Eminem in the Without Me music video

"Now This Looks Like a Job For Me"

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Now This Looks Like a Job For Me refers to an image from the music video for the song "Without Me" by Eminem that began being used as a reaction image in late June of 2017 for situations in which the poster volunteers for a task. The jokes tend to be edgy in content and are popular on meme-focused subreddits.


The image in question comes from Eminem's music video or "Without Me" (shown below).

On June 25th, 2017, Redditor BedlingtonTerrier[1] posted the first known edit to /r/ComedyCemetary, saying that he saw his friend post the edit on iFunny, though it's unclear if that's true. The post gained over 3,200 points (shown below).

When a refugee sees an unraped little girl alone Bnadytean Now this looks like a job for me


Edits in the following days tended to be similarly edgy in nature. On the 26th, a variation regarding Muslims and bestiality was posted to /r/dankmemes[2] and gained over 250 points (shown below, left). Meanwhile on Hiddenlol,[3] user EVILJD created three edits on the 26th, the most popular showing Adolf Hitler (shown below, right).

When one of your neighbor's goats strays away from the herd Now this looks like a job for me When there is 14 million jews too many team Nowthislooks like a job for me

On the 28th, Redditor FingerBangYourFears created a popular version for /r/wholesomememes[4] that involved dogs. That post, shown below, gained over 1,200 points on the subreddit and gained traction on other websites. For example, on the Facebook page Crispy Doggo Memes,[5] it was reposted and gained over 6,400 likes and shares.

When I see a dog that's not getting pet heayteam Nowthis looks like a job for me


In October 2019, TikTok users began using the song in videos and syncing the line "this looks like a job for me" with the situation in the video. On October 10th, TikToker @daviddrubury uploaded a video which implements the line and gained over 45,500 likes and 1,900 shares in a month (show below, left). On November 2nd, TikTok user @bricksquad69 uploaded a video about their "job" being to disappoint their parents (show below, center). The video garnered over 181,500 likes and 7,500 shares in 19 days. On November 7th, TikTok user @misscatherinemora uploaded a video using the sound clip about Thanos which received over 23,200 likes and 590 shares in 14 days (shown below, right).


Various Examples

When you see a brand new set of towers that haven t been knocked down yet Now this looks like a job for me When you see nobody sp awnpeeking. 大 Now this looks like a job for me When the school shooting wikipedia page reads "You can help by expanding the list" Now this looks like a job for me When no one will f--- the autistic girl because she "can't properly consent" Now this looks like a job for me When a fat girl posts a selfie and the comments be like "yaaaas queen" but nobodys warned her about risks of heart disease and diabetes Now this looks like a job for me When you're at the playground and see a mom playing on her phone without watching her child then realize you still have some chloroform and space in vou van Nowthis looks like a job for me

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