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NotLikeThis is a Twitch emote featuring Twitch employee Ben Swartz with his head in his hands. It is used by users to express dismay at an unfortunate gaming event.


On July 23rd, 2015, Twitter user @FishStix[2] posted an image of Ben Swartz at EVO with his head buried in his hands after watching Super Smash Brothers Melee player HugS lose.[1] FishStix suggested it would make a good emote (shown below). The name "NotLikeThis" is a quote from The Matrix.

Ben Goldhaber (HIRING) @FishStix ... this is gonna make a good emoticon @bensw MANGO UKBU 8:19 PM · Jul 23, 2015 · TweetDeck


The emote quickly became a part of Twitch chats. An inquiry about the emote's origin was posted to /r/Twitch[3] by user frankyfictionary on October 15th, 2015. On February 17th, 2016, an Urban Dictionary definition for "NotLikeThis"[4] referencing its popularity on Twitch was added (shown below).

y f > 2 NotLikeThis It's a meme used for something terrible that's going to happen. it's usually used a very good situation turns bad drastically. It's also an emote used on Twitch After studying a whole day for her exams, Caroline noticed she studied the wrong material. She then thought to her herself: "Notlikethis!" by Rakalt February 17, 2016

On November 21st, 2016, Twitch posted an interview with Ben in which he explained the emotes origins (shown below).

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