Bee and Barb, August 22nd, 2018, 9pm Incident

Bee and Barb, August 22nd, 2018, 9pm Incident

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Bee and Barb, August 22nd, 2018, 9pm Incident refers to a series of videos on TikTok claiming that, during a game of Skyrim on the night of August 22nd, 2018, something traumatizing happened in the Bee & Barb tavern in Riften. The incident, first shared by TikToker @dunmerdaph in July 2023, was popularized that August, with some asking for the context behind it. The meme does not appear to be based on any real, known incident and was seemingly made up to troll viewers.


On July 18th, 2023, TikToker[1] @dunmerdaph posted a slideshow to TikTok consisting of three images. The first is an image of Mr. Incredible looking happy from the Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny format, captioned, "Me enjoying Skyrim on August 22nd 2018. The second shows an image of the Bee and Barb from Skyrim, captioned, "Enters the bee and barb at 9pm." The last shows Mr. Incredible, now uncanny, captioned "Traumatized." The video gained over 779,000 views in a month (shown below, top). TikToker[3] @argonian_lifts_her_tail made a similar video on the same day, garnering over 17,000 views in the same span of time (shown below, bottom). It is unclear who posted their video first.

Me enjoying skyrim on August 22d 2018 af Enters the bee and barb at 9pm Traumatised
me enjoying skyrim on August 22nd goes to the bee and barb * abe Bee and Barb I dont wanna exist anymore


The meme spread throughout July 2023, with several other TikTokers referencing the alleged "Bee and Barb incident." For example, on July 18th, 2023, TikToker[2] @jarlblaine posted a video referencing the incident, garnering over 61,000 views in a month (shown below, left). On July 20th, TikToker[5] @argonian_lifts_her_tail posted a meme referencing the incident that gained over 78,000 views in a similar span of time (shown below, right).

@jarlblaine never again.#skyrimmemes #skyrimfyp #fyp #fypシ #skyrimtiktok #skyrim #elderscrolls ♬ original sound – Just a Dude

@argonian_lifts_her_tail #skyrimtok #dragonborn #argonian_lifts_her_tail #elderscrollsmeme #skyrimmemes #skyrim #elderscrolls #skyrimtiktok #skyrimmods #stormcloak ♬ original sound – argonian lifts-her-tail

On August 14th, TikToker[4] @dunmerdaph posted a new video about the incident, garnering over 44,400 views in four days (shown below).

@dunmerdaph nothing happened 🤫#dunmerdaph #skyrimemes #august22nd2018 #beeandbarbincident #elderscrolls #skyrim #oblivion #morrowind #riften #beeandbarb #imperial #stormcloak #thalmor #daedra #azura ♬ Secunda – Jeremy Soule

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@argonian_lifts_her_tail #skyrimmods #skyrimtiktok #argonian_lifts_her_tail #skyrimtok #elderscrollsmeme #skyrimmemes #skyrim #elderscrolls #dragonborn ♬ original sound – argonian lifts-her-tail

@sage_of_house_dagoth #skyrimtiktok #fyp #fypシ #skyrim #skyrimmemes #elderscrolls #beeandbarb ♬ From Past to Present – Jeremy Soule

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Natural Enclave
Natural Enclave

I get that it's just a meme and all, but Skyrim is probably the worst game they could have picked for this.
People still actively mod Skyrim to this day – some modders probably know every single trigger and script by heart.
It's not Nier's Church – where modding of this scale was thought to be impossible even if there was nothing in the files for that and Yoko Taro is insane enough where it feels like it's his thing. It's freaking Skyrim.
Then again, this came from Tiktok, so I am sure the main people who will actually believe into this are kids who don't know anything.


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