Hollywood Illuminati Humiliation Ritual

Hollywood Illuminati Humiliation Ritual

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Hollywood Illuminati Humiliation Ritual refers to conspiracy theories that Hollywood or so-called Illuminati Elites make celebrities undergo routine "Humiliation Rituals," often in the form of making men wear dresses, do drag, or undergo a similar supposedly "humiliating" experience. In 2024, John Cena's naked Oscars gag led to renewed discussions about Hollywood Humiliation Rituals.


The earliest known notable mention of a conspiracy theory regarding men in Hollywood being made to wear dresses was shared by comedian Dave Chapelle in a February 3rd, 2006, Oprah episode. Chapelle says, "I'm a conspiracy theorist to a degree, I connect dots that maybe shouldn't be connected" and notes that many Black men in Hollywood have worn dresses for a sketch or for a movie and that he himself refused to do so in one instance (seen below).[3]

The idea of "Hollywood" or "Illuminati" "Humiliation Rituals" first appeared on 4chan in the year 2017, with an anonymous user[1] saying that Robin Williams was made to undergo a "humiliation ritual." The post was made on 4chan's /pol/ board on October 22nd, 2017 (seen below).

15KiB, 236x236, robin-williams-mork--mindy.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace Anonymous ID: Mh8AMyJn Sun 22 Oct 2017 14:51:25 No.146263654 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>146264456 [3/1] Daily Reminder that Robin Williams was a huge p--- and hollywood did a humiliation ritual with him. >>146200667

More sporadic mentions of the phrase "Hollywood Humiliation Ritual" appeared online in the late 2010s, with another anonymous user[2] theorizing that the Wachowski sisters were coerced into transition as part of a humiliation ritual after making The Matrix. The post was made on January 18th, 2019.

View Same OCR Google Whx iqdb SauceNAO Trace 1546791704894.png, 363KiB, 960x918 Anonymous Fri 18 Jan 2019 19:55:26 No.108697807 Report Quoted By: >>108698051 >>108698086 >>108698102 >>108698168 >>108698204 >>108698819 >>108699008 >>108699126 >>108699132 >>108699159 >>108699517 >>108696080 They were punished by the Jews that run Hollywood. The Matrix film and the "Red Pill" idea it created made "questioning the narrative" a mainstream idea. This did NOT please the Jews so they were both given a choice, death or a self humiliation ritual (in an attempt to discredit the "free thought movement"). The dominatrix the two brothers see is their "handler" for the Hollywood elite Jews. They chose humiliation. So the Jews literally made them cut their cocks off. That's what you get when you go against the narrative in Hollywood.


Mentions of "Hollywood Humiliation Rituals" continued on Reddit in the late 2010s, and the early 2020s.[4][5]

On October 8th, 2020, X[6] user @HoodHealer quoted a clip of various celebrities in a gimmick video where they recorded themselves "naked" while encouraging people to vote, writing, "Humiliation Ritual," and gathered over 1,000 likes in four years.

On January 1st, 2024, X[7] user @returnofkappy posted a video of Kid Cudi performing in a dress, writing, "Kid Cudi participating in an illuminati humiliation ritual… Is the fame and fortune worth it…?" Kid Cudi responded[8] to the post on January 2nd, writing, "I felt free and alive, it inspired people and nothing u stupid simple asses say can take that away from me. Happy New Year u fuckin simps‼️🙏🏾😘" and gathering over 85,000 likes in two months (seen below).

On March 10th, 2024, John Cena presented an award at the Oscars seemingly in the nude. The incident led to renewed discussions about "Hollywood Humiliation Rituals," as seen in posts made on March 10th, 2024 by Twitter / X[9][10] users @6inthecut and @MJTruthUltra, both gathering over 44,000 and 87,000 likes respectively (seen below).

NPA 6 @6inthecut Hollywood humiliation ritual is so real man, this guy has been marketing children for a decade and now he's dressing up as women in movies and embarrassing himself on live television FADE @FadeAwayMedia ⚫ Mar 10 JOHN CENA IS WILDING MAN LMAOO0000 #Oscars 1 SONY 8:46 PM · Mar 10, 2024 7M Views CT MJTruthUltra @MJTruthUltra This is called the Humiliation Ritual... Katt Williams was right... 0:38 9:30 PM Mar 10, 2024 37.1M Views Subscribe LIVE abc

Andrew Tate also asserted that the event amounted to a humiliation ritual to satisfy Cena's "gay paymasters" in a Rumble video posted on March 11th (repost shown below).

On March 11th, X user @Ultrafrog17 posted a thread of Hollywood men who have dressed in drag alongside the caption, "Hollywood celebrity men who've participated in the humiliation ritual of wearing a dress to please the higher ups." The post gathered over 3,000 likes in three days.

Various Examples

Humiliation Ritual +45 Conspiracy Reveal your hand to each opponent. Search your library for a card and cast it without paying it's mana cost. 2024 C * CUSTOM CARD MTGCARDSMITH.COM MTGCS - EN MARK ROSEWATER Justin Whang @JustinWhang They're forcing Ricky Berwick to do a humiliation ritual Ricky Berwick who would win in a fight? @rickyberwick • Mar 11 COSTUME DESIGN 9:23 PM · Mar 11, 2024 from Queens, NY 106.4K Views COSTUME DESIGN Subscribe Will Menaker @willmenaker Mar 12 Don't forget where it all started. Go back. Do the research. This goes deep. 9 NO SMOKING Green Lives Matter ress Humilation Ritual Compilation 7:26 @Ultrafrog17. Mar 11 Hollywood celebrity men who've participated in the humiliation ritual of wearing a dress to please the higher ups: John Cena Jimmy Fallon... Conspiracy theorists when their wife cheats on them (it's a humiliation ritual) Matt Saincome @MattSaincome Blink 182, the Jackass crew, and every other famous guy getting naked for comedic effect my entire childhood = good ol' raunchy dude comedy John Cena doing it today = Illuminati humiliation ritual to feminize society 2:19 PM Mar 11, 2024 2.5M Views my thug persona vs my humiliation ritual

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