God Emperor Trump

God Emperor Trump

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God Emperor Trump refers to fantasy depictions of United States President Donald Trump as a ruler of the entire world often who is often shown wearing the armor of the immortal character Emperor of Mankind[2] from the miniature wargame Warhammer 40,000.


The exact origin of the God Emperor Trump character is unclear. On June 16th, 2015, an image of Trump's face photoshopped on to a Warhammer 40,000 soldier was submitted to 4chan's /pol/[1] board along with greentext described Trump as "God Emperor" and "Imperium of Man" (shown below).

Anonymous ID:s+pZwcca Tue 21 Jul 2015 21:31:55 No.48378200 View Report >>48378060 > Year is now 40,000 >Trump turned out to be the God Emperor, and initiated the Imperium of Man. >Killing Xenos all day e'ery day in his honor. >Life is good


On December 25th, 2015, YouTuber Talo uploaded a video titled "Donald Trump Emperor of Mankind," which highlighted various photoshops of Trump in the Emperor of Mankind armor (shown below). Within four years, the video garnered more than 466,000 views and 1,800 comments.

On March 25th, 2016, Milo Yiannopoulous appeared on The Rubin Report, where he referred to Trump as "God Emperor" (shown below). On November 17th. the internet news site The Mary Sue[3] published an article titled "#NotMyGodEmperor: Why Are There So Many Actual Fascists in the Warhammer 40K Fandom?"

On March 10th, 2017, YouTuber The Mechanic Shark Channel uploaded a satirical video in which a computer-animated Stan Lee character tells the story of "God Emperor Trump" (shown below, left). Within one year, the video accumulated more than 71,000 views and 330 comments. On April 10th, 2017, YouTuber Shots Fired uploaded a video explaining the lore behind the God Emperor of Mankind character (shown below, right).

On February 8th, 2019, Redditor Kyler_Murden submitted a photoshopped image of Bernie Sanders with the Warhammer 40,000 character Abaddon the Despoiler titled "Bernie the Despoiler" to /r/ChapoTrapHouse[5] (shown below).

2019 Viareggio Carnival

On February 10th, 2019, a giant God Emperor Trump parade float marched with a procession of people wearing Warhammer 40,000-themed costumes at the annual Viareggio Carnival in Viareggio, Italy. That day, YouTuber The Thinkery uploaded Italian news footage of the float with English subtitles (shown below). Within 24 hours, the video gained over 175,000 views and 6,800 comments.

That day, a Virgin vs. Chad meme comparing the Trump Baby Balloon to the Viareggio float reached the front page of /r/The_Donald[4] (shown below).

The Chad Italian Paper Mache The Virqin British Balloon DONT GRA BLOOD

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