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Fumbling a Bad Bitch

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Fumbling a Bad Bitch, also known as Fumble a Bad Bitch or Fumbling a Baddie, is a slang term and catchphrase used in memes that means when a man loses the love or admiration of a beautiful, attractive woman that they once had or tried to have, as in, they went on date with them or flirted with them to no avail. The phrase became a cliché in memes predominantly in the 2020s as it was associated with having Negative Rizz and used in Hood Irony memes that used AAVE. The opposite of the meme is the Me And The Bad Bitch I Pulled By Being X.


The phrase "fumbling a bad bitch" originates from the slang term "fumble the bag" which was added to Urban Dictionary[1] as early as June 6th, 2018, and defined as, "To drop the ball. To fuck up the money" by the user Nana@yourass. Inherently, the use of the verb "fumble" is in reference to the American football term. Meanwhile, the terms "bad bitch" and "baddie" became prevalent in the early 2000s, evident in other Urban Dictionary[2] definitions. The leading definition is a woman who is attractive.

The terms "fumbling a bad bitch" and "fumbling a baddie" were used on Twitter[3][4][5] as early as 2019, the first of which was a tweet uploaded by Twitter[5] user @lucyirene_ on June 10th, 2019, who wrote, "average ass dudes fumbling stupid bad bitches. hate to see it," and gained 18 likes in four years (shown below).

Ⓡ @lucyirene_ average ass dudes fumbling stupid bad bitches. hate to see it 9:54 PM Jun 10, 2019

The first tweet to break a thousand likes that used some form of the phrase was posted by Twitter[6] user @mikehector on August 17th, 2021, who wrote, "fumbling a bad bitch builds character," gaining roughly 1,600 likes in two years (shown below).

MIKE HECTOR @mikehector fumbling a bad bitch builds character. 2:02 AM. Aug 17, 2021 from 243 Retweets 61 Quotes 1,662 Likes


Soon after, more viral tweets surfaced, such as one posted by Twitter[7] user @fbgwayno on September 23rd, 2021, which made an Everybody Gangsta Until joke, earning roughly 4,000 likes in a year and a half (shown below, left). In early 2022, the tweets received increased engagement, such as a post from Twitter[8] user @ihyjuju on March 22nd, 2022, that proclaimed, "fumbling a bad bitch really the worst feeling ever," earning roughly 36,200 likes in one year (shown below, right).

Mowgli @fbgwayno everybody gangsta till they fumble a bad bitch 2:18 PM Sep 23, 2021 ● juju @ihyjuju fumbling a bad bitch really the worst feeling ever 11:47 PM Mar 22, 2022 ●

Around the same time, since-deleted Instagram user @hollowcloth started posting memes that used forms of the phrase which were reposted by others online despite @hollowcloth's watermark being visible. For instance, on May 24th, 2022, Instagram[9] user @scrxed reposted a Masculine Urge and Patrick Bateman meme, gaining over 750 likes in 11 months (shown below, left). On August 28th, 2022, Instagram[10] user @djnxfxcx reposted another @hollowcloth meme, showing Jesse and Jane from Breaking Bad and remixing the Me And The Bad Bitch I Pulled By Being X caption (shown below, right). The repost received over 50 likes in eight months.

@hollowcloth the masculine urge to fumble a bad bitch me and the bad bitch im going to FUMBLE hollowctom

Viral, memetic usage of the phrase persisted on Twitter in early 2023. For instance, on April 6th, 2023, Twitter[11] user @upblissed quote retweeted a photo of "a man begging for forgiveness inside a Chicago divorce court," to which he said, "imagine a picture of u fumbling a bad bitch bein the only way ur remembered." The QRT gained roughly 156,900 likes in 20 days, as well as reposts to Instagram[12] (shown below).

imagine a picture of u fumbling a bad bitch bein the only way ur remembered Fascinating @fascinate. 5h A man begging for forgiveness inside a Chicago divorce court, 1948.

Various Examples

your ancestors watching you fumble a bad bitch @hollowclo I thought fumbling the bad bitch haunts me every day I could live with but it khi @stymead me after fumbling a bad bitch for the 38361693rd time 10:56 PM. Apr 6, 2022 UNDIS SKIP : SALMON SPACE Space ★ @spaceeong kanye the first mf to develop cte from fumbling a bad bitch 4:25 PM Dec 1, 2022 577 Retweets 41 Quotes 7,945 Likes the boy with the blackout tat... @casketclaxton missing a good concert in your area feels like fumbling a bad bitch 9:08 PM Oct 8, 2022 4,038 Retweets 694 Quotes 25.7K Likes Negative Nicki @ncavicchio Fumbling a bad bitch is so cliche, every guy does it. Be original and do something interesting like cherishing your bad bitch and growing a beautiful intimate love together 7:31 PM Jan 19, 2023 · 458.6K Views ● ●●● 2,167 Retweets 141 Quotes 9,565 Likes Ethan @Bungabunpt3 Fumbling a weird girl is worse than fumbling a bad bitch 10:42 PM - 11/1/22 - Twitter for iPhone 7,312 Retweets 1,420 Quote Tweets 53.5K Lik 22 企

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