Don't Say the N Word

Don't Say the N Word

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Don't Say the N Word, X Stops Racism, or X Says the N Word refers to a series of ear rape parody dubs in which at least one person in the dub says or plans to say the n word, resulting in someone getting killed or injured.


The meme began in the autumn of 2018 on iFunny with the user Vulpesio creating dubs of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy that feature a racist and red-pilled variation of the Gamer Joker.. These inspired other iFunny users to make similar dubs of the Joker in Batman media, and, eventually, users outside of iFunny to make their dubs of non-Batman content in the same vein as the originals.

On October 8th, 2018, Vulpesio released a dub of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008) ranting against minorities.

In the video, the Joker is cut off from saying the n word. The Joker saying or wanting to say this word would become a reoccurring trend in what became a series of 10 dubs of the Dark Knight by Vulpesio, all in which the Joker was depicted as the Gamer Joker persona with added racist undertones. While moderators have since removed all of them from iFunny, they are still available on YouTube in a playlist.[1]


Other iFunny users then started making their own dubs of Batman movies and TV shows in which the Joker was portrayed as the gamer-racist established by Vulpesio. Later on, other iFunny users began making dubs of non-Batman content that featured a stand in for the Joker, who, despite being different, acted out the same meme persona. Although many of these were also removed from iFunny by the moderators due to being overly political and featuring the n word, some can be found reuploaded on YouTube (examples shown below).

The Penguins of Madagascar Stop Racism/The N Word Pass

On October 16th, inspired by these iFunny videos, the Instagramer nass_is_secretly_a_pikmin posted a video that also features over-amplified dubbing and the n word. Unlike the others, this appears to be the first that didn't attempt to portray far right internet communities.

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After it received over 150,000 views, Nass would post 4 more videos that acted as installments in the plot. The complete story, made from the posts, can be seen on YouTube[2]

The series was very popular on Instagram, spawning many original dubs like it, and dubs that remixed its audio both on Instagram and other social media sites. On November 11th, 2018, PewDiePie included the video in his weekly Meme Review.

Besides catapulting it to far greater popularity, the most important thing that these videos did to help the meme as a whole was the "n word pass". Throughout the series, it is established that entities which aren't black humans can not say the n word without causing an explosion around themselves. At the end, Barack Obama gave Skipper "the n word pass" to allow him to say the n word without causing an explosion. Once people began making their own videos, inspired by the series, memes started appearing in which people would refer to the n word pass, sometimes called the n pass, and a pardon from Barack Obama as things that would prevent said explosions.


On November 5th, 2018, the song "I’m Gonna Say the n Word "was released by the user DA3GENTLEMAN on the website Anghami. On November 6th, the song was published to the channel Various Artists – Topic by the YouTube algorithm.

On November 14th, YouTuber Potatofarm71 released the song "Please Don't Say the N Word" in his album "FRICK.", a series of rap parodies. It samples Megalovania .

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