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Sorry, That Was a Strange Thing to Ask

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Sorry, That Was a Strange Thing to Ask is a quote from the Attack on Titan anime which has been turned into an exploitable meme template. In the template, the character Erwin approaches the protagonist Eren and asks him something before closing his eyes and saying "Sorry, that was a strange thing to ask." What he asked is changed in the exploitables.


The scene comes from episode 15 of the Attack on Titan anime, which aired July 20th, 2013.[1] An english dub of the scene is shown below, though the translation shows the character Erwin saying "Forgive me. Loaded question."


The scene began being parodied shortly after it aired. One of the earliest parodies appeared on YouTube in a video by KegMinami on December 17th, 2013 (shown below).

In the description for the video, KegMinami said he based the video off a picture he saw. While the origin for that picture is unknown, a picture with the same text appeared on Facebook page Wings, Roses, and Unicorns on March 15th, 2014 (shown below). KegMinami made a similar video based off another variation of the meme which asked a philosophical question about fish in space (shown below, right).

fanta fanta, don't you wan ta fanta? sorry that was a strange thing to ask If you had a massive aquarium and you just put it in space, right, and then you took away the aquarium so it's just a glob of water in space, and there's a fish imit. Does the fish know that it's in space LI Sorry. That was a strange thing to ask

The template continued to see use over the following four years. More recent popular examples include a post to /r/Animemes from February 8th, 2018, that gained over 480 upvotes (shown below, left), and another posted February 4th that gained over 520 upvotes (shown below, right).

Xuxxenorn Are you le 1? Sorry, that was a strange thing to a You're underage so-Reddit's new rpolicies are censoring you Huh? Sorry, that was a strange thing to se

Various Examples

so where does your d--- go wheh you transform sorry, that was a strange thing to ask. How abstract can a meme become before it evolves into its own meme? Huh? Sorry, that was a strange thing to ask If she uses mostly claws to win ights does the sharpness of her fangs really matter? Huh2 Sorry, that was a strange thing to a hey i lost my pants can i get into yours sorry, that was a strange thing to ask. levi doesn't have better b------ lips、ran me does he sorry, that was a strange thing to ask. What do you think our supttles would be irn an increasingly verbose meme? Sory that was a strange a strange to ask. have you ever pondered upon the pössible outcomes of our çommunicatesl text in the increasingly verbose internet macro format ani? My apoligies good sir that query was subject to enquire about Excuse me but have you ever philosophised about the possible text outcomes of our conversation between the three images that we exist in and the depr eciate of quality over the sets of frames? l beg thy pardon? I request forgiveness my good boy I do not know what overcame me to verbally express a statement that had no meaning to thy self but was meant to ponder upon the beings outside of our dimension

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[1] Attack on Titan Wikia – Episode 15

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