Jonathan Kent raising his hand to stop Superman from saving him

Stop, My Invincible Son

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"Stop, My Invincible Son" is a catchphrase that refers to Jonathan Kent's iconic death scene from the 2013 DC Comics movie, Man of Steel. The scene was parodied online due to the seemingly forced sacrifice of Superman's father figure.


In the movie, after a heated argument between Jonathan (played by Kevin Costner) and Clark Kent (played by Henry Cavill), the car in which the Kents are riding gets stuck in a highway, which is about to be engulfed by a tornado. As the Kents help other people escape and get out of danger, they realize to have left the family dog, Hank, in the car. Jonathan goes to Hank's rescue, but after saving him, he gets injured and is unable to escape the tornado. In his final moments, Jonathan waves Clark to not save him, as it would have revealed his superpowers to the people around him.


While the film received praise and critique for its direction, the scene caught the attention of the 4chan board /tv/ where several anonymous users mocked Zach Snyder fans, Superman fans and the scene itself, by creating the catchphrase and pointing out how easy it would have been for Clark to save his father in that situation. On June 1st, 2014, an anonymous user posted an image macro mocking Jonathan's decision to sacrifice himself[2] (shown below, left). On June 25th, 2017, an anon on /tv/ used the phrase "stop my invincible son" after a user asked what was happening in the scene[1] (shown below, right).

I see a tornado coming towards me, but rather than attempting to escape from it, I will walk towards it in order to rescue this dog. I am an old, frail man, and have an adopted son who is for all intents and purposes invincible and hundreds of times faster than I am, but I will not only forbid him from helping me, thus ensuring the success of this suicidal plan, but my own survival. Indeed, I will force him to watch me die right in front of him, giving him the final lesson in a message I have spent his life hammering into him: Do not even attempt to help those around you, even at no risk to yourself. Live in fear, and allow suffering to thrive all around you. If my final thought, as I am smashed to bloody pieces by flying debris, is that I have raised a son who would rather watch his father die than raise so much as a finger in his defense, then I will die a happy man, knowing that I have brought an invincible sociopath into this world, and that is my legacy. This is an excellent plan. Anonymous Sun 25 Jun 2017 15:33:57 No.84286339 Quoted By: >>84286692 >>84286737 >>84286919 >>84286972 >>84287397 >>84287996 >>84289084 >> View Reply Original Report Anyone understand this scene? I've seen the movie like a hundred times and still have no idea what it means Anonymous Sun 25 Jun 2017 15:35:03 No.84286366 Report 33KIB, 853x353. vKCOv5X.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace 4 STOP Anonymous Sun 25 Jun 2017 15:35:51 No.84286391 Report MY Anonymous Sun 25 Jun 2017 15:42:37 No.84286593 Report INVINCIBLE Anonymous Sun 25 Jun 2017 15:43:12 No.84286621 Report SON

Jonathan also gained the nickname "Pa Kent" on the board. The scene was used in multiple exploitable edits on the board in the years after the film's release.[3][4] In 2021, the meme saw a revival with the Transphobic Bathroom Guardian meme as the gesture and poses were seen as similar.[5]


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Generic Nick

The worst part is that people still defend Zack Snyder as some unparalleled direct/writer genius, while he writes films that are mile wide, inch deep edge-fest that would make an eight year old cringe at their ineptitude.


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