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Mikey Miles, also known by his full name Michael David Hermelee, is a cult internet personality and Lolcow known for his problematic habits and tendencies revolving around an alleged obsession with a woman named Sarah. He is also known for his food pictures and cooking videos that receive attention for being gross-looking and unappetizing. He first received attention online for his Facebook account in 2014 after screenshots of his posts surfaced in ironic Twitter circles. He has also received attention for his Instagram presence. Additionally, he is a man in his 30s who went to acting school and is trying to make it as an actor in New York City. As of 2021, most of his content revolves around going to the gym and working out, as well as a legal battle he is facing regarding allegations of sexual assault.

Online History

Mikey Miles first received attention for his Facebook[1] page after Twitter user Mike Hudson, also known as EminemObama, reposted some of his content in 2015. This is according to a Reddit post from the /r/mikeymiles[2] subreddit, where Redditor jawnthan posted a comment (shown below) outlining when EminemObama first started reposting Miles's content. EminemObama's Twitter account has since been deleted, however, he still has an active Instagram[3] page that is mostly dedicated to reposting content from obscure, male internet users.

jawnthan · 1y · edited 1y Mike Hudson on twitter (EminemObama now, i think?) way back in like 2015-2016. Added him on facebook then and joined the "#just #a #kid" group but left soon after because a bunch of edgelords ruined it. I remember a dude who went to high school with Mikey made this post about how he regretted ever showing Mikey to Mike Hudson because it led to the wrong types of people taking things too far (like encouraging him to pursue Sarah and s---). He didn't want to feel responsible for things if Mikey hurt himself or others. Made me feel super guilty at the time because at the moment the idea of him doing something like that felt very real. Now I just observe and don't really care anymore because Mikey's a legitimately bad person lol. Reply Give Award Share Report Save A Tip Follow twas4133 · 1y Yeah I think he's the biggest reason why ppl know who mikey miles is. Reply Give Award Share Report Save A Tip Follow

Internet users began to populate Mikey Miles's social media outlets starting from these initial Twitter reposts. He began to trend more heavily in 2018 on Twitter for his off-putting food content. A Twitter thread[4] started by user @dr_nut_ on July 10th, 2018, reposted screenshots of Miles's unappetizing meals. One screenshot in particular (shown below) from June 6th, 2018, was reposted to the Instagram account @BoysWhoCanCook according to a Reddit comment.[2] The photo is of a meal consisting of a Corona beer mixed with ginger ale and a plain kale salad.

mikeymiles30 New York, New York ... Q Liked by brennydtd, bissybeee and 111 others mikeymiles30 Corona beer Mixed with ginger ale And ice cubes Oh yeah And a kale salad

EminemObama is also part of the Chapo FYM Twitch podcast. On the podcast, they would sometimes bring up Mikey Miles as early as 2018.

Obsession With Sarah

After Miles received attention for his food content, users began to dig a little deeper into his Facebook and Instagram to discover an alleged obsession he has with a woman named Sarah. According to a post from the /r/mikeymiles subreddit[5] (shown below), Miles supposedly never dated Sarah but fell in love with her after she tried to sell him products from a company called Herbalife. The discussion thread also suggested that he then inherited $50,000 from his deceased grandmother and allegedly used the money to move back to LA to win Sarah back.

elel8 · 7m Short version: She's a girl who sold Herbalife products to mikey 9 years ago when he lived in LA. He became obsessed with her and has been stalking/harassing her ever since. They never dated nor were they even friends, but he thinks that she's his soulmate. After he was kicked out of acting school in LA he moved back to New York. He then inherited $50k from his grandmother and spent the entire inheritance on moving back to LA to stalk Sarah some more. He lived in LA again for a while until he climbed Sarah's fence to give her flowers. She took out a restraining order against him and he moved back to New York. He's been posting about her for years since and Sarah has ignored his attempts to contact her (she HATES him...obviously). Early last year his online stalking was ramping up and he was posting pictures of her like every day with really long and insane captions about how much he loves her. She apparently contacted him and threatened to involve the cops and he got scared. He posts about her less often now but he's still just as obsessed - he's just afraid of getting into trouble with the police. 12 Reply Give Award Share Report Save A Tip Follow

