Freckled Zelda Controversy / Freckled Zelda Screenshots.

Freckled Zelda Controversy

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The Freckled Zelda Controversy and Freckled Zelda Screenshots refers to a series of allegations levied against TikToker and influencer Freckled Zelda (aka Rachel Wilson) that accused her of alleged grooming, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and stealing her ex's artwork. The accusations were levied by a YouTuber and TikToker named Maddy Maddy (@ilovebogmummies) who (along with a person named Ami) leaked screenshots from a group chat in which Freckled Zelda was purportedly sending inappropriate messages to a 15-year-old. The controversy surfaced in early 2024. Eventually, Freckled Zelda responded to the allegations and denied them, alleging that Maddy fabricated their evidence. For instance, Freckled Zelda showed that the two blurred photos (said to be Freckled Zelda's nudes) were just cosplay photos that Maddy misrepresented.


On March 5th, 2024, YouTuber[1] Maddy Maddy posted a roughly five-minute-long video called "Why freckled Zelda is a bad person" in which they included multiple screenshots that accused Freckled Zelda of grooming, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and stealing her ex's artwork. Over three weeks, the video received over 87,100 views (shown below).

In summary, Maddy Maddy's allegations and the screenshots they shared included:

  • Freckled Zelda liked seemingly Islamaphobic and anti-LGBTQ+ comments on her Instagram Reels (shown below, top left).
  • Freckled Zelda posted seemingly ableist TikTok comments that tagged her disabled friend Ami[2] (shown below, top center).
  • Freckled Zelda was allegedly anti-vax and, according to Maddy, put Ami at risk of getting COVID (no screenshot).
  • Freckled Zelda allegedly stole artwork from their ex and was purportedly transphobic towards them by misgendering them (shown below, top right).
  • Freckled Zelda allegedly became a fan of Kanye West around the same time that his antisemitism started (show below, bottom left).
  • Freckled Zelda supposedly said racist comments about Black people in person to Maddy Maddy (no screenshot).
  • Freckled Zelda purportedly sent nude photos to a group chat with a 15-year-old member (shown below, bottom center).
  • Freckled Zelda allegedly sent raunchy and inappropriate comments to said 15-year-old (shown below, bottom right).

Reminder that Ⓡ/ the freckledzelda is not a good 1:58 Discord person There will be Christian boy at the party This was under the video she made that got traction Comments the cheeziest weirdo 5w Uhhh I have a genuine question...does anyone know if she supports lgbtq? I just 44 wanna make sure this is a safe queer place!!! Reply Reposting unmei_no_yasha 6w-by author Naaaaah W Zelda WE CRUSADE AS WE CONQUER HYRULE 1,707 Reply thefreckledzelda w-by author @unmei_no_yasha HYRULE CRUSADERS Reply 316 yzzialleb 5w by author @the_cheeziest weirdo I'm not sure but I wanna jus point out that ppl don't have to support lgbt to be nice/respect other human beings (not directed towards u but it was jus a thought & not ment to sound rude either so pls don't take it that way) it's like not liking someome but that doesn't mean u have to be mean to them yk like if they ask for advice I'd give advice no matter how I feel towrds them or live I'd etill haln tham with what Add a comment 11:32 675 thank you for habang as necantable. Inshaarkda pragons had to gend eated.soap.whoops 2w Y'all are so quick to be like "Y'ALL SHE ISN'T FORCING ANYTHING but someone commented about being a Muslim and she replied with "Jesus is the only god"??? HELLO??? Reply View 4 previous replies thefreckledzelda 1w @eated.soap.whoops Jesus is the one and only God Reply 20 73 A Search Freckled Zelda The Dark Side of L----- Fashion 360 comments ☑ View 2 replies ✓ crazy_bitch106 "At least I can walk" I'm sorry no hate. I just thought it was funny 2-19 Reply thefreckledzelda ⚫ Friends @Ami 2-19 Reply ghostaxo 1 First thing, I do grab the wheelchair and put her down the steps 2-18 Reply thefreckledzelda ⚫ Friends 奖奖奖@Ami TikTok @boggmummy thefreckledzelda ✪ 14h WILL NEVER GET OVER HOW AWESOME THIS LOOKS If you can't get over it, why don't you credit me??(the one who drew it) TikTok @boggmumm thefreckledzelda ✪ 18m | Kanye West · | Wonder > H WHAT DESIGN LOOKS BETTER? Top? Also, why are you ploading this as if you designed it Legit just slapped th png over different backgrounds Ժ TikTok @boggmummy ← cemetery turkey +Freckled Zelda + I agree Ami Zelda ur so thirsty + Freckled Zelda + Basil misses u honey V Jan 25 2023 0:00 TikTok @boggmummy 11:48 + Freckled Zelda + 56 weeks ago 11:45 PM The blue is the 6th inch, think you can make it all the way there babe O Message... You replied ل TikTok @boggmummy

Online Reactions

After Maddy Maddy posted their YouTube video, reactions to the allegations surfaced en masse on TikTok and elsewhere. For instance, on March 21st, 2024, TikToker[3] @dorkofserotonin posted a video in which he added to the speculation, stating that he got "predatory" vibes from Freckled Zelda, gaining over 599,900 plays and 26,500 likes in 11 days (shown below, left).

On March 24th, TikToker[4] @habavamo posted a video that made light of the allegations by using the "It wasn't for touching kids, was it?" sound, receiving over 1.1 million plays and 204,600 likes in eight days (shown below, right).

