Falcon saying "He's out of line but he's right"

He's Out Of Line But He's Right

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"He’s Out Of Line But He’s Right" is a quote said by Anthony Mackie’s character Falcon on the Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that debuted in 2021. The quote is used in tandem with an image of Baron Zemo, who is saying something that is considered true, but not proper to say. The meme is used as an exploitable image macro, with the setup and punchline appearing together as a two-panel joke. Due to the open-ended ambiguity, there are countless things that could be added to the setup for this meme, especially hot takes, sharing similarities with both Why Would You Say Something So Controversial Yet So Brave and Worst Person You Know Made A Great Point.


The scene that spawned this quote can be found at the 12:30 mark of the third episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which was released on April 2nd, 2021. In this scene, Falcon, Winter Soldier and Baron Zemo are traveling on Baron Zemo's plane. Both Falcon and Winter Soldier are at odds with Baron Zemo, who was a major antagonist in a previous movie. Falcon and Winter Soldier are discussing music when Baron Zemo makes a comment that is in agreement with Falcon, but not in the way that Falcon likes, leading to this line’s inception (shown below).

The earliest usage of this meme had the text edited to that of another meme, The Worst Person You Know Made A Great Point. This post was made the day of the episode's launch by Tumblr [1] user LEASHLESSCONFUSION, accumulating over 16,787 notes in 10 days (seen below).

(Trouble Man] is a masterpiece, James. Complete, comprehensive... It captures the African-American experience. Heartbreaking: The Worst Person You Know Just Made A Great Point


After that initial post on April 5th, several other memes were made using the more commonly used format and wording, with the earliest example being posted on the /r/pewdiepiesubmissions[2] subreddit by Redditor nightwing_2 (shown below), gaining 548 upvotes and 31 comments in six days.

f we could eat wolverine's body everytime it regenerate we could solve world hunger. He's out of line, but he's right

On April 9, 2021, Redditor Coledann posted another version of the meme with a different setup to /r/memes[3] (shown below), securing 105,959 upvotes and 563 comments in the span of three days.

If you stack two lasagnas, you'd still have one lasagnas He's out of line but he's right

From there the meme began to appear on multiple Twitter and Facebook meme pages.

Various Examples

The boobs are the ass of the chest. He's out of line, but he's right. God has the most toxic fanbase. He's out of line, but he's righ STAR WARS REVENGE OF THE SITH THE MANDALORE CUT It is a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the Star Wars experience


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