July 2019 Instagram Meme Account Purge

July 2019 Instagram Meme Account Purge

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July 2019 Instagram Meme Account Purge refers to a mass-deletion of over 50 popular meme accounts, some with several million followers, by Instagram which took place on July 25th and 26th, 2019. The purge was followed by a negative reaction from the Instagram community and memes referencing the event.


Between July 25th and 26th, 2019, Instagram deleted over 50 popular Instagram accounts, including both notable reposting pages and original content creators. Some of the notable accounts affected include finest.inventions (13 million followers), @uniquevines (8.3 million followers), succccccccccccc (3.7 million followers), grandmas.buttwhole (1.3 million followers) and spicy.mp4 (535,000 followers).[1]

yerdank @umCaige @instagram you just deleted all of my accounts for absolutely no reason, no warning, and no context behind this. (30 million+ followers worth of accounts deleted in 24 hours) #fuckinstagram #reactivateyerdank #reactivateautist 6-21 ITE Get a Copy of What You've Shared on Instagram Request Download autist Your account has been disabled for vialating cur terms httpinstagram.com/about/legal/terms Get a Copy of What You've Shared on Instagram Request Download Logout Logout Instagram Instagram GHow can we help Helo Centes Learn More About Your Account Your accourt has baan dekrod for ot follong our to You t be obe to kopinto his eccount and no ore ese wilbe able to ee We're unle to restore acenets thet ere deleted for oseypes od gouT us HOLP AP JOas TERMS PRNWGY 203NSTAGREM NC 11:05 AM - 26 Jul 2019 Ben @spicymp4 this is the endgame. 40m+ followers and over $600k+ in accounts lost in two days. @instagram @facebook f------ own up to what you did and rollback, you can't stay silent in this. peronally lost 600k+ followers for no good reason. #reactivatespicy #memepurge Get a Copy ot What You've Shared on instagram 12:47 a 40 Request Download ememeextraordinaire Your account has been disabled for vialabng our terms: httpnstagram.combouega/tarmss Get a Copy of What Youve Shared on Instagra Logout Request Downioad Logout Instagram 1Instagnam How can we helph Help Centre Learn More About Your AcCount Yrcou s been dekeod for t foloing our . Wour wanl be elie tu lauirto ts ecupurt endo ore eewlbe e to s0e t wene unsoO 1o rectore accounts that ane doeted tor thean types of vaintns 5:56 PM 26 Jul 2019

On June 26th, Twitter user The Atlantic writer Taylor Lorenz compiled a list of notable deleted accounts, which exceeded over 50 users with a combined audience of tens of millions of followers.[2]

@finest.inventions: 13M followers
@uniquevines: 8.3M followers
@succccccccccccc: 3.7M followers
@laugh.s: 3M followers
@medicalthing: 2.7M followers
@meccha.memes: 2.1M followers
@teacherpranks: 2M followers
@grandmas.buttwhole: 1.3M followers
@overthunk: 1.3M followers
@zuccccccccccc: 1.2M followers
@the_fucking_dank: 792,000 followers
@thespedshed: 772,000 followers
@thespedshed: 704,000 followers
@babebuddy: 684,000 followers
@smellywiener: 630,000 followers
@finna_memes: 603,000 followers
@grandpasgenitals: 586,000 followers
@darted: 595,000 followers
@moonmemes.v1: 544,000 followers
@spicy.mp4: 535,000 followers
@towelies: 527,000 followers
@autist: 600,000 followers
@bofaballs: 578,000 followers
@femalesdoingthings: 474,000 followers
@cumward: 471,000 followers
@sourpods: 465,000 followers
@memestars: 454,000 followers
@wokeist: 420,000 followers
@dailymemes.exe: 421,000 followers
@deepfriedlays: 386,000 followers
@thicc.memes.v3: 310,000 followers
@hexxthegon: 300,000 followers
@zuwamba: 282,000 followers
@yerdank: 255,000 followers
@silentmemes: 266,000 followers
@sourpods: 255,000 followers
@hexxthegon: 255,000 followers
@yupanthony: 213,000 followers
@silentmemes: 168,000 followers
@meme_hummus: 153,000 followers
@memesamirite_v2: 129,000 followers
@in.oma: 115,000 followers
@suucle: 115,000 followers
@lxphy: 108,000 followers
@willmakememes4food: 102,000 followers
@yerdank: 105,000 followers
@deadv1: 98,000 followers
@hexxthegon.v2: 95,000 followers
@wokeistt: 83,000 followers
@bentdoor: 62,000 followers
@slorted: 59,000 followers
@jewflex: 56,000 followers
@nutted: 53,000 followers
@memeextraordinaire: 42,000 followers
@skullymeme: 30,000 followers
@diemtriuzz: 24,000 followers
@suucled: 16,000 followers
@henry.vro: 16,000 followers
@yore: 12,000 followers
@lewisweed: 4,000 followers
@c6ige: 3,000 followers
@sup.david: 1,000 followers

While no official reasons were provided for the mass-deletion of the accounts, with a Facebook representative responded that the accounts were disabled following multiple violations of Instagram policies, including attempted abuse of Instagram's internal processes."[3] Some of the accounts were also allegedly involved in selling or purchasing of usernames.

Online Reactions

In the following hours, multiple users on Instagram and other platforms reacted to the mass-deletion of the accounts. On Instagram, multiple memes referencing the event were posted.[4][5]

Additionally, several users whose accounts were removed wrote that the purge left them without a source of income.[1][6]

"My Business Is Ruined"

"My Business Is Ruined" refers to a copypasta based on a Snapchat post by @cumward Instagram account admin, written following the purge.[6] In the following days, the copypasta was spread by users on Instagram as a way to poke fun at advertisement-heavy content reposting pages which were deleted during the purge.

zach 20h ago my business is ruined, i have no way of making money, i lost my entire fanbase 1.5m+, i have no assets, my friends accounts and business are all destroyed and i have nothing left. Nothing. none of us do. no matter who you are if you were affected by the ban wave yesterday im sorry and i feel your pain.

My business is ruined, I have no way of making money. I lost my entire fan base 1.5m+, I have no assets, my friends accounts and business are all destroyed and I have nothing left. Nothing.
None of us do. No matter who you are if you were affected by the ban wave yesterday I’m sorry and I feel your pain.

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