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Lisa Rinna M&M

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The Lisa Rinna M&M refers to an orange M&M character with American actress Lisa Rinna's face on it that's used in memes without context. The image is from an M&M ad for the 2008 Oscars Awards. Often times, the song "After Like" by IVE plays in the background of video memes. In 2022, the Lisa Rinna M&M became commonplace on Twitter and TikTok.


On February 19th, 2008, Adweek[1] published an article about the M&M brand creating an "M&M-ified" Oscars advertisement in which Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone are orange and blue M&Ms holding microphones to ask questions on the red carpet (shown below, left). Years later, on August 18th, 2020, Twitter[2] user solarrunway tweeted, "fuck it lisa rinna m&m," and earned over 65 likes in two years (shown below, right).

This Rinna There's an m m m HIER (6 in everyone. Find yours at St THE OSCARS LIVE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2008 SPM PT/BPM ET Pokud ryan @solarrunway f--- it lisa rinna m&m دند دانشگاه 2:45 AM. Aug 18, 2020 Twitter for iPhone m :


On October 18th, 2020, Twitter[3] user Scorpiaur tweeted the Lisa Rinna M&M to joke about a scenario in which she was interviewing Beyoncé, earning over 700 likes in two years (shown below, left). On May 31st, 2021, Twitter[4] user evadentz tweeted the Lisa Rinna M&M and simply captioned it with its name, earning roughly 8,300 likes in one year (shown below, right).

moto mommy @Scorpiaur Beyoncé Beyoncé .. are you happy to be in Paris? This Rinna N 6:08 PM Oct 18, 2020 Twitter for iPhone . m : @evadentz lisa rinna m&m This Rinna 3:32 PM May 31, 2021 Twitter for iPhone . m m :

The day after Twitter user evadentz's tweet, June 1st, 2021, Lisa Rinna tweeted a reply[5] to an unknown quote retweet of evadentz's tweet stating, "So delicious!" and earning over 65 likes in one year. Twitter[6] user ULTRASLUT tweeted a screenshot of the discourse on June 1st, 2021, earning over 900 likes in the same time period (shown below).

lisa rinna m&m @evadentz. 1d This Kinna 1 lisa rinna @lisarinna So delicious! 27 1 m m ←]

Twitter user evadentz became the main proponent of Lisa Rinna M&M memes going into 2022, peaking at the end of August 2022. This started on August 21st, 2022, when Twitter[7] user evadentz tweeted a Justin Bieber and Derpina meme that referenced the Lisa Rinna M&M and earned roughly 9,800 likes in 18 days (shown below, left). A few hours later on August 21st, Twitter[8] user evadentz tweeted another Lisa Rinna M&M, earning roughly 6,600 likes in 18 days (shown below, right).

This Kanina E m Fact: I am 100 meters from your location and rapidly approaching Start running

On August 22nd, 2022, Twitter[9] user evadentz posted a video meme that followed a format similar to Green Or Blue? in which the Lisa Rinna M&M appeared along with the song "After Like" by IVE. Over the course of 17 days, the video received roughly 30,200 views and 2,100 likes (shown below).

A day later, evadentz started uploading their Lisa Rinna M&M videos to TikTok under an account with the same username. On August 23rd, 2022, TikToker[10] evadentz posted a video in which Rinna's yearbook photo transitioned to her M&M version, earning roughly 65,800 plays and 13,400 likes in 16 days (shown below, left). On August 25th, 2022, TikToker[11] evadentz posted a different Lisa Rinna M&M video that received roughly 124,800 plays and 30,300 likes in two weeks (shown below, right).

Due to evadentz's posting, on September 1st, 2022, Lisa Rinna posted the M&M photo on Instagram,[12] captioning it, "I ATE. #tbh," and earned roughly 37,000 likes in six days (shown below, left). Later on September 1st, Twitter[13] user evadentz tweeted a screenshot of Rinna's Instagram post, captioning it, "OMFG," and gaining roughly 5,500 likes in six days. Continuing into September 2022, more meme creators referenced the Lisa Rinna M&M. For instance, roughly two hours before Queen Elizabeth II's Death was confirmed on September 8th, 2022, Twitter[14] user ryxnf photoshopped the Lisa Rinna M&M into the lawn of Balmoral, joking that she had arrived on the scene to report. In less than a day, the tweet received roughly 27,900 likes (shown below, right).

lisarinna This Rinna Q 6,748 likes lisarinna I ATE. #tbt E Σ ryan @ryxnf BREAKING: the lisa rinna m&m has arrived at balmoral 11 ΠΗ 9:03 AM Sep 8, 2022 Twitter for iPhone ...

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lil adam @MaxxAtom Just found out there is a human version of Lisa Rinna M&M ???? This Rinna 3:56 PM. Aug 29, 2022. Twitter for iPhone : 3 CONTINUE STOP! 27 CONTINUE BUT CL blizzy @blizzy_mcguire you know lisa rinna m&m would say something shady af to her m This Rinna 10:53 AM. Aug 25, 2022 Twitter for iPhone m ...

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