But Can He Beat Goku?

But Can He Beat Goku?

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But Can He Beat Goku refers to a catchphrase that has been used by some fans of the anime/manga series Dragon Ball to represent the strength of the main character Son Goku, asking if a given subject could beat him in a fight. It's also used as exploitable, for example, changing a character's dialogue to ask the question. The earliest known use of the phrase is a 2018 meme on 9GAG.


It is unknown when the phrase was first used online. The earliest recorded usage was on June 14th, 2018 by 9GAG[1] user stoney_stonface in which the user expressed their dismay at how Dragon Ball fans will often proclaim the strength of series 'main character Goku when discussing the strength of characters from other franchises.

stoney_stonface 91 points - 14 Jun 18 Any strong character: *exists* DB Fans: "BuT CaN hE BEAT GoKu?!" But rages when the character can actually beat goku. Would you guys shut up for once? So f------ what if a character is strong or not? This is Bob, he can do anything his writer says he can, and he can beat anyone from anywhere at anytime. There. Easy. Reply


On March 8th, 2021, an Average Fan vs. Average Enjoyer meme featuring the catchphrase was posted to iFunny [2] by casualfan, and garnered over 420 smiles in 2 years (shown below, left). On August 14th, 2021, Twitter[3][4] user @SupaChronicles posted a screenshot from an article stating that a St. Louis priest, Father Johnathan Samson, admitted that Goku would beat Jesus in a fight (shown below, right). The tweet received over 130 likes and 11 retweets in two years.

Average story and character development lover Average "Can he beat Goku, tho" questioner. 3 s Even Priest Has to Admit Goku Could Beat Jesus hard-drive.net f Facebook Twitter BY CAMDEN BRAZILE ON JULY 27, 2021 S Reddit T. LOUIS - Local priest Father Johnathan Samson admitted in his homily Sunday that anime character Goku could beat up Jesus, the son of God, if the two were to ever fight.

On March 27th, 2022, a meme mocking Goku fans was posted on FunnyJunk [5] by fappafappafap and received over 25 thumbs up in a year (shown below, left). On July 29th, 2022, Redditor DerekSH230307 posted a reaction image of Goku with the iconic catchphrase on r/DeathBattleMatchups[6] and garnered over 145 points in 11 months (shown below, right).

Kid: beats cancer Weebs for no reason U But can he beat Goku though!?! BUT CAN HE BEAT GOKU THO?

On October 17th, 2022, Death Battle host Boomstick referenced the meme in the "SpongeBob VS Aquaman" episode on YouTube,[7] claiming that SpongeBob SquarePants could beat Goku (shown below).

Various Examples

It's always "Can he beat Goku tho? " But never, "How is Goku?" @goatanime ultra instinct goku after bugs bunny honks his nose and hits him in the head with a mallet J@dymyyzfz377g But Can He Beat Goku Tho? [TRAP CARD ] S Use this card when someone talks about their favorite character and you don't know s--- about the anime BAZAART tali @cavareez MY MOM BEAT CANCER!!!! 16:24 15/07/2022. Twitter for iPhone 3,038 Retweets 403 Quote Tweets 73.2K Likes 22 Kushy @Kushyv2.23m Replying to @cavareez She can't beat goku tho 27 ←] FANVERSE *WEEBS TRYING TO HYPE UP A NEW ANIME* *DRAGON BALL FANS* PAR CAN IT BEAT GOKU THOUGH? Me getting kicked out of heaven for telling God he cant beat Goku LEAFLOOR2010

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Speedrun of "Can X beat Goku?"
*Superman: Yes, when at his best: Depends on the depiction, but has been depicted as being immesurable or infinite in power multiple times.
*Hulk: Situational: World Breaker can approach infintiy, but it's no guarantee that Hulk is going to start the fight that way.
*Looney Tunes characters: Situational: Their feats and limitations are insanely inconsistent; Daffy Duck legit died from gasoline explosion and is harmed by shotguns but he also ignored Planet X exploding.
*Popeye: Yes, with spinach: Popeye can eat spinach even after he dies and eating spinach revives him if he does die. With spinach, he seems to be absolutely invincible and just breaks reality with his fists. He can defragmentate any opponent with his punches, so Goku might be turned into a wig store display.
*Sun Wukong: Yes: Sun has hundreds of layers of immortality and is basically immessurable or infinite in power, so long as he's not facing literal gods or godlike characters like Buddha who have superior magic.


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