Indonesian Reporting Commission Facebook Takedowns

Indonesian Reporting Commission Facebook Takedowns

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The Indonesian Reporting Commission Facebook Takedowns refers to a Facebook community controversy between the group Indonesian Reporting Commission (IReC) and a number of other Facebook pages in mid-May 2019. The IReC page is rumored to have issued various takedowns of other Facebook pages, starting with the meme page Crossovers Nobody Asked For (CNAF). In response to the takedowns, often referred to as zuccing, members of targeted pages subsequently engaged in mass reporting of the Indonesia Reporting Commission, while others either set their groups from closed to secret. Additionally, rumors began circulating that the admin of IReC was doxed in reaction to the events and assaulted, although this has yet to be confirmed.


Crossovers Nobody Asked For (CNAF) Facebook group was a page known for featuring memes commenting on a wide variety of cultural topics. Prior to its removal, it had accumulated nearly 500,000 members. On May 13th, 2019, CNAF was removed from the platform, causing a backlash among members of the group who created the page "CNAF Season 2," which was removed the following day. Former CNAF members subsequently began speculating that the IReC page was responsible for the takedowns.

Crossovers nobody asked for for> Public group PUBLIC GROUP 448KN About Discussion Announcements НЕ Members Events Videos Photos Group Insights JoinedNotifications Share More Moderate Group Group Quality Group Has Been Disabled Because Crossovers nobody asked for has content that goes against our Community Standards on fraud and spam, it's been disabled. Using a Search this group misleading or inaccurate information to artificially collect likes, followers, or shares is not allowed. Contacting people for commercial purposes without their Shortcuts consent is also not allowed. Crossovers nobody ask..

IReC was rumored to have posted a screenshot mocking the removal of the CNAF and Nonsense Meme pages, though the IReC page has since been unpublished following the massive backlash.

Notable Developments

Meme Group Responses

Similar Facebook groups decided to set their group privacy from "closed" to "secret" to prevent additional takedowns, including the Marvel Shieldposting group and other meme pages (shown below).

Solidarity with CNAF

Meme groups that have not been taken down have stood in solidarity with CNAF and pledge to resist IReC, including members of now defunct Top Tier Sad Memes and Tom and Jerry Cheeseposting. Members of the Indonesian community have also responded with criticism of IReC.

Nagisa Korosekai l Crossovers 癖" nobody asked for New Member Yesterday I as one of Indonesian people, grieve for both groups (CNAF and NSM) If you know, not a few of us hating IReC because the fp was report both groups. This is not the first time they have done something like this I hope this group will grow up like a previouse original group. Hating and Reporting IReC Indonesian People Non Sense Meme CNAF member Dİİ You and 45 others 15 Comments | Share member Like Comment Share Yohanes Bonatua Sidabalok malu maluin banget irec Sumpah Like Reply 1d -6, Muhammad Ammar Abu Bakar replied Write a comment... Eric Mazzocca Crossovers nobody asked for New Member Follow 22 hrs Photos from Eric Mazzocca's post in sovers nobody asked f Cross or CROSSOVERS NOBODYASKED FOR Coming from Village Hidden in the Memes the whole crossovers nobody asked for getting zucc'd news came through.. Will stand beside you. Here is my contribution O You and 13 others 3 Comments LikeComment Share Matt Mattson the Memes Welcome Village Hidden in Like Reply 22h Eric Mazzocca replied 1 Reply Andrew Cordero don't worry.. .they're evervone enemv right now Like Comment Share Tag Photo Options Send in Messenger Write a comment.. ya kan dibahas di semua page bahkan page sh*tpost love live ikut ngebahas A Love Live Page That You Probably Won't Even Notice SUKAI HALAMAN Again 6 jam Today, we lost the biggest and best shitposting group on fb, "Crossovers Nobody Asked For." While I don't typically condone the principle behind mass reporting... this is an exception. FYI these assholes blocked their page for other countries so you might have to use a vpn to find them. Pls join the shitposting crusade. Thank. ~Xugoi rossovers Indonesian Reporting Commission Nobody Asked For e United Front of Shitposting... United Front of Shitposting Internationale 13 jam PRESS F FOR #NonSenseMeme You have made a big mistake Indonesian Reporting Commission owned by Muhammad Salim (FURRY Profile Photo Account) Once again you have made the Indonesian name tarnished in front of the international world because of your selfishness and ignorance, remember you (Muhammad Salim) are just anti-social people who want looking for fame but what you did is wrong!! you embarrass this country Kau telah membuat kesalahan besar Indonesian Reporting Commission yang dimiliki oleh Muhammad Salim (Akun Foto Profil FURRY) Sekali lagi kau telah membuat nama Indonesia tercoreng di depan dunia internasional karena keegoisan dan sifat bodohmu itu, ingatlah kau (Muhammad Salim) O Tulis komentar GIF) ( Panti Gulag 2jam . 0 Gulag memanggil anda untuk melawan para fasis irec saat ini. siapkan tombol report anda dan lawan lah mereka. URAAA URAAAA.URAAAAAAA Ras'putin potret perawanan alianihitoer meawan lrec dalam pertemuran okinana v20 bervarna 2019 hard feeling or Acc mhanx JJBA Kppa lo report

