Cat

About the Meme: A cat named Tardar Sauce which went viral in the early 2010s due to its perpetually angry-looking face. Sadly, Grumpy Cat passed away in May this year following complications from an infection.
Peak Year: 2012
Highlights: The cat was an iconic part of the Meme Generator era, and many memes using the cat were image macros expressing disappointment. Its popularity later inspired a feature-length film.


22. Gabe the Dog

About the Meme: A small American Eskimo/Pomeranian which made a distinctive "Bork" noise. Videos of the dog went viral thanks to a series of remix videos that used the "Bork" in songs and other audio. The internet mourned Gabe's death in January 2017 after it was announced that he had passed away due to heart complications.
Peak Year: 2013
Highlights: In July 2017, a video highlighting the top 10 Gabe remixes was uploaded to YouTube.

21. Virgin vs. Chad

Hair has been firmly fastened to never react to wind or any laws of physiques Hair seems to overreact to wind "The Virgin Walk" THE CHAD STRIDE Head craned forward Sometimes uses heaphones to escape potential conversation or mitigate agoraphobic symptoms Has figured out how to always look everyone in the eye at once at all times Looks below parallel Head is at a perfect verticle angle at all times Avoids eye contact, and looks away immediately Does not register the emotions or feelings of others at all Has never heard a song in his entire life Back slouched if accidental contact Perceives every oncoming face in his periphery as "looking at him Too polite, gives too much space for oncoming traffic Arms constantly flailing in confident, unpredictable ways But secretly hates people who walk slowly when side-by-side Intentionally slaps and batters incoming traffic to make his own path Stiff, straight arms Struggles to find Little arm movement comfortable hand form Hands always prepared to grab nearby fertile pussy Might be too tense and rigid Back is so straight you could measure structural foundation with his spinal cord Walking form is poised like a Greek statue, perpetually in contrapposto Bonus: Clothing is all neutral coloured Wears running shoes Only wears black coats Stands with a weird posture Is insecure about how he walks Walking pace/form lacks fluidity because he struggles to "autowalk" - analogous to always manually breathing Rapidly tiptoes around like in "going to the store" MANDATORY Walks too fast Compulsively needs to pass anyone walking slightly slower than him Does not feel the need to pass anyone because he's already brutalized everyone nearby into submission Wears visually-painful bright neon attire $3000 highlighter boots from Giuseepe Zanotti Does not wear a coat, is immune to cold No one alive can insult his posture and get away with it Does not read stupid shit drawn by Quentin Tiny beetle-like stride Long strides

About the Meme: An image of two characters, a "Virgin" and a "Chad." The "virgin" walks with his shoulders slumped and looking down, while the "Chad" is drawn significantly more cartoonishly. Negative characteristics are applied to the Virgin while positives are applied to the Chad.
Peak Year: 2017
Highlights: The template proved a popular way to mock people and was often inverted in edits, depicting the "Chad" as sillier than the "Virgin" character. It was the Know Your Meme fan-voted Meme of the Year in 2017.

The Virgin (thing you dont like) The Chad (thing you like) does thing you like buys product you like doesnt do thing you like buys product you dont like OUCH! has lots of things in common with you doesnt have a lot in common with you basically a self insert you on agrees with thinks critically about your ideas every topic votes for your preferred political candidate doesnt share your political views just an attempt to silence the outgroup when you have run out of arguements just stop it at this point this meme hasnt been funny in months "HE CHYD SHREDDER The Virgin "Guitarist" only playing because he thinks girls will like him sells out every gig can only play rhythm guitar he plays can't even play a chord can only play lead choses guitar purely off tone groupies are on a will probably end up switching to never heard sweaty clammy hands music other than Waiting list for his own him bass since its easier phyiscally unable to play without others learns scales has 8 fingers on each hand for maximum e ఎ jr the smiths ect listens to dinosaur takes lessons at shredding potential 21 శ త only plays in bedroom too awkward to join a band let alone Greamitp wear converse to fit in even though he finds them slash wants to play in pubic uncomfy be him

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