Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing

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Galarian Weezing is a Pokémon introduced for the Pokémon Sword and Shield games. The Pokémon is a redesign of Weezing, a Poison-type evolution of Koffing, which has been a part of the series since the first generation of games. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Weezing will be a Poison/Fairy type, redesigned to have two large smokestacks resembling top hats on its heads and smoke patterns on its face that resemble facial hair.


On August 7th, 2019, Pokémon YouTube channel released a trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield. The trailer highlighted the new Pokémon Morpeko, antagonists Team Yell and Marnie, and Galar-specific variants of Pokémon Zigzagoon, Linoone, and Weezing (shown below).


Twitter users were quick to joke about Weezing's new design. Many Twitter users compared the design to Fairly Oddparents character Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, who wears a giant hat with a similar appearance to the smokestacks on Weezing's head. Twitter user @ThatMatt_[1] posted a direct comparison, gaining over 900 retweets and 2,900 likes (shown below, left). User @MikeLuckas[2] compared Weezing to Dimmadome and the Spoons Rattling image, gaining over 1,000 retweets and 3,900 likes (shown below, right).

Matt Thompson @ThatMatt "My name is Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!" #PokemonSwordShield GALARIAN WE TYPE: POISON/FAIRY ABILITY:L 9:07 AM Aug 7, 2019 Twitter for Android 4 STUPIDDEAD SKULLHEAD @MikeLuckas Ok I'm going back to sleep. #PokemonSwordShield ispoons rattling) 9:24 AM Aug 7, 2019 Twitter for Android

Others felt the design was reminiscent of a bong used for marijuana consumption. User @videodante joked "Smokemon," a portmanteau of "smoking" and "Pokémon" which has generated fan art, "is real" (shown below, left). User @theSirToasty[3] posted a Nobody joke calling the character "Bong Weezing," gaining over 990 retweets and 5,000 likes (shown below, right). Jokes were covered by Heavy[4] and Mashable.[5]

summertime vibes dante @videodante Smokémon is real BulbaNewsNOw @BulbaNewsNOW 7h Galarian Weezing is Poison/Fairy-type and can have either Levitate or an unknown Ability as its Ability. Show this thread 11:28 AM Aug 7, 2019 Twitter for Android Tylor @theSirToasty no one: not a single f------ soul: game freak: bong weezing これまでに発見されていた姿 9:24 AM Aug 7, 2019 Twitter for iPhone

Various Examples

Smog Toxic gas Corrosive airborne parbides oh look guys it's the bourgeweezie GALARIAN WEEZING ABILITY: LEVITATE/222 TYPE: POISON/FAIRY gremlinizer bong.. chongoblog OY ITS TWO BONG SONUSHLW Christopher Moon @the_moom man National Dex was given up for British Bong Weezing Fair trade, in my opinion, I'd take this Weezing any day 10:57 AM Aug 7, 2019 Twitter for Android きかんした マタドガス

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I am AHO Right?
I am AHO Right?

Gamefreak: Releases a Pokemon meant to invoke turn-of-the-century industrial pollution and the titans of industry who profited off them, perfectly fitting in with the British theme of the game.
Boring people: "Hahaa dude… dude, dude! What if snrk oh man, w-what if………. it wass a DRUG??? I mean, how HIGH do you even half to be to come up with taht?! dude weed LMAO!"
Please do not do this. It wasn't funny with Mario's mushrooms, it isn't funny now.


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