Dommy Mommy slang term depicting an image of Bayonetta.

Dommy Mommy

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Dommy Mommy is a slang term used for an older, aggressive, dominating female who either has motherly tendencies or is mother-coded. Dommy Mommy has been an increasing archetype found in gaming and anime, with recent examples of characters such as Lady Dimitrescu and Makima becoming popularized shortly after their release into pop culture.


Dommy Mommy was originally meant as a term within the BDSM community, with it specifically referring to a dominatrix that would either specialize in treating their sub like a child or would literally be involved in infantilism-play — a straight offshoot of diaper-play in which the participant would act like a child while being berated.

An early example of this existing prior to the internet is found in the post by retired Dominatrix @MistrexxMorgan,[1] who tweeted on March 7th, 2010, about a Dommy Mommy seminar that talked about adult babies, bluntly stating that it wasn't for her (shown below).

Mistrexx Morgan @MistrexxMorgan the least appealing aspect of the Dom world to me so far has been Adult Babies. Attended a Dommy Mommy seminar this week - so NOT for me. 3:06 AM - Mar 7, 2010 ...

Dommy Mommy continued to be used in this specific niche case when referring only to the BDSM act until roughly 2019 when it started to be used as a descriptor for women known as Yandere. On September 5th, 2019, Urban Dictionary user Amumu__[2] uploaded the modern interpretation of the definition, being a dominant but caring girlfriend, earning over 370 likes in four years (shown below).

Dommy Mommy f A dominant but caring girlfriend or lover, will whip your ass but kiss it to make the boo boos go away. Guy 1: Dude my gf stepped all over me yesterday! Guy 2: Did she change your diapers though? Guy 1: Yeah! Guy 2: Damn, what a dommy mommy. by Amumu___ September 5, 2019


This archetype saw a notable increase in its prominence with the announcement of Resident Evil Village and the reveal trailer for Lady Dimitrescu, who was first called "Tall Vampire Lady" before being officially named. For example, X user @DaveOshry[3] accurately summed up the feelings of many online after the character's reveal with his post on January 14th, 2021, simply stating "Big Mommi Evil" in his caption for an upload of Lady Dimitrescu that received over 500 likes in roughly two years (shown below).

Oshry 2020 NG+ 000 DUSS @DaveOshry Big Mommi Evil 8:31 PM · Jan 14, 2021 · Twitter Web App

On December 1st, 2020, Redditor antonno69[4] uploaded an image of a kebab to the subreddit /r/Memes as a variation of Repost if X or Y with the caption saying to post if you want to "get dominated by a goth dommy mommy girl or if you like kebab," earning over 5,000 upvotes in eight months (shown below).

post this if you wanna get dominated by a goth dommy mommy girl or if you like kebab

Various Examples

WHICH MOD IS THE GOTH DOMMY MOMMY ONE dreamstime. I BELIEVE SHE WOULD BE A COMPATIBLE MATE FOR ME made with mematic Introvert me The waiter My Gf telling him he messed up the order 10 I hate Auths trying to tell me what to do.. Honey, it's time for your spanking! OMG! Dommy mommy! AT FIRST U WASALL LIKE MMM A JOKE Mommy i AS dommy BUT BRO. I DONT THINK ITS A JOKE ANYMO RE

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