200% Mad

200% Mad

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200% Mad is a reaction image series featuring angry-looking subjects accompanied by the caption "200% Mad" written in the cut-out character style of the Expand Dong meme.


In the 2013 action game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the main protagonist Raiden has to fight his ways through a series of villains, including Senator Armstrong who appears shirtless and grinning in anger towards Raiden (shown below, left). On January 26th, 2014, an image macro featuring Senator Armstrong with the caption "200% Mad" was posted to the /v/ (video games) board on 4chan[1] in a thread about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (shown below, right).



Through out 2014, the image was posted on various other 4chan boards.[2][5] On May 30th, Funnyjunk [3] user rdangerdash submitted the image macro in the comment section of a post about an angry ex-girlfriend. On January 8th, 2015, Tumblr[4] user commanderofpie highlighted a variation of the image with the caption "420 blaze it" (shown below).

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External References

[1] Archive Moe – Thread No.228865696 [archive from 4chan : may contain NSFW content]

[2] Warosu archive – /cgl/ thread No.7994782 [archive from 4chan : may contain NSFW content]

[3] Funnyjunk – How to deal with a bitch ex-gf

[4] Tumblr – This is terrible

[5] Warosu archive – /tg/ thread No.35695155 [archive from 4chan : may contain NSFW content]

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