Professor Turo and Professor Sada from pokemon scarlet and violet.

Professor Sada and Professor Turo

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Professor Sada and Professor Turo are the "professor" characters for the upcoming 2022 video games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, respectively. After the pair debuted in the trailer for the games on June 1st, many online found them very attractive, leading to memes and fan art about the pair either individually or as a duo. Professor Turo, in particular, drew many comparisons to the Gigachad meme.


On June 1st, 2022, Pokémon released the second trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet,[1] introducing each game's respective Pokémon professor character, Professors Sada and Turo (seen below). Onlookers noticed the games seemed to have a past or future theme, thus Professor Sada has an ancient, "caveman" aesthetic and Turo seems to be a futuristic scientist. Some have also noted that "Sada" and "Turo" may be plays on the Spanish words for "Past" and "Future," "Pasado" and "Futuro."[6]

Commentary on the pair's attractiveness and overall looks started immediately after the two appeared. The trailer was released at 9 a.m. EST on June 1st. By 9:03 a.m., Twitter user @maxisoffline had posted a picture (seen below) of Professor Turo and Professor Sada from the trailer, celebrating the looks of the two characters, which received over 3,600 likes and 574 retweets within a day.[2]

m @maxisoffline yeah game freak DEFINITELY knew what they were doing with professors sada and turo #PokemonScarletViolet *** 9:03 AM Jun 1, 2022. Twitter for iPhone 574 Retweets 216 Quote Tweets 3,603 Likes


Professor Turo

In the hours following the trailer memes celebrating and thirsting over Professor Turo were shared on Twitter and other platforms. Fan art about the character, much of it tinged with heavy eroticism, emerged throughout the day. For example, on June 1st, 2022, Twitter user @mochiiros[5] posted semi-nude fan art of Turo, gaining over 860 retweets and 5,600 likes in 24 hours (shown below).

Osh | LECHONK - TURO - POKEMON VIOLET SUP... @mochii.... 6h Let's be real, Professor Turo has to take off that skintight suit at some point...I just know he's SWEATING ? 25 1466 2,905 (→

Others joked that Turo resembled the meme character Gigachad due to the similarity in their jawline, hair style and facial hair. For example, Twitter user @HenkukuNii posted two pictures on June 1st, one of Professor Turo and another of Gigachad, proposing that the two were very similar (shown below).[3]

Henry-お兄ちゃん★ @HenkukuNii Professor Turo is the literal GigaChad. #ScarletViolet X Professor Turo My name is Professor Turo. 9:15 AM Jun 1, 2022. Twitter Web App 2 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 23 Likes :

Also on June 1st, Twitter user @end_spire drew a comparison between Professor Turo and men who are interested in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, arguing that the Pokémon character's vibe matched theirs (shown below).[4] Several other posters followed this interpretation of Professor Turo.

Holly @hollvaa Professor Turo looks like he'd be into crypto :

Professor Sada

Professor Sada also received a slew of fan art and memes after the debut of the trailer. For example, on June 1st, Twitter user @RhymeWithRay[7] posted a Know Your Place redraw starring Sada, gaining over 3,900 retweets and 20,000 likes in 24 hours (shown below, left). Twitter user @AWDTwit[8] posted Sada artwork referencing Futurama that same day, gaining over 270 retweets and 1,700 likes in the same time period (shown below, right).

Ti le CA Reply to bruhvanni's comment Mildy muscular women think they're gods "Know your place...

Various Examples

mimi @mimireacts 5h Professor Turo - I choose you #PokemonScarletandviolet 17 57 190 MINI REACTS (→ : @Archdan Mivers Thankyou for helping Ime with the Pokedex. My Lab Partner and I were close in our research. But they can't continue due to their injuries. Oh I'm sorry. What happened to them? @Archdan Milverse @Archdan Miverse Crushed Pelvis. @Archdan Milverse WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE! the greyzen i believe in Professor Sada SUPREMACY 2

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