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Gaston is the primary antagonist in the 1991 Disney animated musical fantasy film Beauty and the Beast, who is known for being an arrogant, male chauvinist and egotistical hunter. Online, he has appeared in numerous remix and YouTube poop videos, most notably featuring a scene in which local villagers sing the song "Gaston" in praise of the character.


On November 22nd, 1991, Beauty and the Beast was released at theaters within the United States. In the film, the character Gaston is introduced as a town hero and accomplished hunter, who becomes a ruthless traitor after being rejected by the protagonist Belle. In the film, Gaston's friends and local villagers sing the song "Gaston" to cheer him up after his marriage proposal is rejected by Belle (shown below).


On July 12th, 2008, an entry for the character was created on the Disney Wiki.[2] On November 27th, YouTuber mrsimon uploaded a YouTube poop remix using the "Gaston" song scene (shown below, left). On June 26th, 2010, YouTuber EnigmaEvocative uploaded a remix of the "Gaston" song, which gathered upwards of 1.8 million views and 4,200 comments within seven years (shown below, right).

On October 30th, 2016, Redditor Lichzim submitted a post claiming that "Gaston memes" were "on the rise" to /r/MemeEconomy.[3] On December 3rd, YouTuber Fresh Memes For Your Health uploaded a "Replacement Remix": titled "Gaston but all the rhymes are switched" (shown below, left). On January 5th, 2017, YouTuber Emilio The Burrito released a remix titled "Gaston, but every time someone says Gaston, he eats 4 dozen eggs" (shown below, right).

On January 11th, YouTuber Friendly Fingers posted an edited version of the video which speeds up by 5% with every mention of "Gaston" (shown below, left). The following day, Friendly Fingers uploaded another remix titled "Gaston but every time they say Gaston the frames trail even more" (shown below, right).

On March 17th, 2017, Smosh[4] published a listicle titled "22 of Tumblr's Most Important Thoughts on Disney's Best Villain, Gaston." On March 22nd, the Observer[1] published a PowerPoint presentation titled "Why Belle Should Have Chosen Gaston" by author Dana Schwartz, which contained a collection of slides arguing that Gaston would have been a better mate choice for Belle in the Disney film.

Gaston Beast LI the storming of the Bastille Why Belle Should Have Chosen Can get an entire tavern singing with him October 5, 1789: The fishwives march on the palace furious that they cannot afford bread while Belle and the Prince happily munch on gray stuff. -Never sings with people (he is no fun) . Makes everyone call him 0 on a first-name basis Master Couldn't scheme his way out of a paper bag Bourgeois pig Armory is ransacked One of the sexy triplets that Belle used to roll her eyes at has beheaded a guard and she brandishes his head on with everyone A PowerPoint presentation by me . Comes up with fun evil schemes . Working man Belle and the prince are forced by the angry crowd to return with the m to Paris Meet Gast Historical Context Timeline Based on clothes/weaponry, Beauty and the Beast (1991) takes place mid-18th century 2017 version mentions Gaston came back from fighting in a war In 1791, Belle and the prince will attempt to flee January 1793: we see the trial and execution of the prince September 1793: the reign of terror begins October 1793: Belle is convicted and guillotined By 1794, Gaston is a Muscadin, a street fighter of the Thermidorian Reaction-well dressed, lower-middle class, wielding a stick and wearing musk perfume Gaston doesn't need the musk perfume Most likely the Seven Year's War Seven Year's War ended in 1763, so let's put the action Belle's choice Q: What happens in France at the end of the 18th Very strong muscles astorn Hard-working member of the Third Estate Eats many eggs to help stimulate the French economy Interested in home Great hunter (will be good at providing for you in 18th centur rance abandoned his people Eats wasteful magical feasts while his citizens cannot pay for bread Has o decorative antlers Looked more handsome as a beast Ready to commit Lots of friends (very popular) Great singing voice cor century??? ttractive hairy chest This is the Beast Let's estimate Belle spent about 1 year with the Beast before marriage (based on weather in 1991 version going from summer to snow to summer for thei Tried to kidnap your dad and lock him up forever Will yell at you for looking at a flower No friends (only hangs out with people he pays) Doesn't have a job (lazy trustfunder) in 1764: Belle marries Prince 1788: royal treasury officially declared empty April 1789: Riots at the Réveillon wallpaper factory. 25 oesn't know how to eat with a spoon Was not hospitable to the Enchantress, and then was not hospitable to Maurice (did not lean his lesson!) workers dead June 1789: the third estate takes the Tennis Court Oath vowing to give France a new constitution.

No One Like Gaston Phrasal Template

In the 1991 film Beauty and the Beast, the character Gaston performs a song entitled "Gaston." During the song, he repeatedly sings variations on the line "no one does [x], like Gaston."

The song inspired a phrasal template in which people replace the things Gaston does with humorous and/or absurd activities. On September 4th, 2018, Twitter [6] user @readingtheend tweeted, "me: I need to buy new stamps so I'm not sending out condolence cards with Disney villain stamps on them friend: no one grieves like Gaston, acts bereaved like Gaston me: how are you doing this friend: no one orders ornate funeral wreaths like Gaston." The tweet (shown below, left) received more than 14,000 retweets and 67,000 likes in three days.

Following the tweet, more users began posting variations of the song (examples below, center and right).

On September 6th, Mashable [7] posted a listicle about the meme.

me: I need to buy new stamps so I'm not sending out condolence cards with Disney villain stamps on them friend: no one grieves like Gaston, acts bereaved like Gaston me: how are you doing this friend: no one orders ornate funeral wreaths like Gaston NO ONE'S IN. COURT LIKE GASTON LEAKS REPORTS LIKE GASTON WRITES IN PRESS AS "ANONYMOUS C0 SOURCE" LIKE GASTON No One sharts like Gaston has wet farts like Gaston no one soils their pantaloons quite like Gaston

Gaston Reads X

Gaston Reads X is an exploitable screen-captured image of Gaston reading a book while Bella watches. While initially appearing in a Demotivational Poster on DeviantArt, photoshopped variations of the image subsequently circulated within various web communities online.


Tropical Storm Gaston

In late August 2016, the Tropical Storm Gaston began traveling across the Atlantic toward the United States East Coast, leading various Twitter users to post jokes about the storm personified as the Beauty and the Beast antagonist (shown below).[5]

CollegeHumor @collegeHumor CH- な Follow No one spins like Gaston No one's got winds like Gaston J No one destroys your home and your things like Gaston Tropical Storm Gaston 1e SOUTHERNMOST CABO VERDE ISLANDS 50 Ⅳ Sat 800 PM Fri 8.00 PM 85 mph 90 mph Puerto Rico Lesser Antilles Wed 8:00 P mph Cabo Verde Tue 8:00 PM 60 mph Venezuela

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