New Pokemon trainer Grusha with blue hair and a scarf standing in a snowy wintery environment.


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Grusha is an Ice-type gym leader revealed during the Pokémon Presents stream in August 2022 for the video game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The character was initially considered to be a girl by many fans watching the stream, but official materials soon revealed that the Glaseado Gym leader is actually a boy. This revelation prompted several Pokémon fan reactions about the character's visual presentation and their attraction to him as a viral debate ensued online. Grusha also inspired various memes and fan art following his reveal.


On August 3rd, 2022, Pokémon's official YouTube[1] channel streamed a "Pokémon Presents" segment to reveal characters and regions in the then-upcoming Pokémon game Scarlet and Violet. Later that day, the official Twitter [2] account revealed information about the Paldea region in the new generation. In addition to several new Pokémon, like the fan-favorite Fidough and the Poison-type Paldean Wooper, the Twitter thread also discussed the introduction of the new gym leader that had been showcased in the "Pokémon Presents" stream — a blue-eyed, long-haired trainer named Grusha identified as "he" (seen below). The tweet received over 10,000 likes, 1,400 quote retweets and 1,800 retweets in roughly two days.


Fans of the game quickly reacted to the reveal on August 3rd, 2022, to express their surprise at the new gym leader's gender, many having mistaken him for a girl after the "Pokémon Presents" stream. Reactions to the character's gender varied in tone and surprise, such as a 4chan thread[3] that same day where the anon expressed his horror at having been attracted to a fictional male character (seen below).

File: she is female.jpg (743 KB, 2880x1800) EFIN 31 Grusha Anonymous 08/03/22 (Wed)09:56:07 No.51098963 >>51099054 >>51099063 >>51099118 >>51099142 >>51099175 >>51099192 >>51099208 >>51099226 >>51099282 >>51099719 >>51099851 >>51099895 >>51100410 >>51100697 >>51101573 >>51102917 >>51103095 >>51103307 >>51103332 >>51103427 >>51103546 >>51104323 >>51104439 >>51104463 >>51104500 >>51104540 >>51104594 >>51104855 >>51106360 >>51106425 >>51106494 >>51106655 >>51106936 >>51107140 >>51107411 >>51107451 >>51107489 >>51107511 >>51107591 >>51108053 >>51108784 >>51109651 >>51110355 >>51110420 >>51110452 >>51110477 >>51111217 >>51111565 >>51112065 >>51112079 >>51113329 >>51113571 >>51113713 >>51113975 >>51114155 >>51114818 >>51114853 >>51114949 >>51116938 SHE IS NOT A GUY YOU CAN NOT CONVINCE ME THIS IS A GUY. ITS A HER. ITS A SHE. I ALREADY CAME TO HER TWICE SHE CAN'T BE A GUY. IM NOT GAY THIS IS A GIRL A GROWN WOMAN EVEN REPEAT AFTER ME GIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRL GIRLGIRLGIRLGI RLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRL GIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGIRLGI RLGIRLGIRLGIRL Anonymous 08/03/22 (Wed)09:58:02 No.51099054 >>51107549 >>51098963 (OP) Actually, he does look more masculine with the angry eyebrows. It's the f------ eyelashes that's throwing everyone off. Anonymous 08/03/22 (Wed)09:58:17 No.51099063 >>51098963 (OP) LOL BROOOOOO THAT IS 100% A GIRL THEY CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS

On August 3rd, a tweet posted by Twitter[4] user @Al_theBoi used a reaction video and caption to create a meme about the community's reaction to Grusha, which gathered over 34,000 likes and 4000 retweets in a day (seen below).

Throughout the day on August 3rd, 2022, other fans continued to post various reactions to the new information about the gym leader, commenting on his "pretty" design and adorable demeanor, among other sentiments (examples shown below, left and right).[5][6]

Various Examples

horse ! (still here) @horsedotmp If Grusha a guy then call me gay rusha 9:28 AM - Aug 3, 2022. Twitter for Android 34 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 200 Likes *** hair styles for Grusha! braid short? angry grusha noises * 25 bun Catchens े

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