Queensland Rail Etiquette Posters

Queensland Rail Etiquette Posters

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Queensland Rail Etiquette Posters is a poster ad campaign launched by Queensland Rail to educate the public about behavioral problems commonly experienced on trains in Queensland, Australia. In response to the campaign, several parody images mocking the original posters began spreading on various sites across the web.


In September of 2011, Queensland Rail[1] launched a series of public service announcement posters to educate passengers about inappropriate behaviors commonly reported by the commuters. On March 28th, 2012, Queensland Rail launched a web application[4] that allowed users to make their own etiquette posters with custom text and share the finished image on social media websites.

国QueenslandRail Select a poster to customise Jade keeps her bag on her lap. Not in the aisle April likes the aisle seat. So she stands to let people get past How considerate. Sophie moves down the aisle as people board. Now there's room for everyone. Cheers Sophie. Good thinking Jade. Train etiquette. Super simple stuff Train etiquette Super simple stuff Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. QueenslandRail oaueenslandRail CUSTOMISE POSTER CUSTOMISE POSTER CUSTOMISE POSTER


On January 30th, 2012, the webcomic Cynacism on Demand[9] published a parody comic featuring an inebriated commuter urinating on himself (shown below). Within four months, the post received over 1,150 notes on Tumblr. On May 3rd, Redditor gabbyssquishy submitted a post titled "Australian train etiquette", which featured an illustration of a man sitting on a train with the caption "Jim sits on the quiet carriage. He shuts his goddamn mouth. Good on you Jim" (shown below, right). Within two months, the post received more than 11,950 up votes and 365 comments.

Your comfort Steve is wasted He urinates in his pants. Not all over the train. On ya, Stevo. Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. @QueenslandRail 尹 Jim sits on the quiet carriage. He shuts his goddamn mouth Good on you Jim. Train etiquette. Super simple stuff

On May 9th, the Australian news site Courier Mail[7] published an article titled "Joke Queensland Rail Train Etiquette Posters Go Viral", which reported the parody images had begun spreading across International boundaries online. On June 21st, Redditor dolani submitted a post to the /r/funny subreddit titled “Good thinking Jade”, containing a poster about a transsexual hiding her erection with a backpack. The same day, Redditor Artegan submitted a post titled "Sam was thinking…", including a poster of a man standing on a train platform while contemplating suicide (shown below, right).

Your sofety Jade is a transsexual. She keeps her bag on her lap to hide her raging erection. Good thinking Jade. 0 Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. QueenslandRal Sam was thinking of jumping in front of the oncoming train today. Your time Then he decided not to, because it would inconvenience people on their way to work Good thinking Sam. Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. QueenslandRail

Also on June 21st, the Internet humor site College Humor[8] published a slideshow of notable parody posters. On June 22nd, the /r/queenslandrail[10] subreddit was created by user rlode6762, providing a place where Redditors could share their own parody posters. Also on June 22nd, Something Awful Forum[6] member Greggster submitted a thread titled "Train etiquette – Simple stuff according to Queensland Rail", in which several example images were posted along with links to the original PDFs.

Notable Examples

George is smart. That's why he calculated the exact location the train doors would open. Sucks to be those other plebians Train etiquette Super simple stuff. QueenslandRail Jen puts her tampon in the bin. Not on the train. Your ▼IT surroundings Nice one Jen. Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. QueenslandRal Your sofety Stacy will just moonwalk straight past a bitch. Fucking ice cold. Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. ueenslandRa hey I couldnt help noticing you from across the carriage and I think you're really beautiful.. I was wondering - could I get your number? sorry I have a boyfriend QueenslandRail


Shortly after the launch of /r/queenslandrail, Redditor rdb33 submitted a post titled “Good move, Adam”, featuring a drawing of a man sitting at a computer with a caption criticizing the overuse of Queensland Rail parodies (shown below).

Your karma Adam is a Redditor. He thought the QueenslandRail meme was funny a couple of times, but he doesn't make another one Good move, Adam. Reddiquette. Super simple stuff. reddit

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