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Let's Go Mets

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Let's Go Mets is the fan chant for Major League Baseball's New York Mets. Online, it has been parodied as something a stereotypical New Yorker might say, leading to parodies in which fictional characters unexpectedly begin saying phrases like "Let's Go Mets, baby, love da Mets!" This grew particularly popular on Twitter after user @SkurletonVA performed a parody as Kingpin from Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.


While "Let's Go Mets" has been Mets fans' chant since the team's inception in 1962, the phrase began seeing use in parodies online thanks primarily to a September 22nd, 2015 tweet from @nycguidovoice[1] that read, "matt harvey and his fuckin whuore motha should have dere kneecaps broken in da trunk of a Cadillac. lets go Mets baby love da mets," gaining over 480 retweets and 1,000 likes (shown below).

Randy Brainslow @nycguidovoice ... matt harvey and his f----- whuore motha should have dere kneecaps broken in da trunk of a Cadillac. lets go Mets baby love da mets 5:05 PM · Sep 22, 2015 from Manhattan, NY · Twitter for Android


On July 18th, 2019, Twitter user @iking_ posted a parody showing Kingpin from Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse saying the phrase[2]. The tweet was reposted to iFunny[3] on September 20th, 2019 (shown below, left). The tweet led to some further parodies where other characters repeated similar phrases. For example, on November 6th, user @everrrrlong[4] posted a parody with the @nycguidovoice avatar as Guts from Berserk, gaining over 550 retweets and 1,500 likes (shown below, right).

ARE YOU OKAY @iking Tam a man with somethin to say, Spida Man. And that's Let's Go Mets, Baby. Love Da Mets. 11:06 PM · 7/18/19 · Twitter for Android jake ... @everrrrlong griffith and his f----- whuore motha should have dere kneecaps broken in da back of a tent. lets go Mets baby love da mets

On September 5th, 2021 Twitter user @SkurletonVA posted a voiced parody of Kingpin saying "Let's Go Mets," gaining over 9,200 retweets and 38,000 likes (shown below).

This helped turn "Let's Go Mets, love da Mets!" etc. into a copypasta on Twitter in which people would add it unexpectedly to the end of their tweets, similar to the A Drive Into Deep Left Field copypasta (examples shown below).

SportsRant St. Louis @STL_SportsRant · 16h People clearly don't understand that the Yankees lost because it isn't always about them... ... It's about da Mets baby love da Mets alright let's go get a home run baby love da Mets let's go Mets 27 1 4 roxi @roxanaclaus · Oct 1 ... da Mets baby let's go Mets 86 can happen again baby let's go Mets 4 @AnarchoCrankism · Sep 30 Yung Memeism What Godzilla actually said when roaring at Long was, "It's not always about winning or losing. IT'S ABOUT THE METS, BABY! LET'S GO METS! GOTTA LOVE THE METS! GET A HOME RUN, BABY! LETS GO МETS!" ... Show this thread Cole? : @matchboxforest · Oct 2 ... It's not always about da money shpaidaman... it's about da METS baby, Love da Mets. ALRIGHT baby let's Go geta homerun baby love da Mets let's go Mets. 27 3 4 Chris @xchrisriverax · Oct 4 its about the Mets baby love the Mets alright baby let's go get a home run baby lets go get a homerun baby love the Mets! 1 Chilled Chaos @ChilledChaos · 15h ... Replying to @CptPuffy As someone who was born and raised in New's not about winning or losing or even the personal attacks... ITS ABOUT THE METS BABY. LOVE the Mets. Hit the home runs. Let's go Mets. 1 27 1 166 T BERDLY T @Smarts_Smasher · Oct 3 You know what? l've learned there's something more important than being the smartest one you know and treating it like your whole life! ... And that's... DA METS BABY. LET'S GO METS, GET THAT HOMERUN. 1986 CAN'T HAPPEN AGAIN. LET'S GO, OUTTA DA PAHK! breek @breek0712 · Oct 5 it ain't about who the last smash fighter is It's about the mets baby love the Mets get a homerun baby love the Mets gotta love the Mets let's go baby

Various Examples

Cyber @DumbassOnTwiter ... THATS RIGHT, THE METS BABY!!! METS LETS GO METS CMON BABY METS LETS GO BABY METS CMON M Cyber @DumbassOnTwiter · Oct 4 wait h-------- Goku is trending with smash, its a sign this could only mean... 9:05 PM · Oct 4, 2021 · Twitter Web App potad @VinePotato ... Goro Majima and his f----- whuore Makoto should have dere kneecaps broken in da back room of da Cabaret Grand. lets go Mets baby love da mets Cooler Rotate @CoolerRotate · Sep 25 its not always about the rotation, goku. LI 148 O 2K Cooler Rotate @CoolerRotate its about the METS BABY LOVE THE METS LETS GO BABY GET A HOME RUN BABY LOVE THE METS LETS GO METS citi FIELD Parts GEICO 269 104913321 273 47 Nikon 6:25 PM · Sep 25, 2021 · Twitter Web App LK @LKanimates · 4h Redeeming myself from Gartic. I believe I owe you this. @ChilledChaos 2 107 LK @LKanimates · 4h Ignore the left arm, this was a weird pose lol 1 Robb Haskins ... @Rawbuhbuh Replying to @LKanimates the arm's fine, it's not about drawing the pose perfectly.... it's about the METS BABY THE METS LETS GO METS HIT A HOME RUN I LOVE THE METS 11:35 AM · Oct 6, 2021 · Twitter for Android Diablo @Hells_Terror It's about THE METS BABY!! OH YEAH THE METS!!! LETS GO! COME ON!!! HIT A HOME RUN BABY!!! LETS GO METS!! ISN'T THAT RIGHT DEAR?? citi FIELD EAT COAT Parts Athort cifi CEICO MANATANS Nikon GECO verlon SlubHub DELTA Mats JHW @JohnnyHedgeWolf ... It's not always about taking over the world, Sonic.. It's about the Mets, baby! Love the Mets! Alright baby lets go get a home run baby! Love the Mets, lets go Mets! citi FIELD EAT OGART GEICO Part tho citi ERURY MANATTANS Nikon Hrlon Adr ADELTA 9:15 AM · Sep 19, 2021 · Twitter Web App

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