Fake Accounts

After IReC was unpublished, many members of the Facebook community have pointed out multiple accounts and groups that are involved with the banning of meme groups. However, many of the other members have also pointed out that these accounts happen to be either fake or duplicates and are meant to incite paranoia and distrust.

Identification of the Admin

Rumors that the Indonesian resident Muhammad Salim had been identified as the admin of the page began circulating online, along with his alleged name, address, phone number and voter registration information. Other rumors circulated that an Indonesian group had beaten Salim in real life, leading him to delete all of his social media accounts.

The Indonesian group Teman-teman Bulu Burung (Feather Friends) announced that Salim would later release an official statement regarding the Facebook drama (shown below).

Is it interesting about why Salim is now separated Yesterday, the Teman-teman Bulu Burung May 14 at 7:43 PM- Well, I see a lot of drama going on One interesting thing about this Indonesian because of these case is Selamat pagi rekan TTBB sekalian... Commission (IReC)two cases. Where Muhammad Salim from the page that has been Kemarin, Indonesian Reporting Commission (IReC) berhasil succeeded in this further proves (the person we have known asattached to him? Are there internal menghanguskan (lagi?) dua grup luar negeri, vaitu Non Sense Memes dan scorching (again?) my previous posts Two foreign groups, namely that they have Non Sense Memes absolutely no Crossover nobody asked for. Ini tentu saja ditentang banyak warganet kita sampai saya sedang menulis ini, terpantau ada empat ribu komentar secara keseluruhan di kedua postingan laporan mengenai "penghangusan" NSM about IReC is true the owner of IReC) conflicts in the who revealed that ranks of the IReC he was no Tonger management, or is this just Salim's dan Crossover and Crossover clarity about ec, an Well, saya melihat akan banyak sekali drama yang terjadi karena dua kasus obody asked for. which pages/with that maneuver to This is of course groups are worth clarification post he also wanted to ini. Di mana ini semakin membuktikan postingan saya sebelumnya opposed by many reporting or not. of our citizens, until I was writing report a page / this, it was wash vour mengenai IReC itu benar bahwa mereka sama sekali tidak punya kejelasan mengenai halaman/grup mana yang pantas dilaporkan atau tidak. Mereka terkesan hanya melaporkan sebuah halaman/grup "seenak jidat" hands"? hey seem to only tell the world that he was not a two We'll just see group "as good as group reporter Satu hal yang menarik dari kasus ini adalah Muhammad Salim (orang yang what drama will observed that forehead. selama ini kita kenal sebagai pemilik IReC) yang membeberkan kalau dia sudah tidak menjadi bagian dari IReC lagi, dan dengan postingan klarifikasi itu juga ia ingin mengatakan pada dunia bahwa dia bukanlah pelapor dua grup tersebut. happen here, this there were four drama isn't 24 thousand comments in total hours, how come in both of the Ini menarik tentang kenapa Salim sekarang berpisah dari halaman yang report posts on selama ini sudah melekat dengan dirinya? Apa ada konflik internal dalam jajaran pengurus IReC, atau ini hanya manuver Salim untuk "mencuci tangan"? "scorching" NSM and Crossover Kita lihat saja drama apalagi yang akan terjadi di sini, drama ini belum 24 -Teaar Teman-teman Bulu Burung Muhammad Salim Actor Report? Another additional proof is when a Warganet finds the same reporting log that IReC sent irn The drama about the warming of Non Sense a comment on Salim's Pastebin account. In the Memes and Crossover nobody asked for by the Indonesian Reporting Commi went hotter thanks to the clarification made Muhammad Salim Pelaku Report? screenshot, a log report of the Crossover Drama mengenai penghangusan Non Sense Memes dan Crossover nobody THE WILLOWWHISKER account as the owner panas berkat klarifikasi yang dilakukan oleh Muhammad Salim, orang yang Klarifikasi dari Muhammad Salim membuat klarifikasi a sekarang dia bukan lagi pemilik dari halaman The clarification