@dorkofserotonin Thank you to the commenter that tagged Mica in the comments i learned a lot today #fyp #foryourpage #fypシ #hethey #tiktok #lgbt🌈 #trending #exchristian #christiantiktok #queer #transphobia #homophobia ♬ original sound – Tezz🏳️‍⚧️🍉

@habavamo #foryou #fyp #foryourpage #fypシ #foryoupage #freckledzelda ♬ original sound – llamaguy2099


"God Is Good, Cancel Culture Is Not" Video

On March 19th, 2024, Freckled Zelda posted a TikTok[5] video that had text reading, "God is good 💖 cancel culture is not," receiving over 3.4 million plays and 168,000 likes in 13 days (shown below, left).

Many people interpreted the video as a response to the allegations, such as TikToker[6] @unhingedlittledollie on March 28th, who stitched Freckled Zelda, humorously accusing her of being a predator, receiving over 1.3 million plays and 290,400 likes in four days (shown below, right).

@thefreckledzelda 🌷I am a Child of God🧚🏻‍♀️🍓 Inspiration: @MHH_TINASIA @🌻𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐟𝐲 #freckledzelda #freckled #zelda ♬ spirit lead me where my trust is without borders – Raspo

@unhingedlittledollie #stitch with @✞ Freckled Zelda ✞ So close queen! | follow my insta @sodappokiii my alt: @totallynotsodaa #09 #15 #im15 #kawaiifashion #kawaiikei #kawaii #yumekawaii #fairykei #kawaii #kawaiicore #kawaiicore🐾🏩 #kawaiicore🏩🍼 #cutecore #cutecore🧁🍰🎀 #cutecore🧸🍭🧁 #🎀🐰 #🧁⭐️ #🎀 #fashion #cute #kawaii #blackgyaru #blackgal #kogalgyaru #gyarufashion #gyaru #babygyaru #dolliemakeup #dollie #dolly #babygyarutok #🍰🍓 #🍮🐇🎀🎧 #🎀🦴🍮🐾 #sanrio #gyarupeace #himegal #himegyaru #himegyarufashion #gyarugal #blackhimegal #🐾🍼 #🍼🧁 #🐾🎀 ♬ spirit lead me where my trust is without borders – Raspo

Freckled Zelda's Response

On March 31st, 2024, Freckled Zelda posted a roughly six-minute video to TikTok[7] in which she formerly addressed the allegations. In one day, the video received roughly 1.1 million plays and 132,000 likes (shown below).


my public defense freckled zelda

♬ Kingdom Fall – Freckled Zelda

Freckled Zelda aimed to debunk Maddy Maddy's accusations and provided some of her own screenshots. In summary, she claimed:

  • Freckled Zelda's "nudes" were allegedly fabricated by Maddy Maddy who blurred two photos of Freckled Zelda in a "bunny cosplay" outfit to make them appear lewd (shown below, left).
  • Freckled Zelda claimed that she didn't make the group chat with the 15-year-old and claimed that she was not friends with said 15-year-old (no screenshot).
  • Freckled Zelda claimed to have never messaged the 15-year-old privately, providing a screenshot of comments shared on Maddy Maddy's YouTube video (shown below, top right).
  • Freckled Zelda claimed to have bought the artwork for $50 from her ex in 2022, giving her the right to use it thereafter (shown below, bottom left).
  • Freckled Zelda claimed to not be racist towards people of color, using her friendship with her "best friend and workout partner" Josh as proof (no screenshot).
  • Freckled Zelda denied being a Zionist, claiming to not know about actress Tara Strong's Zionist beliefs (no screenshot).
  • Freckled Zelda denied being ableist, using her childhood best friend as evidence, also using photos of herself when she was younger when she was disabled and had to use crutches (shown below, bottom right).
  • Freckled Zelda denied being homophobic and transphobic (no screenshot).
  • Freckled Zelda denied being Islamaphobic (no screenshot).

You now 11:48 Flora V 58 weeks ago You now × 11:48 Flora 58 weeks ago < Replies @MVPSpecialToMe ⚫ 3d ago Where is the proof of the 15 y/o girl. Cause there isn't actual proof that who she sent the message to was 15. And how do you know one of the people in the gc was 15. M @MaddyMaddy-kb2wz.2d ago @MVPSpecialToMe because I was in the group chat and I know the 15 year old personally 凸5 @MVPSpecialToMe. 2d ago @MaddyMaddy-kb2wz but there isn't any evidence, anyone can say that C Х ☑ The picture Inbox GE Gage Evans Nov 21 Money sent -$50 JO Gage Evans Dec 27, 2022 to Freckledzelda 11 OJO JOJO JO JOJO JO OTO JO JOJO JOJO JO JOJO 銀獎

Online Reactions

Freckled Zelda's response gained numerous reactions, such as a video posted by TikToker[7] @dorkofserotonin on March 31st, 2024, (that followed up on his original TikTok[3]) in which he said that the grooming allegations were now less believable, however, he was still skeptical of Freckled Zelda's response to being racist in which she used her friendship with Josh. @dorkofserotonin's video received over 181,200 plays and 11,700 likes in a day (shown below, left).

Also on March 31st, TikToker[8] @lilkkka3141 posted a humorous reaction that showed support for Freckled Zelda, gaining over 267,900 plays and 34,900 likes in a day (shown below, right).

@dorkofserotonin Well thats something! #fyp #foryourpage #fypシ #hethey #tiktok #lgbt🌈 #exreligious #exchristian #christiantiktok #trending #transphobia #homophobia #controversy ♬ original sound – Tezz🏳️‍⚧️🍉

@lilkkka3141 like bfr #freckledzelda ♬ Jax X Pomni Song (The Amazing Digital Circus) – BENJIxScarlett

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