Nintendo Switch Karen

Nintendo Switch Karen

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Nintendo Switch Karen, also known as Antisocial Karen refers to a character who appeared in the first trailer for the Nintendo Switch, bringing the console to a party. After her appearance, social media users joked that she was an antisocial type who preferred gaming over hanging out with friends.


On October 20th, 2016, Nintendo released the first trailer for the Nintendo Switch (shown below).

In the trailer, a woman brings the Switch to a rooftop party. That day, Tumblr user joematar[1] posted a joke about the woman arriving at the party with the caption “Oh shit, Karen brought her stupid Nintendo thing to the party again. We’re DRINKING, Karen. We’re having CONVERSATIONS.” As of December 27th, 2017, the post has over 23,000 notes (shown below).

joematar tumblr Follow "Oh s---, Karen brought her stupid Nintendo thing to the party again. We're DRINKING, Karen. We're having CONVERSATIONS." #nintendo switch #nintendo 16,988 notes


Karen became the unofficial name for the character among the Nintendo fandom following the post. She also became the subject of a high volume of Reddit jokes. On the Nintendo Switch subreddit, the moderators were forced to temporarily ban posts related to Karen,[2] which thus launched a subreddit entirely devoted to Karen posts, /r/NintendoKaren,[3] that has over 1,800 subscribers. The subreddit features a high volume of Karen photoshops and intense discussion about the amount of rings Karen is wearing.

Just how many rings does Karen have???? 8 1. One ring on her right index (RI) finger, and one ring on her right middle (RM) finger. 2. One ring on her right ring (RR) finger, one ring on her right index (RI) finger, and one ring on her left middle (LM) finger. 3. Onr ring on her left index (LI) finger, and two rings on her left middle (LM) finger. 4. One ring on her right index (RI) finger, one ring that may or may not be on her right ring (RR) finger (depending on the lighting, hard to tell), one ring on her left index (LI) finger, and two rings on her left middle (LM) finger. NOTE: Her RM ring may have been taken off during reshoots. Either that or Karen, out of the kindness of her heart, lent one to her friend for good luck. Final tally: RI 1 ring RM - 1 ring RR - 1 ring LI 1 ring LM 2 rings TOTAL: 6 rings. Though it may appear to be a perfect arrangement, one thing of note is that there is ain empty space in the middle. Her life may seem perfect, but there's a void at the center. There's room in that void for a seventh ring, and I know just the place to put it: On her left ring finger. NINTENDO SWITCH NINTENDO NETWORK KNRENLKA TM EVERYONE ENFANTS et ADULTES ESRB Nintendo

The Karen phenomenon was covered by Polygon[4] and Mic.[5] Karen also has her own parody Twitter account with 402 followers.[6] On December 26th, 2016, unrealitymag[7] published an interview with joematar and also discussed the meme. On April 22nd, the actress who played "Karen" posted to Instagram embracing her character's fandom.

whoamiamyouareme Following 34 likes . 9 comments want to know a secret? soon after the fitting, i went looking for the outfit #noshame #nintendokaren #nintend○switch #nintendo 6 HOURS AGO

On December 25th, 2017, a high school student named Karen took to Reddit's /r/OutOfTheLoop[8] to inquire about the origins of the meme, as she reported that she was being bullied in school by kids saying "f--k you Karen." The post gained over 3,100 upvotes.

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