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Zucked is a slang word that essentially means "to be screwed over by Mark Zuckerberg." It has been popularly used in several different contexts since Facebook's conception in 2007.


The earliest known use of Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder's last name, as a verb dates back to 2007, amidst the news media coverage of legal controversies between Zuckerberg and several classmates of Harvard University over the foundation and ownership of the social networking site. On November 3rd, 2007, Urban Dictionary user Bentheguyfromcambridge submitted an entry for "Zuckerberg,"[1] defined as:

zuckerberg* To steal an idea from someone who trusts you (e.g. business partner, friend, or a company that has hired you to do work for them) Oh man, those connectu guys got zuckerberged. #steal #cheat #lie #stab in the back #swindle by Bentheguyfromcambridge November 03, 2007

to steal an idea from someone who trusts you


In 2010, with Facebook's settlement of the lawsuits and continued expansion as the social networking empire, the meaning of the term "zucked" gradually evolved to convey any theft of an idea from a competitor, as defined by American tech entrepreneur and podcaster Jason Calacanis in his blog post.[2]

1. FourSquare was Zucked when Facebook stole their check-in feature. 2. Twitter was Zucked when Facebook stole their public facing profiles. k users got Zucked when the site n setting-three different times! 4. The co-founder of Facebook was allegedly Zucked when he was kicked out of the company he helped found. 5. The founders of ConnectU got Zucked when he allegedly screwed them over by not delivering their social network and then launching Facebook at the same time-and joked about it 6. Harvard reporters reportedly got Zucked when Mark hacked their accounts to try and stop a negative storylinvestigation about him.

Shortly after Facebook became a publicly traded company on May 18th, 2012, the company's stock began free-falling after its lead underwriters reduced the earning forecasts in the middle of the IPO process, leading to heavy financial losses for investors, including Zuckerberg himself who lost $3 billion dollars in three business days. As a result, the term took on a new meaning of taking a "sudden wealth loss" due to ill-advised investment, which became widely used by finance journalists in the news media coverage[3] of Facebook's stock crash. According to Techopedia's[9] definition:

Zucked refers to the sudden wealth loss investors and company executives experience when a dotcom stock plunges, destroying shareholders' inflated paper fortunes. This term originated in response to the decline of Facebook's stock following its IPO in May 2012, which cost Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, other company executives and investors worldwide billions of dollars.

In Fall of 2014, "Zucked" came to mean the act of Facebook deleting a person's account because they were suspected of using a "fake name."[4] This policy came under scrutiny by people with non-western or non-traditional names, like the Irish,[5] Native Americans,[6] and the Vietnamese.[7] It also drew criticism from the LGBTQ community, as the policy affected queer users using adopted names or pseudonyms.[8]

zucked v. term referring to facebook's discriminatory policy of deactivating the accounts of users with 'fake names' that usually targets trans people using pseudonyms/ preferred names for the sake of safety. did you hear Shea Misandry got zucked? they're back under their real name and vulnerable to stalkers again. #facebook #queer #trans #discri mination #transgender by puddi puddi October 23, 2014


On May 27th, 2016, the Facebook page[11] "Fucc the ":/memes/zucc>Zucc" was launched, featuring image macros and photoshopped pictures of Mark Zuckerberg. On June 6th, the Facebook Page[13] "Utopian Raspberry – Modern Oasis Machine" posted a photoshopped image of Zuckerberg dancing captioned with the word "Zucc" (shown below, left). On June 27th, the Difficulty II Facebook[12] page posted a Layers of Irony parody comic in which Mark Zuckerberg says "Zucc" to the Goose on Fire (shown below, right).

ZUCC you are like a little baby watch this

On August 10th, Urban Dictionary user NicholsSA submitted an entry for "zucc'd,"[10] an alternate spelling of the word "zucked" which gained popularity during Facebook's crackdown on Weird Facebook pages.

Zucc'd To be blocked from posting or commenting on the social media website Facebook. It is named after the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and it is usually stated to mock the algorithm used in the website's report system Guy 1: "I haven't seen you on Facebook in over a week, are you ill?" Guy 2: "No, I was just Zucc'd for the past seven days." #postblock #facebook #zuckerberg by NicholsSA August 10,2016

On October 10th, 2016, YouTuber punpun uploaded part of a Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Live stream in which he asks commenters to explain the "zucc thing" (shown below). That day, the video reached the front page of the /r/youtubehaiku[14] subreddit.

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