Niggas Be Like

Niggas Be Like

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Niggas Be Like is a slang expression prefacing humorous descriptions of how various people behave, similar to the expression "Bitches Be Like". Online, the phrasal template "X niggas be like" or "X niggas" are often used in image macros to describe a variety of different subcultures.




In January 2013, the @TheNiggasBeLike[2] Twitter feed was launched, which highlighted several image macros containing the caption "Niggas be like" over the next month. On June 8th, Urban Dictionary[1] user ItsJustMeBeinAboss submitted an entry for the phrase, defining it as "Explaining how 'niggas' be" (shown below).

n----- be like explaining how "n-----" be bitches be like "babe im pregnant" n----- be like, "dont worry bae, ill help you find the father" #bitches be like #n---- say what #n----- be tripping #n----- being n----- #katt williams by Its JustMeBeinAboss June 08, 2013

On June 12th, 2013, YouTuber TravieBASED uploaded a comedy video titled "Lightskin Niggas Be Like," featuring various humorous skits mocking stereotypes associated with light-skinned black people (shown below, left). On July 5th, YouTuber, RDCworld1 uploaded a comedy skit video titled "Niggas Be Like (Best Video)" (shown below, right). Within five years, the videos gained over 1.3 million and 773,000 views respectively.

On October 2nd, 2016, the Dank Compilations YouTube uploaded a montage of remix Vines featuring a young boy saying "Niggas be like" followed by a variety of loud clips (shown below).

"X Niggas"

In March 2018, image macros containing jokes about a variety of different subcultures with variations of the phrasal template "X niggas" began trending within Reddit's /r/dankmemes community, many of which used a variety of deep fried and motion blurred pictures as reaction images (shown below).

Cat n-----: animal s---- on the ground fly n----- Six-month-old Minion meme "Gets reposted on Facebook* Mom n-----: Professor: Hello Everyone Apple N-----: Me: I'm not hungry Grandma n-----: Reddit: *exists* 4chan n-----:

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