of Muhammad Salim is IReC dan sudah pasti bukan dia pelaku penghangusan NSM dan CNAF. [1] clarification of heat. This morning, he made a t he was no longer the owner of the IReC page and he was certainly not the perpetrator of the NSM and CNAF scorching. This evide evidence to prove whether Salim's clarification is true or just to wash hands of all Ucapan Salim tersebut sekilas bisa dibilang benar, karena dalam dua postingan laporan IReC tentang penghangusan NSM dan CNAF terlihat the attacks that were directed at him today bahwa bahasa yang digunakan tidak seperti gaya bahasa yang biasa digunakan Salim. Gaya bahasa yang dipakai halaman IReC di sana terlihat lebih kasar daripada gaya bahasa Salim. Jika dilihat dari gaya bahasanya Regarding this, the TTBB cannot comment use in two IReC report posts on e scorching of NSM and CNAF it appears that the language used is not like the style of Sense Meme mengapa dia melaporkan beberapa halaman/grup yang di dalamnya or not considering this is still a "h All we can do now is just look and wait for awalnya, klarifikasi ini membuat orang-orang yang melihatny menaruh simpati padanya, termasuk saya dan Ema. Berkat itu kami badi bahwa TTBB Ssi lim membersi ng pelaporan sebenarny erta balasan darinya sampai sekarang sa ws W entang klarifikasi Muhamma sa pages / groups in which there ar considering he wa ngkat klarifikasi elah and seems to regret it because of his defeat postingan saya sebelumnya mengenai ini ditayangkan, tapi ada satu dan lain hal yang membuat saya harus menunda tulisan ini dan boom! Say menemukan beber ukti lain bahwa klarifikas saw him symp im is W t klarifikasinya hanya upaya cuci tan beberapa bukti l bersebera alam komentan mendapati komentar oleh rt rti seperti bias Juga postin seperti ukti kalau klarifikasi cuci tangan semata [ mn i postingan terbaru kembali menggunakan gaya bahasa seperti biasanya (apalagi di postingan mereka soal pelaporan CNAF, d seorang warganet menemu ng dikirimkan IReC di komentar di akun THE WILLOWWHISKER sebagai rossove Salim di beberapa akun Facebook-n ampakn rt paka ntuk cuci tangan dari d comme serangan yang tertuju padanya hari ini l ini, TTBB tidak bisa berkomentar lebih banyak apakah Salim kah yang "menghanguskan" Non Sense Memes dan Crossov ked for atau bu ng bisa kita lakukan merely hanawashing is is interesting bermuncul se how ca Jika memang bukan dia pelakunya, tentu TTBB siap membantu untuk amanya. Namun jika dia dan klarifikasinya bohong, dia posts again use the usual language style (especially in their posting about CNAF reporting, he typed in capital letters tentu sudah tahu apa yang akan diterimanya, mengingat dia pernah berhadapan dengan TTBB dan sepertinya menyesali itu karena Satu hal yang jelas di sini adalah saya yakin Muhammad Salim sedang risau sekarang "Klarifikasi Muhamma ] "Pelaporan Non Sense Memes" /ms.c.eJwFWYENA.../181902346063687/ [3] "Postingan terbaru IReC /a. 1195408222998.../182154402705148/ [4] "Screenshot Pastebin" ....57810.../FB_IMG_1557901936657.jpg Good night, fellow TTBB.. Teman-teman Bulu Burung 19 hrs S The IReC case is already too wild with various speculations that exist, especially regarding Muhammad Salim himself. All parties appointed Salim as the main actor, because as we Selamat malam rekan TTBB sekalian... Kasus IRec ini sudah terlampau liar dengan pelbagai spekulasi yang ada, terlebih mengenai Muhammad Salimnya sendiri. Semua pihak menunjuk Salim sebagai pelaku utama, karena seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa IReC sudah melekat dengan Salim dan sulit untuk melepaskan keterkaitan itu know that IReC was attached to Salim and it was difficult to let go of that link even though he had declared "retired" from the reporting world walau dia sudah menyatakan "pensiun" dan dunia pe-report-an Actually, there is no evidence that can prove 100% Salim guilty of this report, but Indonesian or foreign citizens have been emotionally affected by IReC's actions, so they believe Sebenarnya, belum ada bukti yang bisa membuktikan 100% Salim bersalah atas pelaporan ini, namun warganet Indonesia ataupun luar negeri sudah kadung emosi