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IDGAF War is an internet slang catchphrase that uses an acronym that stands for the phrase I Dont Give A Fuck. The meme often takes the form of saying one is winning or losing the "IDGAF War," often alongside a piece of media that depicts the sentiment of the meme. The phrase is defined by some people as the act of pretending not to care about another person, typically a friend or an ex, but has since evolved into referring to the act of not caring in general. The catchphrase can be traced back to Twitter in August 2022, and grew popular on TikTok and Instagram in consecutive months.


On December 7th, 2021, Urban Dictionary[1] user dumbfuckvirgo posted the earliest known definition for the term "IDGAF war," defining it as the act of two friends or exes pretending not to care about each other (seen below).

idgaf war idgaf wars happen once things become awkward between you and an ex/friend and you and/or them pretend not to care for each other by avoiding each other and conversation, although you both acknowledge how each other is doing and what they are doing. friend: i'm having an idgaf war with my ex and i accidentally looked at his story me: you dumb bitch by dumbfuckvirgo December 7, 2021 y f 40 3 FLAG

The earliest known social media post about the "IDGAF war" was an August 12th, 2022 post on Twitter[2] by user @a_roach06 that read, "Losing the idgaf war BADDD rn." The post gathered over 3,000 likes in over nine months (seen below).

roach ^.^ @a_roach06 Losing the idgaf war BADDD rn 5:08 PM Aug 12, 2022 FALL 355 Retweets 10 Quotes 3,059 Likes 96 Bookmarks :


On September 10th, 2022 Facebook[3] page "Good films make life better" posted a sitting wolf meme with the caption, "losing the IDGAF war." The post gathered over 600 likes in eight months (seen below, left). Also on September 10th, Twitter[4] user @ibloomed2day posted a wolf meme using the catchphrase, gathering over 3,000 likes in eight months (seen below, right).

losing the idgaf war bloom @ibloomed2day Lost the idgaf war 4:35 PM. Sep 10, 2022 362 Retweets 10 Quotes 3,127 Likes 99 Bookmarks :

On September 15th, 2022, Instagram[5] page @cheemsitz posted a meme about the IDGAF war, gathering over 7,000 likes in eight months (seen below, left). On January 9th, 2023, Twitter[6] user @djavim posted a tweet that read, "accidentally viewed his story during our idgaf war," gathering over 4,000 likes in five months (seen below, right).

Losing the idgaf war CHEEMSITZ FULL OF DESPAIR Daniel @djavim accidentally viewed his story during our idgaf war 3 Tik Tok @emporershmingleblorp 1:59 PM . Jan 9, 2023 144.8K Views β€’ 442 Retweets 47 Quotes 4,205 Likes 111 Bookmarks :

Various Examples

K BLIZZY 0:03 Tweet @blizzy_mcguire Me getting airlifted out of the idgaf war 2.5M views From !! Icc SE unresponsive after the idgaf war ** ** LS sydney was drafted into the idgaf war YJ @DonTheCreator_ my great great grandmother entering enemy lines during the idgaf war (1928) : u thought I was biofeelin' u? @vandedjan She always wins the idgaf war Hey. It's Lily. It's been 3 days since your last lesson. Practice Spanish today. Or not. I don't care. 8:36 PM. Mar 27, 2023 810.8K Views 1,547 Retweets 88 Quotes 21K Likes 200 Bookmarks now : 8 VEIN @SO0u00 He was winning the idgaf war The Cultural Tutor @culturaltutor. May 1 Who was this man and why was he so calm about being shot with arrows? Show this thread 11:51 AM . May 2, 2023 262.2K Views D :

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