KnowYourMeme's AdBlock Pop-Up

KnowYourMeme's AdBlock Pop-Up

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KnowYourMeme's AdBlock Pop-Up is a pop-up shown to users of KnowYourMeme who use AdBlock. Since its inception on August 15th, 2017, the pop-up garnered massive backlash from the userbase, who made edits of the image in retaliation. As a result it no longer shows up upon every refresh [citation needed].


On August 15th, 2017, the website KnowYourMeme updated to include the pop-up shown below. The pop-up has been hated on for numerous reasons, because it appeared every time a new page is opened/refreshed (this was changed a few days later to just appearing once)[1], but mainly because KnowYourMeme has a negative reputation among the community for containing ads that, at best, cause lag, and at worst, install malware. After the addition, Staff member Brad posted a thread about the popup on the site's maintenance forums[2]. The post has since become the most disliked forum post on KnowYourMeme, reaching over -200 karma in the span of a day.


The first edit of the pop-up was posted on the forum one hour after Brad's original post by user Triangle Mare [3]. It has earned over 70 karma in one day (Shown below, left). The second was posted by user Tyranid Warrior five hours after the original post. It has gotten over 20 karma a day later (shown below, right). After this, more edits were made under the KnowYourMeme page gallery.



Various Examples

DELET THIS an instructional guide MEME 1) get "uBlock origin" for free in the Chrome webstore (make sure it's uBlock origin, this is important) 2) go to uBlock ->settings -> my filters 3) paste the following and apply (pastebin link in desc.): # #.current. blocker.jquery-modal ##.blocker #div.jquery-modal.blocker.current $important # #div.hide # #div #abm.modal auto limportant; position: initial important;) #.current.blocker.jquery-modal 4) ??? 5) profit (or lack thereof, if you're a certain meme site trying to force ads down its users throats) credit: some 4chinner in the thread about this on the forums im too lazy to check MEME MEME RMEME MEME aME SOME DANK MEMES WHEN YOUR MEME SITE s ADS ARE DANGEROUS BUT YOU ONLY ASK FOR A ,, WHITELIST BY A PETTY GHOST MEME If you see this among the trending images MEME you had been visit by the real ghost of Know Your Meme The ghost will bless you if you ignore that fake white ghost of a blocked ad IF YOU SEE THIS IMAGE WHILE MINDING YOU'RE OWN BUSINESS MEME YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE PETTY POPUP OF A DISCONNECTED SITE THE POPUP WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE, BUT ONLY IF YOU ALLOW MALICIOUS ADS TO PLAY Whitelist Us! Oh man, it has been way too long since l last browsed KYM, I wonder how it's been? No memes for you LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOL What the f--- WHAT THE F--- 2

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