dengan tindakan IReC sehingga vakin mengecap Salimm that Salim is the main actor sebagai pelaku utama The terrible thing about this case is how warganet's tantrum caused not only its social media account to be targeted, but also the people who targeted it in the real world. Yes, from some info that I got, people who happened to be in the domicile city of Salim were looking for their whereabouts so they could meet in person, there were also rumors saying an Australian offered $ 300 to anyone who discovered Yang mengerikan dari kasus ini adalah bagaimana amukan warganet menyebabkan bukan hanya akun sosial medianya saja yang sedang diincar, melainkan orang-orang juga mengincarnya di dunia nyata. Ya, dari beberapa info yang saya dapat, orang-orang yang kebetulan di kota domisili Salim sedang mencari keberadaannya agar bisa bertemu secara langsung, juga ada kabar burung yang mengatakan seorang Australia menawarkan $300 bagi siapapun yang menemukan Muhammad Salim. Muhammad Salim Tindakan yang dilakukan Salim di masa lampau memang menjijikan melaporkan tanpa alasan atau kriteria jelas tentang apa saja halaman yang akan dia laporkan atau tidak dilaporkan, itu menjijikan. Namun, dengan mencarinya secara "barbar" di dunia nyata dan bahkan menghajar dia The actions taken by Salim in the past were indeed disgusting, reporting without any clear reason or criteria about what pages he would report or not reporting, it was karenan apa bedanya nya (sebelum dia keluar)? ngan IReC- ng dilakukan im dis However, by looking for it "barbaric" in the real sgu world and even beating him because of it, what's the difference from what Salim did here with his IReC (before he eft)? Kasus ini membuka mata kita tentang bagaimana sebagian besar masyarakat yang masih belum bisa memahami kalimat "praduga tak bersalah" secara utuh. Selama belum ada bukti 100% dia bersalah, maka selama itu dia tidak bisa dinyatakan bersalah This case ur eyes to how most people who still op hr Walau memang agak jan melakukan, kenapa dia tidak membantu orang-orang dengan menyebarkan nama yang menghanguskan NSM dan CNAF? Namun itu bukanlah sebuahso long as he cannot be found guilty engan pertanyaan jika bukan Salim yang rs pr ce". As long as there is no proof of 100% he is guilty, bukti untuk menvatakan Salim bersalah Even though it was a bit odd with the question if it wasn't Salim who did it, why didn't he help the people by spreading the names that burned the NSM and CNAF? But that is not Saya bukan membela Salim, hanya saja saya muak dengan bagaimana orang-orang menghakimi Salim tanpa bukti yang konkret. Hanya hakimi dia jika sudah ada bukti yang 100% membuktikan kalau dia salah, dan jangan berlaku sama seperti dia proof to say Salim is guilty -Tegar l am not defending Salim, it's just that I'm sick of how people judge Salim without concrete evidence Only judge him if there is evidence that 100% proves that he is wrong, and do not act the same as him Teman-teman Bulu Burung Pengumuman Kami sudah berbicara dengan seorang mediator yang menghubungkan kami dengan Muhammad Salim. Dia bilang dia akan memberikan klarifikasi berupa surat bertandatangan di atas materai beserta sebuah video klarifikasi yang akan diterbitkan melalui halaman Teman-teman Bulu Burung ini. Berarti dengan ini kami minta semua warganet yang mengikuti kasus ini tetap tenang dan menunggu sampai klarifikasinya diterbitkan Karena dia sudah siap mengklarifikasi semua, kami minta segala kegiatan pencarian terlebih persekusi terhadap Muhammad Salim dihentikan. Terima kasih - Teman-teman Bulu Burung ANNOUNCEMENT We already contacted by Salim's mediator who wanted to clear all of this drama He said that he will give us official statement from Salim, an official letter and clarification video, and we will post those in this page With this announcement, we want everyone who followed this case keep calm and collected, and wait for those official statements Because Salim finally ready to clear all of this mess, we want everyone to stop persecution attempt to Muhammad Salim. [Keep this condition still calm and collected. This is Ramadanl Thank you - Feather Friends

