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We're Even Now, Bitch

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“We're Even Now, Bitch,” is a memorable quote uttered by the fictional character A-Train from the Amazon TV show The Boys. In memes, the image of A-Train alongside the caption “We’re even now, bitch” is used as an exploitable image macro series to express when someone gets even, but can also be used as an object labeling macro or photoshopped into other images. In October and November 2020, following the release of the show’s second season, the format saw widespread use across a number of platforms and sites.


The original clip that the meme is pulled from is seen during season two, episode eight called “What I Know,” which was released on October 9th, 2020. During the scene (featured below), A-Train meets up with Starlight and Hughie Campbell to deliver them dirt on Stormfront. After handing over the documents to Starlight, A-Train says, “We’re even now, bitch.”

The first time the scene is used in a meme comes from the same day the episode was released on October 9th, 2020. Shortly after it aired, the format was posted by Redditor sarcasticnepali2058 to the /r/memes[1] subreddit, receiving over 7,600 likes, 2,400 shares and 210 comments in just over one month (shown below).

Odd numbers when they get multiplied by 2 ANG We're even now, bitch.


On October 22nd, 2020, the Instagram[2] account jokezar reposted a version of the meme which was widely shared across social media, accumulating over 136,000 likes in nearly one month (seen below, left). On October 24th, iFunny[3] user Jotaro____Kujo posted a variant edited to include the hair of Giorno Giovanna from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on A-Train, accumulating 59 likes in three weeks (seen below, right).

My dad: *raises me and pays my way for 18 years* Me: *lends him $20 for gas cuz he forgot his wallet* Мe: NG We're even now, bitch. Diavolo: Indirectly sold some drugs to kids Giorno: Puts Diavolo in a time loop where he dies an infinite number of horrendous deaths Giorno: We're even now, bitch. ifunny.cO

On October 29th, another example was posted to the WTF section on 9GAG[4] discussing Pearl Harbor, receiving over 7,100 points and 980 comments in just over two weeks (shown below, left). On November 6th, Redditor HitlersTeddyBear posted a version to the /r/memes[5] subreddit, receiving over 34,700 upvotes, 157 comments and several Reddit awards in 11 days (shown below, right).

soldiers recruited for war Japan: Kills 2,403'at pearl harbor America after dropping two bombs and killing 340,000 people: EVERYTHING that lived on a 3km radius including woman and children: We're even now, bitch. My sister: *tells mom that I snuck out last night* Me: *gets grounded for a week* Me: *tells mom about her OnlyFans* My sister: *gets grounded for 3 months* Ме: We're even now, bitch.

Various Examples

When you animate the text in a still image and still get as many upvotes as people posting gif memes We're even now, bitch. Me: accidentally steps on my dog's tail My dog: Wags his tail and licks me My dog: We're even now, bitch Anakin after killing an entire society of Sand People for killing his Mom We're even now, bitch.

Karens after running over 40 children but they liked a "like for jesus ignore for satan" post II PYCD DOW We're even now. bitch made with m ematic My mom: *drops hundreds of dollars on my siblings and I for Christmas* My siblings and I after we get her a world's greatest mom mug: We're even now, bitch. When female dog gives me a kiss and I kiss her back u/Bat-Ochir We're even now, bitch.


We're even now, bitch.

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