GOTH IHOP parody IHOP location store with a GRAND OPENING sign hanging over the entrance


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Goth IHOP refers to a series of memes exploring the concept of an IHOP restaurant with a gothic theme inspired by Femboy Hooters, a similar restaurant revamp concept introduced also in Spring 2020. Goth IHOP began trending on Twitter in early June causing the creation of memes regarding a visit to Goth IHOP and the fictional restaurant's offerings.


On June 7th, 2020, Twitter user @DesutroyedMe[1] shared four images of photoshopped chain restaurants including Femboy Hooters and Goth IHOP (shown below). The tweet, captioned "Which way western man?", gained over 30,000 likes and 8,800 retweets in a day.

Anime_Desutroyed_Me @DesutroyedMe Which way western man? TOMBOY OUTBACK FEMBOY HOOTERS STEAKHOUSE Milf Denny's GOTH IHOP ANERICA'S DINER GRAND OPENING 9:34 PM · Jun 7, 2020 · Twitter Web App


Femboy Hooters refers to a series of memes exploring the concept of establishing a Hooters restaurant staffed by scantily-clad feminine males. On Oct 1, 2019, Twitter user @Comfy_Times[5] tweeted out "hooters but its staffed entirely by femboys". To date, the tweet has 176 retweets and 847 likes (shown below). On March 27, 2020, the r/femboyhooters[6] subreddit was created, with more memes exploring the concept being posted on Reddit, Twitter, iFunny, TikTok and other platforms in the following months.

six es ||B L M & A C A B @Comfy_Times hooters but its staffed entirely by femboys 2:12 PM · Oct 1, 2019 · Twitter Web App 176 Retweets 847 Likes >


On June 8th, 2020, Twitter user @CemeteryBruja[2] reposted the photoshopped IHOP with the caption, "yall wanna go to goth ihop after the basement show?" (shown below, left). The tweet garnered over 1,600 likes and 230 retweets in a day. That same day, Twitter user @SethFromThe716[3] tweeted, "Not sure what this Goth IHOP is, but I don't think anything trending is much of a surprise anymore in 2020" (shown below, right). The tweet received over 1,600 likes and 160 retweets in a day.

P|| BLM ||Kiera. @CemeteryBruja yall wanna go to goth ihop after the basement show? GOTH IHOP Hop GRAND OPENING! 2:40 AM Jun 8, 2020 · Twitter for Android I got no patience now. So sick of complacence now. @SethFromThe716 Not sure what this Goth IHOP is, but I don't think anything trending is much of a surprise anymore in 2020. 3:07 AM - Jun 8, 2020 · Twitter Web App

On June 8th, FunnyJunk[4] user mynameisnotmike posted a screenshot of @DesutroyedMe's tweet and added a few paragraphs explaining the atmosphere of each restaurant (shown below).

ok objectively speaking

Tomboy Outback: D Tier

explanation: bloomin onion is the only S tier item they serve, all else is OK tier meat and a bunch of reheated side items. Outback isnt even based on real cuisine besides typical fast casual american franchise food like TGI fridays or chili's. Tomboys are objectively the worst fetish out of the 4, seeing as it highlights masculine characteristics except "she has a pussy". More likely that she smells and doesnt wash that well if shes trying to act and look like a man. Points for bloomin onion, points for sometimes tomboys can be hot.

Femboy Hooters: C Tier

Hooters wings are pretty good. Wings are an S tier food in general. Minus points for the restaurant being tacky and outdated. Minus points for "femboy meme". Points for maybe they look nice after a few beers at least?? tbh femboys serving you food would probably be way nicer to you than a tomboy who just throws your **** on the table. ok next one.

Goth Ihop: B+ tier

Ihop has some pretty good hungover breakfast food. Pretty fine all around. Points for good food, minus points for depressed goth chicks the morning after you go out drinking. Not sure if be too enthralled getting served a meal from someone who doesnt care about life that early in the morning. Points for it probably being a great night time drunk food spot, when the goth girls are more active and you are a bit more ready for the banter. Solid, depends on the time of day.

Milf dennys: S tier

Great fast breakfast food at any time of day. You go to dennys when drunk, hungover, after a party, before a party, when you just want comfort food. Its not michelin star but its a nice hefty warm meal with nice authentic people. Points for milf already being warm and comforting while serving you comfort food. Points for aprons and most likely to call you "sugar" "sweety", "babe", when you are ordering. "would you like milk with your coffee?" yes. yes i would.

Various Examples

* BLACK LIVES MATTERA @Sapphire_Sappho femboy hooters tomboy outback goth ihop milf denny's twink dairy queen butch bob evens femme starbucks himbo pizza hut e-girl chili's add your own. 12:50 AM - Jun 8, 2020 - Twitter for Android Lucki's SRT @incelhamptn Me and the homies when the staff at goth ihop starts headbanging instead of bringing our pancakes 4:07 AM - Jun 8, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Zim says ACAB, bro @MiraMeyneth Replying to @DesutroyedMe me and the other 2007 era scene kids pulling up to goth ihop to order some mfn waffles 10:04 PM - Jun 7, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone Goth Spider-Man @tinyspiderlegs Me and the boys pulling up to Goth IHOP for some waffles like Pago NEW EPISODE C 8:30 AM - Jun 8, 2020 · Twitter for Android F--- Off Trash @WhatsUpTrash I checked the Goth IHOP menu. dk what to say anymore GOTH IHOP 7:24 AM - Jun 8, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone Planty @plantzion123 since Goth IHOP was trending I drew this WE LCOMΕ Το GOTH IHOP 6:22 AM - Jun 8, 2020 - Twitter Web App

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