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Kill Yourself

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Kill Yourself, also known in plural as Kill Yourselves, is phrase that is commonly used in online discussions in response to incompetent and/or pathetic remarks, statements, or images, with the purpose of telling those who it is directed at that they should just kill themselves for having said or done something so pathetic. The phrase is usually accompanied by the Correction Guy image macro.


Though the phrase itself predates internet history, One of the earliest recorded examples of the image macro was in July 16th, 2012 on a WeKnowMemes post titled "Best Swag Memes"[4]. The post contain several swag related memes, among them is a picture of a boy proposing his "swag" to a girl which is then followed with the image macro.

ong yolo will u swa me Kill yourselves. WeKnowMemes


On July 10th, 2005, Urban Dictionary user roccaphella19[1] submitted an entry regarding the phrase, describing it as "Something that is said to someone because they are very stupid." On July 31st, 2012, the image macro was registered to[2] and is current ranked 82nd with over 78.000 registered images as of April, 2015. On, typing the keyword "kill yourself" would yield more than 726.000 4Chan posts[3].
On an unregistered date, 9Gag user LAVIDALOCA55 uploaded an image (shown bottom left) which shows a facebook post where the poster mistook the word homo sapien for gay people. As of April, 2015, the post has gathered more than 45.000 points[5]. On September 17th, 2012, Funnyjunk user edmondc posted an image (shown bottom right) which shows several twitter posts where the poster mistook her HIV positive results to being that she is clean from the virus. As of April, 2015, the post has gathered more than 73.000 views and 3.000 points[6].

Feb 14 at 2:47pm. Today my son Ethan came home with another homework from his wacko teacher According to his teacher, we are all supposed to be "homosapiens". Lady you know nothing about Science I tell you what. There are people out there who consider themselves to be heterosapiens just like me and billions of people around the world. That lady sure is dumb. Just because she's one of them Lady Boys from Thailand doesn't mean we are all homosexuals. First thing tomorrow is giving that lady a piece of my mind Please, Kill Yourself.Radio Hoe ePoppethThyPuissy Follow My HIV results came back positive. I'M CLEAN! Reply乜Retweet * Favorite 1h Why y'all shaking your heads at me? I'm ciean. HIV Positive means I passed it, right? I'm clean??? Expand Radio Hoe cPoppeth ThyPussy It said on the results to call my doctor. He wants to congratulate me, I'm sure. Expand ← Reply tュRetweet * Favorite 1h Radio Hoe oPoppethThyPussy Y all stop playing with me. You SUPPOSED to be HiV Positive. Positive = A, Negative F. We learned this in elementary. Idiots. Expand 1h Radio Hoe GPoppeth ThyPussy 1h HIV positive... that means I have it? I have Hiv? Expand ← Reply ta Retweet * Favorite ill yourself.

Notable Examples

Open Question Show me another 》 My bf has not liked my picture on facebook. dollzzz.... Should i breakup with him? Should i breakup with him tomorow in college? 4 minutes ago 4 days left to answer. P Report Abuse Answer Question KILL YOURSELFl just found out im 130 pounds justin bieber is 120 we can never be he doesnt date girls who are heavier them him i think i might just abort myself im arying so much i havent stopped all day someone give me hope Kill yourselfStif Benitez 103,038 subscribers 3:16am tm30fpinger, 1 23 d4t3 ofpwng via mobile Subscribe -Baby imagine me kissing vou're neck, whispering vou'kre name in woure ear v breathing hard on you're chest :3 once I am top or you putting it in , and making love hit it from the back, & trace my onque down you're spine cord, in other words lets f--- until my d--- falls off 103,038 people are subscribed to this cu Kill yourselves.Zookie Fay anyone who likes their own status is a loner Like Comment about an hour ago- Tammy Wammeh, Zookie Fay and Stephen O'connor like this. Kelsey Ann Smith You are my hero LOL. about an hour ago Like Write a comment... KILL YOURSELF


While the exact origin of the initialism "KYS" is currently unknown, the first Urban Dictionary[7] entry for "KYS" as an abbreviation for "kill yourself" was submitted by user the real doufas on March 31st, 2003. On April 29th, 2006, KYS was submitted to the online slang dictionary Slanguide,[11] defining it as "a flippant way of dismissing someone for having said or done something really stupid, annoying or embarrassing." On June 26th, 2006, Urban Dictionary[8] user Jack Carver submitted the top-voted entry for KYS.

KYS quick and easy abbreviation for kill youself Tom: I'm going to play Runescape Nick: Kid, KYS by Jack Carver June 26, 2006

On February 19th, 2010, an entry for KYS was posted on the Internet slang database[10] On September 28th, 2011, an anonymous GotKnowHow Forums[9] member submitted a thread asking "what is KYS short for?", to which several other users replied "kill yourself." On November 9th, 2014, Redditor Espcape102 launched the /r/kys[12] subreddit, describing itself as the "pro-suicide side of Reddit. Searches for "kys" began rising sharply in the United States in late 2015, with "kys meaning" as the most popular query.

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