No Mercy in Mexico shock and gore video meme describing the Guerrero Flaying.

No Mercy In Mexico

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No Mercy In Mexico, alternatively known as the Guerrero Flaying, is the name of a shock and gore video uploaded to the site Documenting Reality in early 2018 that features what is purportedly a father and son tied up, tortured and then murdered by members of a Mexican cartel. The first part of the three-part viral video was shared on Twitter and TikTok in May 2022, leading to many memes, reactions and discussion posts about the video that same month.


On January 18th, 2018, Documenting Reality user capadonna uploaded three videos (each two minutes and 50 seconds long) to the website, which together created one eight-and-a-half-minute video. Comments on the main thread tout the videos as far worse than the original post, leading to speculation that an earlier form of the first video was circulating online before the January 18th posting, though unable to be found as of May 2022.

Uploaded in three separate parts, each video is described below.

The video starts off with the father and boy sitting on the ground wearing only blue jeans. The father has his mouth gag taken off, but he and the boy have their arms tied in front of them. After asking the father some questions, a member of the group begins to club the man with a large branch, causing the man to roll over onto his stomach. The beating only stops to demean the man and show the main perpetrator, who has several firearms attached to his belt and strapped across his back. They continue to beat into the man until one member of the group comes up with a knife and begins beheading him while he's still alive, causing the boy next to him to shout out and recoil in fear. The video ends with the head being thrown back on the body and the group moving towards the boy.

The second video begins a little after the conclusion of the first video, with the boy already covered in blood, either his own or the father's is unknown. His upper torso looks to have already been damaged by the group, with a member kicking him a few times before coming up to him and adding more slashes into his left arm before stabbing the blade that killed the father directly into his chest. With the barrel of a gun pointed at his head, the same member takes the blade out and proceeds to cut the left nipple off of the boy, and throws him onto the body of the father. Various members then come and hold him down at the arms and legs as the rest of his left pectoral is taken off by a knife. His heart, still beating, becomes visible through the opening in his ribcage as they peel back more of his flesh, before they jam the knife in to try and sever tendons, causing the boy to spasm. They stop for a few seconds, allowing the camera to see the boy still breathing and heart beating, before the video ends with them cutting and pulling off the entire right pectoral down to the abdomen.

The third video plays the last 35 seconds of the second video, for context in case any of them are posted out of order or apart from each other, and the members surrounding the boy start to whoop and holler as more of his upper chest flesh is pulled off his body. His ribcage and lungs are visible, and the members laugh as they sever the connection to the sternum and begin removing the boy's heart. His body finally gives out, with no more signs of life being detected about 15 seconds before the heart is finally removed and shown to the camera, still faintly. The man then delivers a warning to the camera, before the heart is placed on the body and they are arranged for a photo op.


Over the following years, the notoriety of the graphic videos spread online to other platforms, with some content creators covering them in detail. For example, the YouTube channel Plagued Moth[1] did a video about them, which he calls the "Guerrero Flaying," uploading it on April 3rd, 2021. In the clip, he goes into detail about some of the content in the videos and tries to clear up any misinformation he heard online surrounding it, earning over 1 million views in one year (shown below).

Between late 2021 and early 2022, the videos became infamous on other platforms with the first video being shared across Twitter and TikTok, primarily going viral in early May 2022 (reactions shown below, left and right). According to comments seen by those who have watched the video on TikTok, the first video of the three was the one being shared around, as the content of the other two videos is graphic enough to be mentioned if brought up in reactions and tweets about it. As of May 19th, 2022, the hashtag "#nomercyinmexico" accumulated over 6.3 million views on TikTok.[2]

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[1] YouTube – Plagued Moth

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