Salim's Apology

On May 16th, 2019, the Teman-teman Bulu Burung page published a translated version of an apology letter allegedly written by Salim:

Teman-teman Bulu Burung 2 hrs S Good night, everyone As promise, It's time for us to translate the official letter from Salim. But first, let me give quick rundown. The letteґs format is quite bad, and even there is typo in the date. I have nothing to say, because we only retrieve that letter, and we recognize that typo not-so-long-ago Let us begin Tangsel [South Tangerang], 16 September [sic!] 2019 0 Every victim of IRec wrongdoings With this letter, We [] who make this letter Name Muhammad Salim as leader [and founder] of IReC, and with this letter, I apologize to everyone who become victim [of us] in time IReC's still become a page My reason for that wrongdoing was to delete or destroyed everything negative in Facebook, like, SARA [religious offensive jokes], hoax, and others, who break Facebook rules Also, our motive to attack non-Indonesian group, like NSM and CNA, because [I found] Some hate-speech or religious offensive jokes I'm deeply sorry for what happened to everyone, and to our wrongdoings. I, as leader of IReC, will stop IRec's operation, and we will take responsibility for everything happened Muhammad Salim Saya melihat, melalui surat ini, memang masih memiliki masalah. Kita tak dapat menampik hal tersebut. Saya harus akui, rekan-rekan tidak puas dengan klarifikasi ini. Saya memaklumi hal tersebut. Satu hal yang ingin Saya ingatkan, persekusi juga tidak akan menyelesaikan apapun. MS salah, sudah tentu. Butuh waktu bagi dia untuk menyadari kesalahannya. Seperti rekan Jenkins yang membuhkan waktu untuk menerbitkan klarifikasi dan menyadari ada yang salah dengan postingannya Kami tidak akan menampik fakta bahwa MS menghanguskan NSM dan CNAF. Jika kami memang "white knight" seperti yang dituduhkan, kami akan menolak fakta tersebut habis-habisar Kami sadar ia salah. Kami salah, karena turn dan memutuskan untuk ikut menenangkan situasi. Semua caci maki dari pembaca Saya terima. Saya tidak akan mempermasalahkan itu Terakhir, sebelum TTBB kembali seperti dulu lagi, kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pembaca kami yang memberikan support kepada kami, baik melalui pesan, menenangkan situasi, ataupun membantu kami untuk meredam konflik ini. Thank you - Ema

To every victim of IReC wrongdoings: [I], Muhammad Salim as leader [and founder] of IReC… apologize to everyone who become victim [of us] in time IReC's still become a page. My reason for that wrongdoing was to delete or destroyed everything negative in Facebook, like, SARA [religious offensive jokes], hoax, and others, who break Facebook rules. Also, our motive to attack non-Indonesian group, like NSM and CNA, because [I found] some hate-speech or religious offensive jokes. I'm deeply sorry for what happened to everyone, and to our wrongdoings. I, as leader of IReC, will stop IReC's operation, and we will take responsibility for everything happened.
-Muhammad Salim

Facebook Response

"We removed several Groups from Facebook after detecting content that violated our policies. We since discovered that this content was posted to sabotage legitimate, non-violating Groups. We’re working to restore any Groups affected and to prevent this from happening again."[6]

Notable Examples

Fallen to Zuccbrella Spiderman Shitslinging Tom and erry Sonic Adventure 2 Hell Cheeseposting Non sensememes Music Albumposting Crossovers nobody askedfor And many others 9one but not for9otten! Indonesian Reporting Commission INNOCENT SHITPOSTERS 0 Like Government Organization Send Message 10,932 people like this Home Posts Photos Reviews Community Why are u gay? Thank's, Guys. Nonsense Third Ciu ssovers nobod sk om and fur emysad meme cheeseposting ees Doge cartoon u yu hakasho shitposting spiritposting dragon ball sayainposting eldpos the SimpsonsPhiladeys ed edd n eddy aCrossovers nobody asked for Crossovers obody isked fo Non Sense Memes IRC ndonesians Crossovers asked foron Sense Indonesians Menes IRC Ite THE APPLE Group Name: Crossovers nobody asked for Status: removed DOESN'T FALL FAR FROM THE Zucced: 14/05/2019 23:34 WIB Last update: 15/05/2019 00:30 WIB Group created: 21 Dec 2017 Group Age: 510 Days TREE baca informasi detailnya di kolom komentar IReC Team] WooosH

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