Users online claim that he has harassed Sarah for over 10 years, creating multiple Instagram accounts to keep tabs on her after she continued to block each one. For example, Redditor Katopotato27 uploaded a screen-recording (shown below) to the /r/mikeymiles[6] subreddit on January 20th, 2021, which is supposedly of Sarah's Instagram story where she is scrolling through all of the accounts she's blocked on Instagram: suggesting that almost all of them belong to Miles.

At the beginning of 2020, Miles appeared to be relapsing into some of his old Sarah obsession patterns, according to those following the story on social media. In an Instagram Live video screen-recorded and uploaded to YouTube[7] (shown below), Miles talks about Sarah and why she's beautiful, etc.

Sexual Assualt Charges

On July 31st, 2021, Mikey Miles was arrested for sexual assault. According to an Instagram post of his from August 2nd, 2021, he spanked a girl in public who then called the police, though the accuracy of this is unknown and only from his post. A screenshot of the Instagram comments where he reveals this information was also uploaded to Reddit[8] (shown below). Miles's court date was held on October 14th, 2021,[9] where he apparently was let off with a misdemeanor.

11:32 .ll LTE Comments rjtheinternet What was the bad luck Mikey?? 10m 2 likes Reply Hide replies mikeymiles160 @rjtheinternet spanked a girl and got into trouble for it. 9m 1 like Reply inspiration_tree @mikeymiles160 who was the girl Mikey? 7m 2 likes Reply jacobdavid_1994 @mikeymiles160 woah what, brother? Where did this happen? 6m Reply mikeymiles160 @inspiration_tree someone I don't know. I made a mistake and learned my lesson. The alcohol took over 4m 1 like Reply inspiration_tree @mikeymiles160 where did this happen? At a bar? 3m 1 like Reply mikeymiles160 @inspiration_tree no. Outside. I shouldn't of done that. Does this make me a sexual weirdo? No. Just a lonely dude who needs a girlfriend. I don't need the negative b------- 1m Reply Add a comment...

Angel Wings Tattoo

On October 18th, 2021, Miles went to a tattoo parlor to get his third tattoo: a pair of angel wings on his back. After he got the tattoo, Miles posted pictures of it to his Instagram. Immediately, Reddit users began making fun of the tattoo for being "clip art" angel wings[10] and for looking like wings from the Mario universe[11] (shown below). Instagram[12] user @hunderbiden also posted memes about the tattoo.

mikeymiles160 v LIVE 107

Various Examples

Girls with the time machine: I am your granddaughter Really? Boys with the time machine: Sarah sent me HAS ONLYFANS OT IN $452 BLOCKS HIS ONLY ONLYFAN FAN No Service ? 10:34 PM Photo mikeymiles30 Washington Heights, Manhattan ... Magic Chef Liked by brennydtd and 112 others mikeymiles30 Can I get a foodgasm! pasta, sauce, garlic, spinach, turmeric, melted cheddar cheese, and a splash of salt. #Italian #actor #uknown #theheights #single#114pounds View all ments pateckhart Literally every single post on the 114 pounds hashtag is a female. Gain some f------ sure grandıa let's get you to bed HER NAME WAS SARAH. SHE TOUCHED MY LEG AND SAID SHE'D BE RIGHT BACK.I WAS IN VERMIN TOWN. What you ordered What you got 1000 PL OL MEN ONLY HAVE FOUR MOODS ACTING LIKE GANGSTA PARTY TIME WITH THE BOYS SIMPING PAIN HERBALIFE #Ce Mikey Miles. Cameron Diaz Catherine Keener Being Mike y Miles, A Miles and Miles Production S www.bengohrmakovichocom EVER WANTED TO BE SOMEONE ELSE? IN CINEMAS FROM DECEMBER 26 ÖRDRINGSH THE OF UTHE iela l

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