Keanu Reeves Dining in Headphones

Keanu Reeves Dining in Headphones

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Keanu Reeves Dining in Headphones refers to a scene film the 2019 romantic comedy film Always Be My Maybe in which Keanu Reeves, played by himself, cries while dining in headphones at a restaurant. The scene gained significant popularity in edits on Instagram in late June 2019.


On May 29th, Netflix romantic comedy film Always Be My Maybe premiered.[1] In one scene of the film, character Keanu Reeves, portrayed by himself, dines at a restaurant while wearing headphones and tears up.


On June 9th, 2019, YouTube user Minh Hแปa ฤแป“ uploaded the scene to the platform, with the video receiving over 124,000 views in three weeks.[2]

On June 23rd, 2019, Cyranek posted an edit of the video with the song "Fallen Kingdom" by YouTuber CaptainSparklez added in to Instagram (shown below).[3] The edit gained over 385,000 views and 58,500 likes in three days.

In the following days, multiple Instagram users posted their versions of the meme with various nostalgic and wistful musical compositions edited in, with notable versions by chub.mp4,[4] raeraerandy,[5] largetrap[6] and memedealer.dan.[7]

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On June 26th, 2019, Instagram user x.azoth posted a green screen edit of the scene (shown below).[8]

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Yeah. People say they "miss Minecraft" which is confusing considering that the game is still active with tens of millions of monthly players, and that number is rising BECAUSE of the nostalgia.

But to a point it's not even about Minecraft. It's about the innocence of childhood. It's about a simpler time in our lives when we just had fun and the world didn't seem quite so daunting. I'm sure every generation preceding us, and every one after us, will have similar memories to cling to (Although I'm still dreading the "God, remember Fortnite? My childhood" days). It's not about the game changing, it's about us changing.

Interestingly enough, the years 2010-2014 weren't particularly good ones in my life, and I don't miss being a kid, yet a part of me still understands.


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