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A-Train POV: I See A Happy Couple

Added by Phillip Hamilton • Updated 7 months ago by Zach
Added by Phillip Hamilton • Updated 7 months ago by Zach

A-Train POV I See A Happy Couple meme depicting Jessie T Usher from the boys.


A-Train POV: I See A Happy Couple refers to a series of ironic memes where footage of a happy couple is shown under the caption, "POV: I see a happy couple," followed by a montage of clips featuring The Boys character A-Train, played by Jessie T Usher, who accidentally kills a woman in the series premiere by running through her with his superpowered speed, implying the poster is jealous of the happy couple and wants to kill one of them. The memes became popularized on TikTok in July 2022.


In season one episode one of the Amazon Prime series The Boys, released on July 26th, 2019, superhero A-Train, who has super speed, accidentally kills a woman by running into her at high speed as she's about to kiss her boyfriend, the protagonist of the show named Hughie (shown below).

On July 19th, 2022, TikTokers[1][2] @awesomer.thng22 and @demolica posted a video captioned, "POV: I See A Happy Couple" showing footage of a couple embracing, followed by a montage of A-Train clips, gaining over 425,000 and 264,000 views respectively in a week (shown below). It is unclear who posted the original meme.



The meme became increasingly popularized over the following week. On July 20th, 2022, Instagram[3] user h3art.failure posted a version of the meme that gained over 7,000 likes and 30,000 views in a week (shown below).

On July 23rd, TikToker[4] @saymyname13 posted a version of the meme using the original clip from The Boys at the start, gaining over 1.5 million views in four days (shown below, left). On July 25th, TikToker[5] @clirrox posted a version of the meme, gaining over 438,000 views in two days (shown below, right).


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